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Review: “Going In Style”

Take three elderly friends, rip their pensions out from underneath them, add in a plan to rob a bank to, in essence, get their pensions back, and what do you get?  “Going In Style”.

The Zach Braff-directed film stars iconic actors Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin as best buddies/co-workers Willie, Joe and Albert, respectively.

After being told the company they work for is moving operations to Vietnam and is taking their pensions with them, the three friends decide to fight back.  Having witnessed a bank heist at the very bank that holds their pensions, Joe approaches Willie and Albert with the idea of doing the very same thing.  All they will take is what their pensions would be for the next several years.  Anything extra they will donate.  Justice will be served.

With some guidance from a shady acquaintance of Joe’s ex-son-in-law, the three pals are able to pull it off.  Their cover is almost blown when Willie, a dialysis patient, semi-collapses during the robbery after he approaches a little girl who tells him he can take her doll.

When Lieutenant Hamer (played by Matt Dillon) has the little girl look at a line-up of potential suspects, including Willie, Joe and Albert, the viewer feels this is it for the guys.  The beauty of the moment is how the little girl ends up sticking it to Hamer and the guys are saved.

This film was far from disappointing.  It had it all:  a plausible storyline, comedy and suspense.  A pleasant comedic addition was several scenes featuring a scatter-brained Milton (played by Christopher Lloyd) and a nice love interest was added for Albert with Ann-Margret’s character of Annie

If you’re not into the current Disney remakes or kiddie cartoons and are longing for classic acting from Hollywood icons, “Going In Style” may suit your style.



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