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Take It Away, Takeaways!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or are just oblivious to any kind of political news, what we’ve known would happen for quite a while became official tonight:  ASSHOLE is under investigation for obstruction of justice.  Well HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY, ASSHOLE!

Per Philip Rucker, White House Bureau Chief at The Washington Post, a source sent him the below document for any Republicans (or anyone, I guess) who wants to discredit the Post’s story.  He shared this on Twitter this evening.  I’m not sure who wrote it (could have been many).  In reading some of it I imagined ASSHOLE himself writing it, only because the wording comes off as sounding childlike.

There are a few things I takeaway from their takeaways:

  1.  If you feel there is no case for obstruction of justice, then tell us why there is now an investigation going on.
  2. Name the scholars
  3. Leaks are not inexcusable, outrageous or illegal.  Nor are they crimes.  They are there to tell the truth.  They also let you know you have a serious issue with your “plumbing”.
  4. Why is it whenever something negative is said about ASSHOLE someone has to bring up Clinton’s emails or Obama’s whatever?  If we were discussing Clinton’s emails or Obama’s whatever, it would be relevant.  Right now we aren’t discussing Clinton’s emails or Obama’s whatever.  We are discussing ASSHOLE’S obstruction of justice.  It’s like the little boy and girl who are fighting and the boy gets caught hitting the little girl and he’s the only one who gets punished.  Then the little boy whines and says “but she started it!”.  She may have started it, but the point in the punishment is that the boy hit the girl.  It doesn’t matter who the hell started the fight.
  5. Actually, a lot of what he said to Holt is probably going to be used against him in a court of law.  As well as his Tweets.
  6. How much longer is this investigation/fishing expedition going to go on?  Gee, I thought it was a witch hunt, not a fishing expedition!  And it will go on as long as it needs to.
  7. There’s plenty of evidence of collusion between ASSHOLE, his campaign, his kids, his administration, his businesses and Russia.  Jesus Christ, ASSHOLE had the fucking Russians in the Oval Office back in May.  And we know about all the visits with them before May as well.  Christ, there are pictures.  And piss tapes!  What the hell is the big fucking attraction with the Russians?  Their vodka or their furry hats?
  8. Senator Risch can go through all the documents he wants to.  But the documents that Mueller and his team go through are the ones that are going to matter.
  9. What are the names of the lawmakers from both sides that have said there is zero evidence of any collusion?
  10. Why are there so many grammatical errors in this “report”?  Don’t you proofread?  Just like the whole administration, very unprofessional.
  11. When you say “This Story Is Just Another Examples (sic) Of More Illegal Leaks Coming Out Of The FBI And The Investigative Process”, it sounds like ASSHOLE is dying to get on Twitter and yell “FAKE NEWS!”

Now a couple of my talking points:

  1. Tapes are due next Friday.  If there are any.  You can throw in the piss tapes if you want.  Could be interesting.
  2. Remember you said you are 100% willing to testify under oath.
  3. We’re still waiting on Obama wiretapping evidence.
  4. I’m still waiting on details from Miller regarding all the voters from Massachusetts who were bused to New Hampshire to vote.  He said he’d provide evidence and I and many others want to see it.  We want to know what towns in Massachusetts people were from, what towns in New Hampshire they voted in and we want to know the name of the bus line they used to get there.  He mentioned he had all this evidence back in February.  We’re still waiting.
  5. You take away the Affordable Care Act and make it UNaffordable all of Washington D.C. will be paying.  Because guess where we will be sending our medical bills?



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