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What Is The Big Attraction?

Like many Americans I’ve been wondering what the big attraction is that ASSHOLE and company have with Russia.

With no disrespect to the Russian people, because Sting confirmed in the 80’s that Russians love their children too, they remain a somewhat oppressed nation.

So what’s the turn on? Is it the money? The oil? The women? Vodka? The cold? What could it possibly be? And this Kislyak guy is one popular dude. We should all be so lucky to have a pal like him. He’s worth lying about!

The thought has crossed my mind that maybe ASSHOLE is being blackmailed and is in so deep he can’t get out. Or he possibly made a deal with Putin that if Putin helped ASSHOLE win the election, Putin would get something in return. What he’d get could be anything from sanction removal to a date with Trumpette.

All I do know is  what is happening in America right now makes me sad. It saddens me to know the “leader” of our country doesn’t care about the people who live here. If he did he wouldn’t have done all the negative shit he has done and keeps doing.

He got what he wanted. Now in his eyes we can all fend for ourselves.



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