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Jealousy is so “over-rated”

So a very well-known actress wins an award and takes opportunity to dis ASSHOLE in the process. Of course we all knew ASSHOLE would be tweeting his little fingers off over it:



Then ASSHOLE has the gall to do an interview with the New York Times to discount the reporter once again:



This leaves me to wonder:

If ASSHOLE wasn’t mocking the reporter, then he must have something wrong with his hand:



When I was a kid if you didn’t have a disability or something wrong with your hand and you made this kind of motion with your hand, you were considered gay. So maybe that was what ASSHOLE was trying to let everyone know. Since of course he wasn’t mocking the reporter.

As for reading his mind, what makes ASSHOLE think anyone would WANT to read his feeble mind? God knows what kind of shit must flow through that little pea brain.

Yes a lot of these people supported Hillary. She is, after all, the popular one. However, her name wasn’t discussed during last night’s Golden Globes. Yet ASSHOLE must bring her name up, even when it’s not relevant. Because it makes him feel better about his narcissistic self.

One more thing: in ASSHOLE’S opinion Meryl Streep is “over-rated”. Well you have to have been “rated” to be “over-rated” and with the awards she has won, I’d say her “rating” is a hell of a lot higher than ASSHOLE’S has ever been. Remember, he couldn’t even win an EMMY!



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