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The Mail Must Get Through

The fact that anyone would want to stop the use of the United States Postal Service is absurd.

This service is used by millions of Americans to send and receive everything from bills to packages to medications to Christmas cards and tons of things inbetween.

But because a petty SHITHOLE in Washington is afraid he’ll lose a “presidential” election which will make him wind up behind bars, the future of the United States Postal Service is in limbo.

SHITHOLE hired one of his paying buddies to “conveniently” be in charge of the USPS.  His buddy paid big bucks to SHITHOLE’s campaign.  And I’m sure SHITHOLE is paying his buddy big bucks to remove mail sorting machines from post offices and mailboxes from street corners.

SHITHOLE doesn’t want the USPS to survive.  He also doesn’t want anyone to vote by mail (although he and his family are doing just that).  In SHITHOLE’S demented mind he thinks that if he can prevent people from voting by mail, somehow he’ll “win”.

Now we all know SHITHOLE is not the brightest bulb in the pack.  This “strategy” proves it.  Because a smart person would realize that, hey, some of those people voting by mail may be voting for me.  And if you prevent them from voting, they may not be able to vote for you.

So SHITHOLE should reconsider any reckoning with the USPS because it’s not only going to hurt Americans, it’s also going to hurt himself.  He just hasn’t figured that out yet.

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If You Can Do This, You Can’t Necessarily Do That

Dumbass Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said today that “if people can go to Walmart and Home Depot, they can go to school”.

That’s the same rhetoric as saying if one can go to Walmart or Home Depot, then they can eat inside a restaurant. Except when one is shopping at Walmart or Home Depot food isn’t spilling out of their mouth and spewing all over the place as they talk while they eat.

It’s kind of like those school kids sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch. Or using the restroom and not washing their hands (because although you tell them to, they don’t always do it–they’re kids).  Or touching something and then putting their fingers in their mouth.  You name it.  A kid will do it.

So, no, Dumbass Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, if people can go to Walmart and Home Depot, they cannot necessarily go to school.  Because they are two extremely different scenarios.

Considering that this is what you’re using to convince your constituents that it’s okay to go back to school, it’s no wonder Florida’s coronavirus cases are sky high.  Look at the idiot running the show.

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The Aberrations of Born Fools

A handful of states have decided to take the plunge and end their stay-at-home policies, tossing caution to the wind, letting their citizens run amok, so they can get their haircuts, tattoos and drink refills, among other “pertinent” things.  I’m sure these fools are all gearing up for Friday, possibly even camping out at their salon, so they can be the first patron in the door.  Little do they know that some of these places are still refusing to open.  Little do they know that many of the restaurants that may open will not have their favorite dishes available because they are short on supply.  These fools are expecting these places to reopen and have it be just as it was back in March when they closed.  These fools are expecting to go to these places and be safe.  Boy, are these fools in for a surprise.

Let the fools have their day.  They already have by holding their “protests”, demanding a freedom that they already have.  Only a fool would “protest” the very means that is keeping them safe.  Only a fool would hold a “protest” in a state that isn’t going to change their stay-at-home policy because they and a bunch of their buddies decide to block the entrance to a hospital.  Only a fool would show up armed at a “protest”.  That doesn’t make them a “protester”.  It makes them a terrorist. And a fool.

Other than foolish, the signs have been comical:  “I need a haircut”.  Have you ever heard of a pair of scissors?  Then cut it.  “We need our teeth cleaned”.  Holy fuck.  Do you not brush your teeth?  Shit, you only see the dentist twice a year for a cleaning and most people don’t even do that.  The statements have been hysterical as well.  My favorite is the fool who insists he needs to have restaurants open so he can get his free drink refills, because he’s tired of ordering two drinks at the drive-thru.  That one doesn’t even win for bad excuse of the year, fool.

So to the fools I say “go for it”.  Please be the foolish dummies that you are and demonstrate to the rest of us how it’s done.  Better you fools than the majority of us.