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Once A Loser, Always A Loser


I posted this a year ago today.  How ironic.  Especially since now the FBI has confirmed their investigation of ASSHOLE.  Liz was right then and still is today:  HE IS A LOSER!

No one could’ve said it better than Elizabeth Warren when she began her Facebook post:  “Let’s be honest–Donald Trump is a loser”.

It’s true what she says.  If we don’t take Trump seriously he very well could end up as the next President.  Of course if that happens then we’ll really get to see what kind of loser he is, while hanging on for dear life as he destroys us.

Wake up and smell the coffee, folks.  Everything this guy stands for is bad news.  Is it going to take his setting the country back sixty years for you to realize it?  Ask yourself if you really want someone who is ruthless, immoral, racist, sexist, (fill in the blank here) as the next leader of the United States?  If that is what you want, then so be it.  Have fun trying to survive.  He won’t get anything accomplished anyway, which will just lead to a bunch of temper tantrums.

One of Trump’s main characteristics is narcissism.  Although narcissists try to come off as being almighty and powerful, they actually have very low self-esteems.  Which adds to them being a loser.  I can’t speak for anyone else in the country but personally I’d be embarrassed to have someone like that as the President.



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