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A Life Worth Living

Harry was married to the love of his life for 51 years.  He was a father to one son, a brother, an uncle and friend to many others.

In the past 21 years I wish I could say I had known him better.  My wedding pictures will always remind me of him because he’s the one who took them.  It’s sad to realize he is not in any of them.

His son Donny and my husband have been great friends through the years. For many years my husband lived with Donny and his family. Harry and Nita cared for him as if he were their own.  Then when my husband got his own place and Donny needed a place to stay, they were roomies again.  Donny was the best man at our wedding; my husband was best man at Donny’s. And Harry took the pictures.

Just last year we attended a joint 50/70 birthday party for Harry and Donny.  Little did we know that would be the last time we’d see Harry.

From the many stories about Harry that my husband has shared with me over the years, I always sensed he loved life.  I never knew when Harry turned 50 he bought a motorcycle so he could ride with Donny.  And I learned where Donny got his inspiration for the demolition derby car.  He played guitar and loved wrestling.  He had even been a Scout leader and loved to hunt and fish.  Although I had always sensed this from the camping story my husband has told me many times.

It’s difficult to lose a loved one.  What makes it easier for us left behind are the memories they gave us to cherish.  My wish for Harry’s family is to be able to hold on to those memories forever and realize Harry is never far away.





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