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I know this  may sound crazy but hear me out:  when all is said and done I really hope the whole “repeal and replace” healthcare bullshit passes.  You know why?  Because some people need to be taught a lesson and also because everything happens for a reason

Right now there are still fools who saunter out to pep rallies to listen to a blustering asshole.  They listen to him whine about his ban being banned.  They shout “lock her up” when the asshole mentions the opponent he illegally beat four months ago.  They troll anti-asshole people on social media and defend asshole in everything from his false allegations of wire-tapping to all the press coverage about Russia that is “fake news”.  They even believe their microwaves talk to them!

The smart followers have seen enough and have learned.  They know the end is near for this asshole and they should cut their losses while they can.  The stupid ones, the fools schlepping off to time-wasting pep rallies meant to only bolster the ego of an asshole, will never learn.  That is, until it’s too late.

These people are the ones who don’t want to believe that a 64-year-old making $25,000 a year will be paying half of his yearly salary in health insurance benefits.  They think it’s “fake news”.  They think it’s propaganda.  They think all that is just being said because the people speaking it are anti-asshole.  Yet the very people who don’t want to, or refuse to believe are the very 64-year-olds who will see this happen to them.  Then, as the old saying goes, “they’ll be sorry”.

Unfortunately if this shit GOP health insurance “replacement” gets passed, unless you are some insurance CEO, you’re not going to win.  That means most of us are fucked.  And if you are low-income, disabled or elderly, you’re even more fucked.  You’re fucked even if you voted for asshole.  Chances are you’re even more fucked because you’re more than likely in the elderly bracket.

This is where my theory of “everything happens for a reason” comes in.

So many have bitched and complained about Obamacare over the years.  The premiums are too high.  I’m healthy as a horse.  I don’t need medical insurance.  I don’t like being forced to get health insurance.  Blah, blah, blah.  So with the “replacement” plan, you don’t have to do any of that.  Naw, you won’t be forced to get insurance.  You may be 65 but you have no health issues.  Then when you hit 67 you develop Type 2 diabetes.  Oh, shit.  Now you need the health insurance.  Guess what?  You can get the health insurance–for 30% more than you would’ve paid two years before.  How are you going to pull that one off working only part-time?  And forget Medicare because that’s virtually nothing now.  You really are fucked.

Obamacare is starting to look pretty good right about now, isn’t it?




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