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An Open Letter To Donald Trump

Dear Don,

I don’t feel sorry for you.  Everything that has happened to you and has yet to happen to you has occurred because of YOU.  Of course you love it; otherwise you wouldn’t keep doing it.  Look up the definition of narcissist and there you are:  Donald J. Trump.

So what really got you thinking you’d make great presidential material?  Maybe you woke up one day during the early Obama years when you were trying to prove that he was not a United States citizen and said to yourself:  “shit, if a fucking non-citizen black man can win the presidency and all these other fucking presidents can have illicit affairs with whomever, then fuck, I’m going to run for president too.  Why miss out on all the fun?”  Because your skin is way more than just tan, Don, your hair isn’t the only thing that is fake in your life, the world knows how many affairs you’ve had and that you’re a shitty businessman.  Plus you weren’t doing anything else and you needed a power boost trip.  So what the hell, right?

I’ll ask you right out, Don.  Why do you act like a five-year-old who never gets their way?  You’re like the brother who gets called out for fighting with your sister.  Then you point at her and whine “But SHE started it!”  Why do you blame everyone from the media to Hillary to Hillary’s hairdresser for all the shit that gets bestowed on you, when YOU, Don, are the only one to blame?  Hillary didn’t help you lose $916 million dollars.  She also didn’t make you say “grab them by the pussy” when you referred to how you “obtain” your women.  Hm…aside from your money, is that how you “obtained” Melania?  Hillary also didn’t tell you to sexually assault several women.  A suggestion for you, Don:  stop bringing up Bill and his indiscretions to make your own indiscretions look harmless.  Because they don’t make yours look harmless.  To the majority of us, that’s very old dirty laundry that’s been washed, dried, ironed and folded many, many times.  Yes, I know Hillary is not perfect either but this letter is about you and is addressed to you, not her.  You too are also far from perfect and it’s time you stop acting like you are.

Don, you may not be great at business but you’re pretty damn good at brainwashing stupid people.  These are the same people who have been eating the bullshit you’ve been feeding them for the past 18 months.  Like you, they are now in so deep they can’t get out.  They’d be embarrassed if they did because they’ve supported you for so long.  I think you’ve even brainwashed yourself, Don.  After causing the very party you “represent” to alienate you, how do you fathom being able to work with them if you became president?  Your own running mate is walking around with deep cuts on his tongue from all the biting he’s been doing.  Talk about awkward.

So, Don, I have a feeling I know what’s going to happen on November 8.  You are going to have the Meltdown of the Century.  Many already know you will refuse to concede.  You’ll demand a recount, although it won’t happen because you have to be close for a recount.  You will barely be in the running.  Then you’ll declare that you lost because of fraud, rigging, hanging chads and the works of the Devil, WikiLeaks and Billy Bush combined.

What happens to you after that?  You can ride off into the sunset with your wig between your legs because nobody, including your “supporters”, will give a flying fuck about you by then.  Maybe you can start a new reality show called “How I Kept America Great by Not Becoming President”.  Could be a hit.






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