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“Lead by example with hope; never fear”

What’s it take to be the First Lady of the United States?

It takes poise.  It takes class.  Intelligence, wit, kindness, caring and charm are also factors.  These are all qualities that Michelle Obama brought to the United States as First Lady.

In 2015 she established the School Counselor of the Year award, which became part of her “Reach Higher” program. That program promotes higher education, something she has always stressed to the younger generation.

In addition to encouraging higher education she has also pushed for better fitness and has focused attention on military and working families.  She has hosted White House musical and theater performances for students in Washington who normally would not have the opportunity to partake in such events.

During her time as First Lady the former lawyer has become a role model for women and an advocate for poverty awareness.

No wonder she and just about everyone else were in tears during her final speech yesterday in which she stated “I hope I’ve made you proud”.  She has made us more than proud.  She has made us honored to have had her as a First Lady.



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