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As Forrest Said…

“Stupid is as Stupid does”. 

That statement sure resonates this morning.

Yes, we made history. The United States has elected their first narcissistic, sociopath, psycho ASSHOLE. Congrats. We have now become the Idiot States of America. 

As I always say, and highly believe, everything happens for a reason. I feel THIS reason is to witness an all ready proven loser and failure crash and burn at the ultimate HIGHEST level…strap yourselves in for the ride. I have a feeling it won’t be long, but it will be painful, embarrassing, humiliating and maybe comical.
I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for finally making me NOT proud to consider myself an American.

To me this THING will NEVER be leader of our country but simply ASSHOLE. That sums him up in one word.

Good luck, everyone. We’ll need it!



I'm a writer. I'm also a wife and a parent who works too much and lives too little. In addition to writing I also love to read, listen to music, travel, cook, I enjoy looking for bargains at flea markets or thrift stores, Christmas, football and of course writing! How did I come up with the title of my blog? Two things: 1. I live in New England (duh) and 2. Canadian singer Alan Frew once arrogantly told me to "get a New England life"--again--DUH! I already HAVE one!

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