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We Learn To Live When We Learn To Give

I don’t understand why people refuse to accept there’s good and bad in everyone.

Before anything else, we are all human beings.  We all breathe air, bleed blood, sleep, eat, defecate, procreate, we are all born and we all die.  And we all have the ability to be good people and bad people.

It doesn’t matter what sex you are, what your sexual orientation is, what your religious beliefs are, what your political beliefs are, your skin color, what country you’re from, etc.  Nobody. Is. Perfect.

Given this information, how can any person, and there are many, point at two other people, perfect strangers, a man and his mother from Mexico, and call them “rapists and animals”?  Yet this happened to Esteban Guzman and his mother while they were working. How can any one person target another person because of their religion?  Yet we have with the banning of Muslims from other countries.  How can any one person reject another person because they are seeking a better life for themselves?  Yet we have with the separation of families and the imprisonment of thousands of immigrant children across the country.

Who are the good and the bad in these circumstances?  Are they really who we perceive them to be?

For all these incidences, the tables could have easily been turned.  It could’ve been a fat white woman working in her yard with her son when a Mexican man approached her and began calling her names.  Just because she was a fat white woman.  We could have the banning of all other religions except Muslim.  And Americans could be the ones fleeing a war-torn country for a better life somewhere else, only to be separated at the border, of any country, and their children are put in cages to live like dogs.

It’s difficult to understand what someone is experiencing when you haven’t gone through it yourself.  Maybe if we think before calling someone out for being different from us, we could stop being so hateful of others for something they have no control over.  We could give of ourselves and start caring for our fellow human beings instead of acting like imbeciles.

Just because there’s a puppet master in Washington it doesn’t mean you have to be his puppet.


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The other night at his most recent pep rally SHITHOLE said to his brainwashed sheep:  “The elite.  Why are they elite?  I have a much better apartment than they do.  I am smarter than they are.  I am richer than they are.  I became president and they didn’t.  And I am representing the greatest, smartest, most loyal people on earth, the deplorables”.

What SHITHOLE doesn’t realize is that It takes a lot more than material possessions and a prestigious “title” that was achieved illegally to make one “elite”.

By definition the word “elite” means “the best”.  SHITHOLE is far from “the best”.  If anything, he is “the worst”—in other words “deplorable”.  Which is what he referred to his followers as.  And that’s exactly what he is as well.

To be “elite” one must not only be “the best” but they must be “the best” at what they do.  Michael Jordan was “elite” at basketball.  Bill Gates is “elite” at technology and business.  There can be more than one who is “elite” at something.  There are many “elite” insurance companies.  Several get A+ ratings.  There are many “elite” musicians, actors, artists, writers, athletes, etc.  It’s difficult to name one as “the best”.  So they often get lumped into the “elite” category.

SHITHOLE isn’t “the best” at anything.  Not business.  Not negotiating.  Not speaking.  Not tweeting.  Not even an illegitimate “presidency”.  He couldn’t even steal it without getting caught.  Shit, from what many have said, he’s not even “good” at sex, not much being “the best”.  He’s not even “the best” at lying because you always know when he’s lying.  A “good” liar is one who can at least try to do it right.  He can’t even do that.  It’s pathetic if you can’t even be “the best” at lying.

So, yeah, SHITHOLE can brag about having this, that and the other thing but having those things makes him far from being “elite”.  They just make him a greedy son-of-a-bitch who is the most miserable person on the planet.  And it shows.  Every. Single. Day.

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What’s Wrong With Our Country Right Now

This may come as a shock to some but do you know many Americans do not know the actual title to the National Anthem?  They actually think it’s called “The National Anthem”.
Do you know most Americans do not even know the lyrics to the song?  Nor do they know who wrote it.  Or why it was written.  Most don’t even know there are more verses to the song than the one that they always hear.
I’m not writing this to give you a history of “The Star-Spangled Banner” but let’s look at the definition of the word “anthem” for a second:
a rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group, body, or cause.
a solemn patriotic song officially adopted by a country as an expression of national identity.
So if an “anthem” is supposed to be a song identified with a “particular group, body or cause” and used as “an expression of national identity”, what is the problem with athletes being able to kneel while it’s playing?  They are only identifying it with a “particular cause”, or expression of protest.  Which every person in America is entitled to.  Including athletes.  Shit, I’ve seen fat ass beer guzzling men woofing down hot dogs at baseball games during the National Anthem.  Nobody bitched about them.  And they weren’t standing, either.

So, what should we do about this “problem” that so many have with athletes taking a knee, sitting in the locker room, picking their noses, talking on their cell phones, doing whatever during the playing of the National Anthem?  Well, SHITHOLE sounds like he wants to deport them.  Sorry, SHITHOLE.  But someone who can’t even put their hand over their heart during the National Anthem shouldn’t be telling others they don’t belong in this country for not standing during a song.

I do, however, have a couple of ideas:  why don’t we ban the playing of the National Anthem.  Then players can kneel all they want without all the bitching.  The bitchers won’t get to hear their favorite song, but hey, if they’re going to the stadium to hear a song. they are there for the wrong show.  It’s a game, not a concert.

Secondly, ban all guns.  Period.  Because if American athletes have to give up their rights to freedom, so should American gun owners.

At least athletes aren’t killing anyone by kneeling.

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Known Just to California?

Today I bought a squeegee window cleaner at an auto store.  On the back of the packaging I just happened to see this notice:

I live in Massachusetts, which is where this squeegee was purchased.

Per this statement it contains chemicals, known to the state of California, to be harmful to humans.  My question is:  are the chemicals this product contains known to the other 49 states to be harmful to humans as well?  Because if California has found the chemicals to be dangerous, shouldn’t the other states also find them to be dangerous?

Another question:  if this product is so dangerous because of what it’s made with, why is it being sold?  I guess that answer lies at the bottom of a cigarette butt.

By the way, I did wash my hands after using it.

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Sometimes all it takes is a little understanding

Considering the kind of day I had with my Aspie daughter, I wanted to share this post from five years ago.  It’s an early #ThrowbackThursday post but will always remain relevant.


I just finished perusing and read an article that struck a cord with me. It was about the waitress at Chili’s, the autistic girl and the “broken” cheeseburger.

For those who didn’t read the article, you can see it here:

The reason why it struck a cord with me is that I know what it’s like to go out to eat (or go anywhere for that matter) with an autistic person. I’ve known what it’s like for the past 28 years. My sister Peggy is autistic. When I read about how this little autistic girl got upset over her burger being cut in two (to her it was “broken”–so cute!), I shook my head knowingly. Although I doubt Peggy would have an issue with her burger being “broken”, she probably would pick the burger apart, eating only the burger, or maybe the cheese too, leaving any pickle behind, along with the bun. And there can’t be any condiments on the burger. A meal at Subway is a cold cut sandwich without the bread. And two bags of chips and a soda. Of course we can’t just ask them for a bunch of meat and cheese. So she picks apart the sub and someone else eats the bread. Big deal. But this is what it’s like dining with an autistic person in tow. You deal with it.

As for the ignorant ones commenting after the article, I have a few choice statements for them. First of all, although autism is usually associated with young children, those children do grow up to become autistic adults. Like my sister Peggy. Autism has been around for longer than we know. The only difference is that autism didn’t have the attention it does now, children were labeled as “retarded” and tossed into institutions. Thank goodness we have learned so much and realize those affected with autism, in any form, can lead productive lives.

For many with autism it’s the simple things in life that make them happy. For my sister it’s clocks. She collects clocks. Mainly these fancy neon blue clocks that Walmart sells for $20.00. If we ever need a clock we know where to go. But none of her clocks actually run. She requires no batteries for her clocks. All the clocks need to say is 3:55 or 11:15 (we have to set one hand on the 11; the other has to be on the 3) and she is happy. We know it’s always 3:55 or 11:15 somewhere!

Some other simple things that make Peggy’s life complete: the numbers 4, 3 and 8. She used to really be into the number 11 also but has gotten away from that one for some reason. Basketballs and soccer balls, sometimes other kinds of balls. Mainly basketballs. And sunglasses. She really used to love calculators but has gotten away from them as well.

My sister will never drive a car or hold down a job. She will never marry or have children. But she’s the happiest person I know.

We could all learn a lot from autistic people. They don’t need cell phones, Ipads, tablets or any other fancy technical thingy to make them happy. They don’t need expensive gas guzzling cars and exotic trips to lands unknown to fulfill their lives. Simple really is better. If we all chose to live more simpler, less chaotic lives, the world would be a better place. All you really need in life to be happy is a good clock and a yummy cheeseburger.