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I wrote the following back on September 11, 2016, the first game of the football season:

Patriots football is FINALLY back!  What the hell took so long?

I have no clue what this season is going to bring, especially the first four games.  What I do know is that, as always, the New England Patriots are a TEAM.  They play like a TEAM, more than any other TEAM in the NFL.  There isn’t any room for individualizing on this TEAM because it isn’t about INDIVIDUALS–it’s about a TEAM!  We win as a TEAM, we lose as a TEAM.  Either you’re all IN or you’re all OUT.  Simple as that.




This was the season in which Tom Brady would miss the first four games.  The rest of the league salivated, knowing this was our end.  We were sure to lose all four of those games.  We only lost one of those four games.  We would only lose one other game.

Seventeen weeks have passed.  Jimmy G. has played.  Jacoby B. has played.  Tommy B. finished his sentence and has ripped the NFL and the commissioner a new one.  Jamie C. has come and gone.  Glenn G. came and went and came back again, then I think he left again.  Rob G. came to play and ended up having back surgery.  Marty B. is glad to be here and we sure are glad to have him.  Dion L. and Chris H. have lit it up lately.  Can’t forget Jules E. and Danny A. Even Stevie G. has kicked it up a notch.

As I said back in September–and I repeat now–THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS ARE A TEAM.  They once again proved that tonight when they won their 11th AFC Championship.  This will be their 9th trip to the Super Bowl.  Seven of those trips have been under the helm of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.  To put those numbers into perspective, Tom Brady was drafted in 2000, shortly after Belichick became coach.

Seventeen years have passed.  Shall we go for ONE MORE?  YES!








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