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If Only Words Could Kill

A Republican non-Trump supporter appeared at a rally Saturday night with a sign and nearly got himself killed.

Like the Asshole they support, Trump’s supporters are arrogant chickenshits.  Because this guy was speaking out against “their guy”,  (which is free speech, by the way), they attacked him.  Allegedly some asshole in the crowd yelled that the protester had a gun (gee, I wonder where they learned to fabricate shit like that?).  The protester did not have a gun.  HE HAD A FUCKING SIGN!

Of course asshole and his cronies got on Twitter and declared the incident an “assassination attempt”.  With a fucking sign that didn’t even TOUCH you?  A sign that read “REPUBLICANS AGAINST TRUMP”.  If only words could kill.  Maybe they’re searching for sympathy votes.

Asshole and his followers should take a lesson from President Obama who encountered his own protester the other day.  When the crowd began to “boo” the protester (as far as I know nobody attacked him, but he was escorted out), Obama stated, “Don’t ‘boo’.  VOTE!”  He also applauded the protester for practicing his freedom of speech.  Which is all this guy at asshole’s rally was trying to do.

I guess something as American as “freedom of speech” is something asshole and his crew don’t believe in.  Unless he’s the one speaking.  Because, as asshole would say, “Believe me, I’m all that fucking matters”.





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