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Why Would You Want To?

Sean Doolittle should not second guess himself on his decision to not attend his team’s White House gathering.  It takes a lot to stand for what you believe in.  He should be proud of himself.  He’s part of a baseball team that won the World Series.  It shouldn’t matter if he visits the White House.  It’s not going to make him, or any other member of the Nationals, any more a winner whether they visit or not.  Doolittle has no issue with his teammates visiting and his teammates respect his wishes as well.  Which is cool.  That’s how it should be.

Yet there are many who are riled up about Doolittle refusing to visit the White House.  Some say he’s wrong because he’s not honoring the office of the “Presidency”.  Folks, Doolittle is a baseball player.  He won a baseball game.  The “host” at the White House got booed at a baseball game because he’s an asshole.  Doolittle doesn’t need to honor an asshole.  Nobody needs to.  If there’s anything Doolittle would honor, it’s the game of baseball.

I’m sure Doolittle would love to visit the White House itself.  After all, it’s just a house.  If the “host” were not present, Doolittle may not have an issue visiting the House.  But it’s who “resides” in the House, who will be “hosting” the visit (more than likely with hamberders and fries), that is the problem.  The “host”, as the world knows, is someone who is against inclusion, something Doolittle is very much in support of.  The “host” mocked a disabled reporter.  Doolittle has an autistic brother-in-law.  So anyone with half a brain should be able to understand why Doolittle does not want to visit the White House.  And if you can’t understand it, or refuse to, then you’re simply ignorant

Instead of people asking why Sean Doolittle won’t visit the White House, people should be asking why anyone would want to visit the White House.  Especially with its current inhabitant.

Doolittle said it best when he gave this explanation, which is all the explanation he needs to give, if any at all:

“People say you should go because it’s about respecting the office of the president.  And I think over the course of his time in office he’s done a lot of things that maybe don’t respect the office.”