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What I Don’t Understand Is Why You Don’t Understand–Understand?

Although he claims to have a lot of respect for First Lady Michelle Obama, GOP Vice President candidate Mike Pence “doesn’t understand the basis of her claim” that Donald Trump used “sexually predatory” language in an interview which was being conducted back in 2005.

Well, I guess he’s been living under a rock for the past week then.  Someone should probably pull him out and smack him around a few times so he’ll “understand”.



Then again this is the same guy who won’t back up what his running mate says.  It’s kind of like he’s doing his own thing while the other asshole is doing his own thing.  And I thought they were running TOGETHER!

Speaking of his running mate, I had a good laugh over Trumpie wanting Clinton to take a drug test before the next debate.  This is coming from someone who sniffled his way through the first two.

When it comes to jokes, the joke is on Trumpie.  He can’t even take a ribbing from Alec Baldwin on “Saturday Night Live”!  For the past forty-two years this show has been mocking presidents and presidential candidates from Gerald Ford to Obama.  Hillary Clinton has even been on the show!  If he can’t take a simple joke, what the hell will he do when North Korea shoves a missile down his ass?  Get a grip, you spineless moron!


As for the folks who paid good money to see comedienne Amy Schumer in Tampa and then decided to walk out when she began dissing Trumpie:  (1) she has a right to say what she wants.  It may be Florida, but it’s still America; (2) if you want to waste your money, that’s your business; (3) like the asshole they support and follow, when the heat gets too hot in the kitchen, they get out; (4) which makes them the real pussies; (5) the majority of the audience stayed and had a great time.





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