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Believe Me

We’re told to “not believe everything you read/hear in the media”.  Especially when it comes to negativity about our newly elected ASSHOLE.

My question to those who tell us “not to believe”, mainly who ironically are ASSHOLE supporters:  Does that count for what comes out of ASSHOLE’S mouth?  As I’m hearing him flap his trap about senseless shit, should I not believe what’s spewing out, as you’ve advised me to?  After all, he is spouting his trash all over TV, which is a media source.  It’s being broadcast on CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, you name it.  Because I don’t believe anything ASSHOLE says.  I don’t believe he’s going to build a wall between two countries.  It’s absurd to even think it and even more absurd to think or even believe he could make the Mexicans pay for it.  I don’t believe he’s going to deport Muslims.  Shit, how does he know I’m not Mexican?  How does he know I’m not a Muslim?  I may practice the Muslim religion and he wouldn’t even know it.  And he calls himself “smart”.  Puhleese!

The world knows that this ASSHOLE thinks he can just grab women’s pussies whenever he wants.

The world knows that our “president” mocks the disabled, ridicules minorities, tosses racial remarks around like it’s everyday language, has no respect for women, has a problem with television shows that portray him in a not-so-kind-matter (SNL is only being truthful), is a complete immature sociopath narcissist who has a meltdown if he doesn’t get his way and to top it all off, he can’t even spell, as he proved in his Tweet about China having the U.S. drone.  The world knows all of this and they’re having a great big laugh thanks to ASSHOLE and the ASSHOLE supporters who put him there.  Proud?  Embarrassed is more like it.

Meanwhile in Russia, Putin is rubbing his grubby evil hands together and says, “Ah, I have my puppet in the palm of my hand, right where I want him.  Give me America now!”

As far as social media goes, if you don’t already have a Twitter account, you probably should get one.  ASSHOLE spends so much time on there chances are that’s how we’re going to get the SOTU addresses—in 140 characters or less–(oh, wait, does he even know he has to give those?  Hope someone told him!) and it’s probably how we’re going to find out about the bomb dropping.  Two hours after it drops, of course.

Here’s an idea:  since ASSHOLE spends so much time on Twitter, maybe they should consider tweeting his daily intelligence briefings to him.  Then he’d be sure to get them!  And Putin can have a look too!

No, folks, you certainly can’t believe everything.  But there is one thing you can believe:  If this country is as bad as ASSHOLE has led so many to believe, it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than an ASSHOLE to make it great again!




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