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This Person Needs To Become A Human Being

A #ThrowbackThursday post once again acknowledging autism. #Autism Awareness Month.

I know there are some really whacked, sicko people in this world.  But sending a letter to an autistic boy’s grandmother suggesting that the child be euthanized?  That person doesn’t even deserve to breathe the air of the earth.  They can’t even be called a “person”, not much a “human being”.

And this “being” was such a coward that they had to type the letter and send it anonymously.  Instead of berating the child for the way he is, which is not something he can help, since he was BORN THAT WAY, this “being” needs to gain some kind of understanding about autism.  Then again, this “being” probably has the IQ of zero and wouldn’t know how to learn anything about the condition.

No, the family should not have to move or euthanize him.  But maybe this poor excuse for a “being” of who-knows-what-kind should consider moving or euthanizing themselves.

This “being” better hope that nothing serious ever happens to either themselves or their loved ones because they would never be able to handle it.  If their child gets cancer they’ll have to get them euthanized.  When this “being” gets Alzheimer’s maybe its children will have it euthanized also.

When I speak about autism, I speak from experience.  I have a sister who has been autistic for 28 years.  She is the light of our family’s life.  She brings more joy to those around her than this piece of shit, trash, excuse for a “being” of any kind will ever bring to anyone’s life.

I say to Max, Brenda and Karla, the wonderful people in Canada affected by this insanity:  live on and do not base what you do in your lives on what this disgusting “being” says.  I already know you are strong people.  Let this incident make you even stronger.



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