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Never Underestimate Greatness

I wish I could say I sat and watched the entire Super Bowl last night.  But I can’t because I didn’t.

To my credit I did watch about the first twenty minutes.  I even caught several different-angled views of Lady Gaga’s performance from where I was standing in my kitchen.

I wasn’t even watching the game when the Patriots scored their first three points.  Where was I?  Several places.

I was washing up the dinner dishes in the kitchen sink.  Then I went into my bedroom to write.  Eventually my daughter came in and we worked on her book report.  I didn’t feel guilty.  My sister was in my basement browsing through Facebook and my husband was sitting at the kitchen table filing taxes.  So I wasn’t the only one not paying attention to the game.

I think it was after ten o’clock when I figured it was time to put the Patriots Christmas tree and snowglobe away for another year and get ready for bed.  I remember walking past my daughter’s bedroom where my husband had the TV on and I caught a glimpse of what looked like an excited Tom Brady sitting on the bench.  At this point in time I still believed we only had three points.  Only because my husband doesn’t say a word if something exciting happens and had not, as he usually does, kept me up-to-date on the happenings.  Because they really hadn’t been happening.

I finally got up the nerve to ask him what the score was and when he told me it was 20-28 with only a few minutes left and we had just stopped Atlanta and were getting the ball back, a little sliver of hope ran through me.  My husband told me that we had already done a two-point conversion earlier and would need to do another just to tie.  He also reminded me that no team in the Super Bowl had ever come back from being this far down and won.  I knew if there was a team who could do that, this was the team.  He also told me there had never been overtime in the Super Bowl.  That was all about to change.

So we all hung around in my daughter’s room watching the game, since my daughter had something else on the TV in the living room.  I figured if we were going down I may as well watch and, what the hell, we’d come this far.  It was nothing to be ashamed of.

Overtime rules declare the first team to score a touchdown wins.  Luckily we won the coin toss, which, if you look back on the history of the Patriots under Tom and their OT records, they usually win the coin toss in OT and they usually win the game.  I do believe if the Falcons had won the coin toss we would’ve done everything in our power to stop them and would’ve still won the game.

I never knew I could hyperventilate because of a football game but last night I swear I did.  I’ve never won the lottery but I can only imagine that the feeling would imitate the feeling I had last night as I witnessed The New England Patriots win their fifth Super Bowl.

No longer can this team, especially Tom Brady, be underestimated.


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Fear The Fans

I was a fan of the New England Patriots long before ASSHOLE became “president”.

The fact that some people on the team associate with ASSHOLE is their business.  It’s their problem, not mine. That’s something that they’ll have to live with and as long as it doesn’t affect they way they play football, coach a team or run a franchise, I don’t give a shit.  Although I detest ASSHOLE, it doesn’t change the way I feel about the Patriots.

I know there are many people on the Falcons who associate with ASSHOLE as well.  Many voted for him.  Am I one to tell any Falcons fan to stop liking the Falcons because of their association?  I don’t think so.

Although our newly elected ASSHOLE will probably never take the advice of Joe Biden and “grow up”, as football fans, we should.  We’re better than that.

This is the Super Bowl, not Election Night.  Let’s act like it.


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Why Should Anyone Be Surprised?

The Bills lost.

The Jets lost.

The Dolphins lost.

The Colts lost.

The Patriots….wait…WON?  Really?  Against the Great Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals?  Without Tom, Gronk, Lewis, Jesus Christ and the very spirit of Vince Lombardi in their presence? With still-wet-behind-the-ears Jimmy G at the helm?  Whodathunkit?  Pinch me.  I must be dreaming.

C’mon, people.  Wake up and smell the Dunks.  These are the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS!  You should know better by now than to underestimate this TEAM.  Because that’s what they are:  A TEAM.

Yes, it wasn’t pretty.  Not every win is going to be.  But a win is a win.  Yes, you can say “luck” may have had something to do with it.  But our kicker didn’t miss any field goals.  And as any Patriots fan knows, sometimes it’s that final field goal that cements the game.

So as Rex Ryan is getting his wife’s bean dip ready for his Super Bowl party (because he’s all ready written the Bills off for the season…the man just has so much faith in his team 🙂 ), here is a great winning smile from Bill Belichick


and an even better one from our WINNING QB!

Welcome to the NFL, Jimmy G!
Welcome to the NFL, Jimmy G!
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It Can’t Get Here Soon Enough!

Autumn.  My favorite time of the year for many reasons:  cooler weather, pumpkin everything, football, jeans and sweatshirts, more comfortable air to do things in, crimson and gold leaves, not to mention Halloween.

I’m thrilled to know that New England Patriots pre-season starts this coming Thursday.  Several stores I’ve recently visited have already stocked their shelves with autumn-themed items.  Big Lots in Dudley even had two aisles filled with Halloween stuff!

Best of all:  it means Christmas is right around the corner!


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Everything Happens For A Reason

After nearly two years “deflategate” has come to an end.  We had so much fun with it.  We learned so much about footballs, cell phones, PSI and how much of a true asshole good ol’ Rodge really is.

So Brady misses four games.  Big deal.  He missed an entire season in 2008 and the Patriots survived.  They will survive again.

Think back to 2001.  What if Mo Lewis hadn’t taken out Drew Bledsoe?  What if Bledsoe had been a phenomenal QB?  How long would Tom Brady have been sitting on the sidelines before shuffling off to Buffalo, or worse yet, the fucking JETS?  Where would he be now?  Where would the Patriots be?

Now think to the future.  It could be this year, one year, five years, ten years.  Who knows how long Brady will actually be able to keep playing.  You never know when something worse than a four game suspension may occur.  Wouldn’t it be good to have someone there to back up Tom, just as he was there to back up Drew?  I’m not saying the torch is being passed.  Far from it.  I think everyone is quite aware Brady still has plenty of gas left in the tank.  What I’m saying is that “everything happens for a reason”.  Because of the suspension we will get a real look at Jimmy G and see what he will be able to give the Pats.  For now Jimmy G is the future QB of the Patriots.  Wouldn’t it be good to know if he is the right one?

If the suspension had never happened, we would never know.

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Why I’m Not Concerned

Although it looks like Tom Brady will be forced to serve some kind of suspension, whether it be four games or less, I’m not concerned. Here’s why:

  1.  Tom missed way more than four games during the 2008 season. As half-ass a QB back-up Cassell was, he still managed to give us a record of 11-5. Yes, we missed the playoffs. But that was under Cassell. For the entire season. This will be four games under Jimmy G, a much better QB than Cassell.
  2. The first four games are against either pure shit teams or meh teams. Arizona has a meh QB in Carson Palmer.
  3. It may not even be four games.
  4. We have quite argumentatively the greatest coach in NFL history.
  5. We have quite argumentatively the greatest TE in the NFL
  6. Butler can intercept a football and Collins can high-jump a front line
  7. Within the past few months we’ve obtained some huge free agent talent
  8. This is a TEAM, not a bunch of individuals
  9. We have the best owner in the NFL
  10. They are the Patriots

Yeah, it doesn’t please me to know Tom will be missing some time because Goodell and his minions are a bunch of dickheads. As I always say, everything happens for a reason. I’m not hoping anything happens to Tom but consider if it did. Wouldn’t it be better now to get Jimmy G prepared for what he eventually will be inheriting than just tossing him into the fire? Tom may be QB King and he may want to play until he’s 50 but he can’t play forever.

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Win As A Team, Lose As A Team

Like many other Patriots fans, I’m passionate about this team. They’re a great bunch of hardworking, talented athletes who, despite a lot of setbacks this season, still managed to make it to their conference championship game.  Which is a lot more than 28 other teams can say.  Most teams in our injured shoes wouldn’t have made it past 500.

As disappointing as it was to lose, let’s remember it’s a football game. A team will win, a team will lose. No one individual wins on their own; no one individual loses on their own. It’s not fair for players to blame themselves or their teammates for a loss. Just as it’s wrong for the ego-driven athlete to feel the win was solely because of him.

I would still take our kicker, QB, TE, CB, coach, owner and whole rest of the team over any other in the NFL. After our first championship win, I decided it was great to win and if we never won again, so be it. But we have won again and we WILL win AGAIN.

As for Super Bowl 50, well, Cocky Cam and Lightbulb Head can duke it out in San Fran. All I can say about that one is “KARMA’S A BITCH”.






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“Tough Times Don’t Last. Tough People Do.”

Only four short months ago we were watching the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots take on Pittsburgh in their season opener.  Now the playoffs are upon us and I can’t help but reflect back on this crazy season of ups and downs.

Hard to believe Lewis and Blount actually did play this season.  Many weeks ago.  And Edelman was on the field somewhere back in September and October, I think.  It will be good to see him back doing what he does so well tomorrow.

What I think is so cool about the Patriots is that each time a player went down, another player stepped up and did his best to fill in.  Shit, even Troy Brown was ready to suit up.  That’s true element of a “team”.

I have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow.  All I know is that there is a football game.  If the Patriots win, great.  We move on to yet another AFC Championship game.  If we lose, well, we lose.  It wouldn’t be the first time.  But we’d have nothing to be ashamed of if that happened.

I’ve ignored all the weird distractions from this week.  Bill, Gronk and Jones are all big boys.  They’ll figure things out.  We have the best kicker in the league on our side.  Even better we have the best damn quarterback of all time.

Although football season is so short it still seems so long during the tough times of injuries.  Luckily the people are tougher than the ailments.

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On The Crazy Train To San Fran

I love football, especially New England Patriots football.  Unfortunately my ability to watch the games this year has been minimal.  Not because I don’t want to.  It’s because my Sundays are spent dedicating my time to those more in need than your average football fan.

Thankfully my diligent football-loving husband fills me in on the details when I get home at midnight.  We don’t have DVR but thanks to NFL Network, I’ve been able to catch some of the remarkable plays this year after the fact.  Gostkowski’s game winning field goal from this past weekend was one of them.

It’s November.  Teams that make the playoffs win in November and December.  My Pats are 9-0.  We get to play the Buffalo chumps on Monday.  Rex says Tom is going to pull 800 yards on him.  Nah, Rex.  He’s going to go for 1,000. Hopefully I’ll be around on Monday to watch.

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Put This In Your Colander And Eat It



This woman was allowed by the Massachusetts DMV to wear a colander on her head for her driver’s license picture.  She argued with them that it is her religious right to do so, as she is a member of the Church of the Spaghetti Monster (no, folks, I’m not making this up—wish I was!).  I have known children who have worn a colander on their heads for non-religious reasons.  I have known children who worship Cookie Monster simply because, well, he loves cookies.  Then again, I can identify with Cookie Monster because (1) he’s friends with Big Bird (2) he is on “Sesame Street” (3) “Sesame Street” has been on for 46 years.  To me, this makes Cookie Monster way more credible than this kook with her colander hat who worships something that sounds like it came out of a comic book.



Three things really scare me about this scenario:  (1) the fact that someone at the DMV and the state of Massachusetts allowed this to happen when they won’t even allow you to wear your glasses for a picture; (2) the fact that the state of Massachusetts actually gave her a license, considering how ridiculous she looks with a colander on her head and the wacky and wild look on her face.  Is she high on something?  And (3) the fact that this fruitcake is going to be on the road with the rest of us.

images (1)


Here is what I’ve decided to do the next time I’m going to get my license renewed and need a new picture.  I’m going to wear my New England Patriots cap.  When they ask me to remove it, I’m going to refuse.  Then I will tell them I can’t because it’s against my religious belief, as I belong to “The Church of Tom Fucking Brady, Greatest Quarterback That Ever Lived For The Greatest Fucking Football Team Ever And If You Live In Massachusetts And Have Never Heard Of The Church Of Tom Fucking Brady Then You Should Pack Your Bags And Move To Jersey And Become A Jets Fan”!

images (2)

That should shut ‘em up…