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No Greater Fraud Than A Promise Not Kept


From a human aspect I can’t help but feel sympathetic towards the individuals who voted for ASSHOLE Trump mainly on the premise that he would either save their jobs or create jobs.  So far he has done neither and the future days of his “presidency” aren’t looking too promising for jobs.  In fact, from what I gather right now ASSHOLE has a lot more concerns on his plate than helping save jobs.  The only “job” he’s probably concerned with right now is his own.

I get it.  I’ve been on the unemployment line.  I’ve been in the financial hole wondering how I was going to get out.  I also knew no president was going to help me find a better job.  That was up to me.

Unfortunately when you’re in a situation where you’re vulnerable and some charming, narcissistic, “different politician” comes riding into town and feeds you a line about being the “greatest jobs producer that God ever created”, you can’t help but gain hope.  Because hope is about all you have left.




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