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Doubling Up

It occurred to me tonight what the coronavirus vaccine really is. It’s double protection.

See, for the majority of us (or at least the sensible ones) who wear facemasks, we are already protecting ourselves by doing that. Once we are vaccinated, then we will have double the protection. And the fools who don’t wear masks, or half-wear them, if they get vaccinated, will only be partially protected. And the fools who don’t wear masks at all and don’t get vaccinated, won’t be protected at all. But unfortunately, we will still have the need to wear facemasks. Because of the assholes. But we will also have our vaccinations. So we’re double protected.

As for any of the SHITHOLE cultists out there who make statements such as Biden turning from a puppet into a zombie now that he has received the vaccination, remember that SHITHOLE2, TURTLEFACE, GRAB YOUR PEARLS GRAHAM and LIDDLE ASSHOLE MARCO all ran to get their vaccination before Biden. So I guess they’ll be zombies too. In fact, it looks like most of Congress will be turning into zombies, since the majority of them are getting their vaccinations before a great bulk of our medical communities. And I wonder how the zombie doctors will be able to care for your sick asses when you’re dying in the ICU on a ventilator? So cut the zombie shit. Morons.

I find it interesting, yet not surprising, that SHITHOLE isn’t interested in getting vaccinated. Then again, he believes the virus is a hoax and he’s preoccupied with coming up with new ways to try to keep his ass from going to prison. Now there’s someone who is already a zombie!

So when it’s time for you to get vaccinated, I can’t tell you what to do. But for that double barrier of protection, it may be wisest to get your shot. Then we’ll all meet up at the zombie fest and laugh at the fools who are missing out.

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Getting Things Straightened Out At Christmas

As it is Christmas, it’s bound to happen where someone decides that they know it all, that what they believe is it, and that’s just the way it is. And they’ll tell you so. It doesn’t matter what your opinion is, because, of course, their opinion is the only one that matters.

To that I say–WRONG-O!

The below image was posted on a Christmas page I belong to:

To this post I say get a fucking grip. You’re not going to tell me, of all people, what to believe. Let people believe what they want to.

You want to be offended by a song, you have a right. Many women, and men, take offense to “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and it’s understandable as to why. It’s an overplayed song anyway and based on that alone, it’s okay to be offended by it.

If I want to, I’m going to wish you Happy Holidays.

Who cares about candy canes? You either like them or hate them! And if someone wants to believe it’s a symbol of Jesus, let them believe it.

Most kids never decorated their classroom. The teachers did it. With their own supplies they paid for with their own money. And with coronavirus, hardly anyone is decorating a classroom!

Call the wise guys what you want. Jesus doesn’t care what you call him or the wise guys. He loves you anyway.

Who cares who Mommy was kissing. How do you know Santa is her husband? How do you know Santa is a MAN? Mommy may be a lesbian!

Rudy is a cartoon. Don’t take it so seriously. The bullies got it in the end anyway. Even Santa.

Letting other people have their own opinions isn’t them being mean. But you tossing what you think “should be” down everyone’s throat is not only being political, it’s being arrogant and is a great deal of what is wrong in the world today.


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People Are Tired

People are tired of hearing about SHITHOLE, who has killed more than 215,000 Americans because he did away with protections for the country, called the coronavirus a “hoax”, refused to issue a countrywide lockdown, did not promote the use of facemasks, denied scientists, bashed Fauci and other health officials (including ones in the Shit House) and doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but himself.  That’s why we’re voting his ass out November 3.

SHITHOLE had the audacity to call Fauci and other scientists “idiots”. But SHITHOLE is the real idiot.  The country may be ready to move on from the coronavirus, but the coronavirus is not moving on from America. In fact, it is moving on America like a bitch in heat. However, Americans ARE ready to move on from SHITHOLE, who has been an even bigger health disaster for this country than the coronavirus.  That’s why we’re voting his ass out November 3.

Because SHITHOLE has been in charge, we are in danger of having a quarter of a million people die.  Because SHITHOLE has refused to acknowledge the coronavirus, even though he himself allegedly contracted it, because he has failed to acknowledge the use of facemasks and social distancing, that is the main reason why the country is in the state it is in today. That’s why we’re voting his ass out November 3.

People may be tired of Covid.  But Covid is not going away.  SHITHOLE, however, WILL be going away. In fact, SHITHOLE will be gone BEFORE Covid. Because Covid may never fully go away. Unlike SHITHOLE. Who will eventually die. Until he does, we’re voting his ass out November 3.

We know the real reason why SHITHOLE is bent out of shape over Fauci.  It’s not because of what Fauci has said about the coronavirus.  It’s because Fauci was awarded with the first ever National Academy of Medicine’s Presidential Citation for Exemplary Leadership.  Because SHITHOLE, who cannot even win an Emmy, will never win one of those awards.  Nor will he ever win a Nobel Peace Prize. SHITHOLE is just a jealous prick whose ass we are voting out November 3.

The only thing SHITHOLE will probably ever win is a prison sentence.

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The Audacity of Sour Grapes

This time of year you’re bound to get some kind of unsolicited phone call from this, that or the other candidate robot begging you to vote for them. That’s understandable.

What isn’t understandable is when you receive a robot phone call, as I did today, from someone who ran against Elizabeth Warren two years ago and is still bitching that they lost. After doing some research on this person, I discovered they were barely even in the fucking race. They even tried running in the Republican primary this year but lost.

The robot (or for all I know it was actually the guy himself) on the phone kept spelling his name. Pointedly saying and spelling it. Not very slowly. And I couldn’t even tell you what the fuck his name was because it was so odd-sounding and he said it so fast. He kept telling me that I had to write him in for the Senate, as his losing to Liz back in 2018 was fraud and he deserved to win.

Honestly, I had no idea who this guy was. I’ve never heard of him until today. What I can tell you is that he is a kook. His credibility is zilch, since he has decided to discredit Dr. Anthony Fauci, spread misinformation about coronavirus, and even wrote a letter to SHITHOLE telling him not to lockdown the country and that vitamins could cure the virus. And we wonder where SHITHOLE gets his crazy ideas!

I’m still trying to find anything about fraud regarding Liz. I doubt I will and even if I did, I sure as hell wouldn’t believe it, especially coming from this bozo.

I didn’t mind the phone call. I love mysterious phone calls from assholes I’ve never heard of. But to have the audacity in your phone call to demand I write your name in on my ballot in the Senate spot.

If this guy was as smart as he claims, he would have known I’ve already voted by mail. And I sure as hell didn’t write his goddamn name in on the Senate spot! No matter how many times he spelled it!

If he calls again, I’m reporting him for harassment.

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Going In the Wrong Direction

Where once Massachusetts seemed to be doing so well in the coronavirus war, we have somehow gotten out of control. Considering recent incidents I have witnessed, I can see why.

There’s nothing like standing in line at a pharmacy waiting to get a flu shot and having the elderly man in front of you coughing his head off. Then you later see the same man wearing a facemask–down over his chin.

In the same pharmacy I witnessed a man approach the pharmacy desk–with no facemask on. As the 98-year-old woman going to get her flu shot passed by.

My sister, who works in a grocery store, tells me of this crazy guy who comes in several times a week wearing a winter hat, carrying a Macy’s bag and wearing no mask. When he is told he needs to wear a mask, he laughs and says “well, you’re wearing a mask so we’re all set”. My sister said if she could do it and not get fired, she’d rip off her mask, cough in his face and tell him now he’s all set too. He now has coronavirus. The only thing this nut job buys is six pounds of ripe bananas. Either he has a pet monkey or he really is a looney tune.

The problem with these scenarios, and part of the reason why Massachusetts is through the roof once again with cases, after doing so well, is that the management in these places isn’t doing anything about the problem people that are visiting. And once these problem people visit and get away with it, they think they can every time.

The other day one of them ranted and raved at the manager at Customer Service in the supermarket because he was spoken to about not having a mask on. He whipped out his alleged “I have a disability and don’t need a mask” card and the customer service rep let it go. What she really should have done was call security and have his mask less ass hauled out of the store and banned from the store for life.

My sister, who is a cashier at this store, told me this scenario:

Customer: (sigh) I’m so sick of having to wear a mask

Sis: Considering I have a friend who is in the hospital on a ventilator right now due to Covid, I think wearing a mask is a good idea.

Not sure, but I think that bitch will think twice in the future before complaining about wearing a mask.

With the rising cases, do I think it’s wise of Governor Baker to warrant an increase in restaurant seating, open venues and arcades, roller rinks, museums, etc.? Even if they’re just in the “good” communities? Do I think it’s wise of my school district to be planning on having athletics and working on a hybrid plan to get the high schoolers back in school before Thanksgiving? Not exactly. Not with between 500–700-plus cases popping up every day. What happens when we start seeing the numbers we saw back in March? One-thousand plus cases. Every day. Then what?

Considering most have the freedom to go just about anywhere they want if they wear a mask, they should keep in mind those who cannot go anywhere because they cannot wear a mask. Like my autistic sister Peggy and most of the people who attend her day program, which they haven’t been to in over six months. Most of these people, my sister included, haven’t stepped foot in a store, a salon, a bar, a museum, a zoo, amusement park, beach or restaurant since March. I’m lucky I can even visit my sister at all and the most we can do is go for a ride. I can’t take her anywhere except to my house for a visit and that’s not too fun for her. So it really angers me when people who have all the liberties in the world with the simple use of a goddamn facemask are bitching and complaining. And the ones who do have the ability to wear a fucking mask won’t because they’re too goddamn ignorant.

You know the old saying “one bad apple spoils the whole bunch”? Well, those few out there are the bad apples. And they’re the ones spoiling the whole bunch.