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You Are Not Alone

Like so many others, I find all the revelations of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and pedophilia coming out of Hollywood, Alabama, The White House, Congress and other places to be disturbing.  What has happened to these women and men is wrong and should not be happening to anyone, anywhere, ever.

I think the #MeToo movement has been great.  It’s given women and some men a means to speak out.  Maybe it will help them finally heal after so many years.  As a victim of child molestation myself, I healed many years ago when I was a teenager.  I don’t dwell on what happened.  To me there is no point.  I can’t change what happened to me but I can make sure it doesn’t happen to my daughter or niece.  If you dwell on something that happened in the past you’ll never move forward.

These women and men have come forward, told their stories and destructed the men who hurt them.  As long as it makes them feel better, that’s all that matters.  I’m not sure if they were planning to get anything else out of it but the abusers certainly got what they deserved.

Aside from my own experience, I admit I have been the witness to sexual harassment and did nothing about it.  Both incidents were very embarrassing to see, one especially since I knew the woman involved and considered her a friend.  When you are in a crowded room full of men and women what are you to do?  There were so many on-lookers during both of these incidents, any one of us could have said or done something.  Even the women it happened to could’ve said or done something.  The woman presenting an award who was forcibly kissed by the recipient and then had her breast groped by the recipient should’ve slapped the recipient right there in front of everyone.  It would have served him right and certainly would’ve bruised his ego. The woman who was conversing with her boyfriend when the celebrity man came up behind her and pinched her ass should have had her boyfriend punch the celebrity’s lights out.  I doubt he’d be pinching any asses after that.

I’m sure these abused individuals had their own reasons for staying silent for so long.  Whether it be from fear, threats, embarrassment, etc.  What we need to understand now is that it is not okay to remain silent.  If you were attacked on the street would you remain silent?  Why should it be any different during an audition, during a meet-and-greet, during a party?

There are laws that exist that protect people from sexual harassment, abuse and discrimination.  Right now there are numerous cases/lawsuits happening.  To read about these, as well as obtain more information on what to do in these cases, especially if they occur in the workplace, check out the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission web site at

You are not alone.

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Forget Sexy. Can Someone Bring Back Intelligence? Please?

The coupons were right there on the conveyor belt.  She would’ve had to be blind to miss them.  Maybe she was.  Which may explain why she put the eggs on top of the bread.

After the bill is tallied up I ask if she rang in my coupons.

“You didn’t have any coupons,” she replies.

“Yes, I did,” I said, glancing at the conveyor belt and the floor to see if they had fallen there.  Nothing.

“Well, I didn’t see any coupons,” says the dimwit.

Deciding not to argue with an idiot, I pay my bill and head home.

Only to discover the coupons in the bottom of one of my bags.  Gee, I wonder how they got there?  Maybe the magic Coupon Fairy threw them in the bag along with the cheese and ice cream.

Guess I’ll be doing self check-out from now on.

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Why Am I Not Surprised?

Like countless others I’m disgusted and saddened by the shit that some “entitled” white supremacists felt necessary to pull over the weekend.  This shit included killing and injuring people.

Also like countless others I’m disgusted and saddened, but not surprised, by ASSHOLE not denouncing the acts of these white supremacists.  I’m not surprised because I wasn’t expecting him to say a goddamn word about them being white supremacists.  In fact, I would’ve been in SHOCK if he HAD referred to them as white supremacists.

It doesn’t surprise me that ASSHOLE didn’t say what most of us were hoping he’d say.  It doesn’t surprise me that ASSHOLE didn’t say what he SHOULD’VE said. No, it doesn’t make it right and no, we don’t need to accept it.  I certainly don’t.  But since ASSHOLE is a hypocrite about everything he says, I guess when it comes to white supremacy he stands his ground.  Because he himself is a white supremacist.  It’s quite obvious.  So why should we be surprised?

Would someone who is NOT a white supremacist surround them self with people who are?  Because that’s what ASSHOLE has done with some of his staff choices.

Would someone who is a white supremacist call out other white supremacists for their acts of terrorism?  Think about it.  Why would they?  As I said, ASSHOLE is a hypocrite but when it comes to white supremacy he stands his ground.

Unfortunately white supremacy will never go away.  It’s been around for a very long time.  And as long as there are college-aged white males out there who are taught to hate, allow themselves to hate or are brainwashed to hate, whatever the case may be, these assholes will always exist.  We just don’t need an ASSHOLE “leader” fueling their fire., and that’s what is happening here.

The best way to tackle the spread of white supremacy?  Start at the top:


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Here’s the “Skinny” on “the Skinny”

As of this moment the bozos in Washington are dicking around with an 8-page “bill” that took them seven years to create.  They call this the “skinny repeal” plan because it repeals some of the ACA.  The problem I have with it is what it repeals.

The “skinny repeal” plan would likely eliminate the individual mandate, which requires nearly all Americans to obtain health insurance or pay a penalty.

This is the part of the ACA that young people have been bitching about.  They’ve been bitching about it because they’re young and healthy so their thinking is “why should I be required to pay for insurance if I don’t need it”.  That’s like someone saying they’ve been driving for twenty years, have never gotten a speeding ticket and have never been in an accident.  Why should I have auto insurance?  I’m a great driver.  Then one day–BOOM!  They hit someone, total their car and send the other party to the hospital.  Bet they wish they had auto insurance.

It’s the same thing with health insurance.  You’re a 20-something young stud, never smoked, don’t drink or do drugs, eat right, exercise, do all the right things.  But one day you start to feel “not right”.  You start to become clumsy.  Your stamina has gone AWOL.  You lose complete sensation in both your arms at the same time.  After many, many visits to many, many doctors and many, many medical bills you have had to pay out-of-pocket from your $15.00 an hour job because you were too ignorant to get health insurance, you learn that you have Multiple Sclerosis.  Health insurance would be nice right about now.

On the surface the option of not being required to buy health insurance may seem appealing to some.  Shit, we could all save a lot of money, right? Maybe take that dream vacation we’ve always wanted but won’t be able to take because we now have cancer and are bankrupt from all the bills we couldn’t pay.  Because we didn’t buy the health insurance.  Because we didn’t have to.  But now we wish we had.  Coulda.  Shoulda.  Woulda.  Didn’t.  Do you think Washington gives a fuck about your bad decision?  They should all be shot for even wanting to give you the fucking option!

Then there is the elimination of the employer mandate, which obligates larger companies to provide affordable coverage to their full-time workers.  The company I work for is a rather large company and I do obtain health insurance for me and my family through them.  If they are given the option to eliminate affordable coverage, what kind of health insurance options am I going to have as an employee?  Great, they can save money by offering some watered down shit plan.  Oooh, maybe they’ll install new windows with their savings.  Christ, the plan they offer now isn’t even that great but it’s first class compared to the health insurance offered at my husband’s company and at a few other companies I know of.  I can’t imagine what the plan would be like if they were only “obligated” to offer the “minimum”.  I’d probably be better off with nothing.

A little over a month ago President Barack Obama posted a message on Facebook regarding the Republican plan.  One thing he said that stood out to me was:

“Simply put, if there’s a chance you might get sick, get old, or start a family—this bill will do you harm. And small tweaks over the course of the next couple weeks, under the guise of making these bills easier to stomach, cannot change the fundamental meanness at the core of this legislation.”  

Folks, this means all of us.  We’re only human.  You know at some point in your life you will get sick, even if it’s just the common cold.  Hopefully you will live long enough to get old but along with age comes a myriad of health issues from simple ailments to complex diseases.  And you may or may not start a family.  But if you have any kind of dependent in your life, whether it’s a child or spouse, they may rely on you for health insurance.

WHY WOULDN’T YOU WANT IT??????????????

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You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until It’s Gone


I’ve come to the conclusion that whatever happens with the whole healthcare fiasco happens.

As crazy as it sounds, it actually would be great if this bullshit passed.   You know why?  Because everything happens for a reason.

  1.  First of all, if this shit bill passes it’s going to be a while before it actually goes into effect.  If they think otherwise, then things will be really interesting.
  2. Something nobody has mentioned (except Senator Angus King from Maine and my husband), is how this is going to effect everyone.  I don’t mean the people who need healthcare.  I’m talking about the healthcare workers.  I’m talking about the pharmaceuticals.  Does anyone know how huge the medical field is?  How many hospitals, doctors, nurses, administrative people, pharmacists this bill will affect?  Even nursing homes and rehab facilities.  Think about it.  If nobody can afford to have health insurance, how will any of these medical facilities remain in business?  Watch Senator King explain it all here to the hosts of ASSHOLE’S favorite MSNBC show “Morning Joe.



3.  Here’s the great part.  You know how ASSHOLE keeps pointing the finger at Obama blaming him for this “awful” healthcare that we have?  You know, the          Affordable Care Act?  Well, if this new shit healthcare Congress came up with gets passed and ASSHOLE signs it, guess what?  HE CAN NO LONGER BLAME OBAMA FOR SHIT HEALTHCARE!  He won’t even be able to blame Turtleface McConnell BECAUSE ASSHOLE’S name will be on the bill!  So, you know what THAT means?  WE can point the finger at ASSHOLE and he will be the only one to blame.

4.  Once Congress gets sick of the mess they created and ASSHOLE signed off on, along with all the chaos it has caused, they don’t even need ASSHOLE to repeal the shit bill and replace it back with–you guessed it–OBAMACARE!

5.  Here’s the best part:  after all this shit has been done and gone and the ACA is back in effect, people (at least the intelligent ones) will realize that although the ACA may not be perfect, it’s a hell of a lot better than what the greedy GOP assholes stuck us with.

6.  It will finally be realized that–DUH!–ACA needs to be revised, not repealed.

Remember:  you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

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Pursuing Happiness

Although I have lived in America all my life, these past six months, particularly the past six weeks, have really made me think about where we’ve come from and where we’re headed.

To get where we are we fought hard for our independence.  Now I feel we are at a crossroads, still independent and yet timid in expressing our freedom.  I feel our democracy slowly slipping away from us and we can’t let that happen.  No matter who may want it to happen.  We fought too hard for it.  Many battles were won.  Many lives were lost.  To get where we are today fifty-six individuals signed a document stating that Americans were free to seek “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

Today when I think of these three words it occurs to me that in order to pursue “happiness” we must first have “life” and  “liberty”.  The fact that a lot of money-grubbing politicians want to make access to healthcare unaffordable or even impossible for most puts a damper on the whole “life” thing.  It’s kind of difficult to lead a productive life if one has to worry about being able to afford medical care for themselves and their loved ones while trying to put food on the table as well.

The definition of “liberty” is:  “the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views”.  Apparently some people forgot this word was part of the Declaration of Independence when they decided to ban individuals from coming to America because their life was full of turmoil somewhere else in the world.  The meaning was forgotten when they decided to ban people of a certain religion, but only the ones of that religion from specific countries.  Nobody in North Carolina knew what “liberty” meant when they felt it necessary to create a “bathroom bill”.  Obviously the White House has no idea what “liberty” means as every day they oppress the very people who are America’s first eyes and ears:  journalists.  They should really pay attention to the key words in the definition of “liberty” that say “free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority”.  And apparently even people in Congress have no idea what “liberty” means.  If they did know they wouldn’t be seeking the voter details of American citizens.  You want my name, address, age, last four of my Social Security number, party affiliation?  Fuck you.  Because it’s my “liberty” to keep that private.  Especially from the likes of what is clearly appearing to be a very corrupt United States government.

Right now because of our rights to  “life” and “liberty” being tampered with, I don’t know how anyone can pursue happiness.  Who can be “happy” with all this shit going on?

America may have come a long way in 241 years but it still  has a very long way to go.  With luck the direction will be forward instead of backwards.

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On the tail of ASSHOLE’S latest Executive Order creating a panel to investigate voter fraud, here is a #ThrowbackThursday post going all the way back to February of this year.  To refresh memories, that was when whipper-snapper asshole Stephen Miller said to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos:

“I’ve actually, having worked before on a campaign in New Hampshire, I can tell you that this issue of busing voters in to New Hampshire is widely known by anyone who’s worked in New Hampshire politics. It’s very real, it’s very serious,” Miller said. “This morning on this show is not the venue for me lay out all the evidence.”

Three months later we’re still waiting to see all that proof, you whipper-snapper wimp.  I can tell you why we haven’t seen an ounce of evidence.  Because THERE ISN’T ANY!!!!

As I said in my post from February:

All the continuous rambling bullshit about voter fraud has brought many questions to my mind:

1. After all these months why the fuck does ASSHOLE care so much? He fucking won the “election”, just drop it. Or maybe ASSHOLE has something to hide.  Which I’m certain he does.

2. If so many voted “illegally”, how do we know they didn’t really vote for ASSHOLE and not Clinton? Because he didn’t win the popular vote? That’s only because ASSHOLE isn’t POPULAR!

I want to see PROOF that nobody voted ILLEGALLY FOR ASSHOLE. Like his daughter Trumpette or President Bannon. Because we know they are registered in more than one state.

3. Ayotte lost because she’s a nasty bitch cunt.

4. If any of you have proof that people from MA were bused into NH to vote, I’m curious to know what towns were they from in MA?  I live in a MA town of barely 2,000 people.  Most of my town voted Republican.  Were people from my town bused to NH?  How about that little town out in the Berkshires with the population of barely 500?  Anyone from there get bused to NH?

5. Why are you saying people were only bused in from MA? Many other states border NH, including ME and VT.  Maybe you should question whether anyone was bused in from those states too.

6. I also want to know where in NH these alleged “bused” in people from MA voted in NH. Did they go to Dixville Notch? Nashua? Manchester? Concord? Some remote, sparsely populated area of the White Mountains? One can’t imagine that all those voters bused into NH from MA would illegally vote at the same place!

7. Please provide us with the name of the alleged bus company who drove the people from MA to NH and then back again. Was it Peter Pan? Greyhound? Fox Tours? Some no name brand company? Please don’t tell us it was a school bus! We won’t believe you!

Then again, we don’t believe your sorry asses anyway. Because if you had any actual “proof” you would’ve revealed it by now instead of playing your fucking games! ASSHOLES!!!!!!

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Living My Good Bad Life

Once again the lovely GOP is trying to repeal the ACA.  Other than simply wanting to line their pockets some more, the only other reason I can see why they want to take away health insurance for millions is because they don’t like us.  I’m almost certain that’s the sentiment of Alabama Asshole Republican Representative Mo Brooks.

Earlier this week this old crony tried to justify the idea of allowing insurance companies to charge people with pre-existing conditions more money because allegedly people with pre-existing conditions “lead bad lives”.

Let me tell you why my blood boils just reading that statement:  it affects my family.  My husband, my daughter, my sister and I all have pre-existing conditions.  And (shocker!)—we don’t lead “bad lives”!  Shit, we don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, skydive, drive like maniacs, you name it.  When it comes to lifestyle, we are very boring.  So how did I get diabetes?  To look at me I guess you could say “because you’re overweight” and you may have a case.  But I could also successfully argue with you that my mother and grandmother also had diabetes, way worse than me.  I have three sisters who are pre-diabetic.  My blood sugar levels are in control.  I eat right.  I exercise.  Even if I were rail thin—guess what?—I’d still have diabetes.  Because it’s in my genes.  I was destined to have diabetes when I was still in the womb.

My husband always lived an active lifestyle.  He used to jog, bowl, loved playing basketball and was a very avid fisherman.  Much of that changed when he was 25 and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Gone were the days of jogging.  Bowling and basketball became a chore and fishing had gone from launching his little johnny boat and fishing all day to sitting on the lake shore in the early morning or early evening hours, when it wasn’t too hot.  I’d love to ask Brooks what my husband had done so badly that caused his body to turn on him.

My thirty-three-year-old sister is autistic.  She was born prematurely as a twin and by the time she was three days old she had a brain bleed and was declared dead at least twice.  Because of her brain bleed she has lived all her life with a hydrocephalus shunt, which she has had numerous operations on over the years.  I just can’t for the life of me figure out what she’s ever done to “lead a bad life”.  Maybe it’s all the clocks she collects?

Then there’s my twelve-year-old daughter.  Three years ago we received the official diagnosis of what we had thought for years:  Asperger’s.  For most of her school years my daughter has received some kind of therapy:  physical, occupational, social.  She was born with low muscle tone.  She was a late walker.  Like me she had cataracts at age three.  I’m just not sure what she’s done so bad in her life which caused this to happen.

Regarding the new bill the GOP hopes to pass Asshole Brooks told CNN’s Jake Tapper, “My understanding is that it will allow insurance companies to require people who have higher health care costs to contribute more to the insurance pool that helps offset all of these costs thereby reducing the costs to those people who lead good lives. They’re healthy. They’ve done the things to keep their bodies healthy, and right now, those are the people who have done things the right way, who are seeing their costs skyrocketing.”

What Asshole Brooks failed to remember, as he tried to backtalk his way out of this arrogant statement, is that just because someone has a healthy body now doesn’t mean they’re going to stay that way.  Come to think of it, in looking at Asshole Brooks he doesn’t look very healthy himself.  My wish for him is to contract a rare, untreatable disease and have a long, slow and painful demise.  He deserves it.

If you think about it, every human being has some kind of “pre-existing” condition.  Nobody is born perfect.  If you don’t have a “condition” now, wait.  There’s a 99% chance that you will.  You’d better just hope you have insurance when you get it.  Otherwise, if people like Asshole Brooks and his other asshole GOPers have their way, your pre-existing condition won’t be covered.

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Superfluous Buns!

There’s a hysterical scene in the Steve Martin film “Father of the Bride” where Steve Martin’s character, George Banks, goes to the supermarket to pick up hot dogs and hot dog buns for dinner.  He freaks out when he’s caught removing four of the buns from the package.  When he’s asked what he’s doing he declares that he’s not paying for something he doesn’t need/want.  He only wants eight hot dogs and eight hot dog buns.

He shouts, “George Banks is saying ‘no’!”

It makes sense.   Although I’m sure there are many of us who do purchase things we don’t need/want, simply because some things automatically come with the things we do need/want, wouldn’t it be nice if we could just pay for what we do need/want?

For example:  you’re in the market to purchase a car.  You don’t need anything fancy:   four wheels and a seat, air/heat, power windows, CD player.  You’re shown two identical cars, same year, same make and model.  But there’s a five-thousand dollar difference.  The less expensive one has everything you need/want in a car:  air/heat, power windows, CD player, great mileage, etc.  It even has extra cup holders and convenient fold-down storage.  The other car has all of that plus a sunroof, DVD player, heated seats, two years of Sirius and OnStar.  While those added amenities are nice, you know you don’t need them, nor would you even probably use them.  And that’s five-thousand more dollars than the original car you’ve been looking at.  The salesman pressures you.  After all, he’s putting in a pool and is relying on the commission from this sale for the down payment.

“Those are great features but I can’t afford the extras,” you tell the salesman.

“Wouldn’t that sunroof be great on hot days?  You won’t have to use the air conditioning, which will save you gas.”

“But it would really do a number on my hair.”


If we don’t want something or need something, why the hell should we pay for it?  That’s what I’ve been asking myself regarding ASSHOLE’S wall.  I don’t want it so why the hell should I pay for it?  The Mexicans don’t want it either, so why the hell should THEY pay for it?  And who the hell actually NEEDS it? In fact, it seems that the main person who really needs/wants a fucking wall is ASSHOLE himself.  So maybe HE should pay for it.  He’s got the money.  And anyone who is stupid enough to want to help fund it can pitch in.

There’s no need to threaten the healthcare of Americans simply because ASSHOLE can’t get everyone in Congress on board with the building of a stupid wall.  The fucking wall isn’t going to change a damn thing anyway.  All it’s going to do is make it look like ASSHOLE has actually done something.  If he gets it built maybe he can hide under it when the bomb drops.

Meanwhile, like George Banks, I, along with the majority of Americans are saying “no”.

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Killing The Human Race–One Prick At A Time

Apparently GOP Congressman John Shimkus feels that it’s not right that a man should have to pay for pre-natal care.

A few questions come to mind with this prick’s arrogance:

  1.  Were you not born?
  2. If you have a female counterpart who is on your health insurance and lo and behold you get her pregnant, why shouldn’t your health insurance cover the care of the human being you helped create?
  3. Women don’t have limp dicks.  Why should we have to pay for Viagra?
  4. Do you have any idea what it costs to have a baby?  My guess is you don’t.

It’s bad enough that so many involved in this “health insurance game” don’t understand the first thing about health insurance.  We don’t need assholes like this Neanderthal telling us they don’t want to pay for pre-natal care because they don’t use it.

What are they trying to do?  Kill the human race?