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What It Really Is

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Not getting answers

Being pushed aside

Dealing with the same shit

Nearly every day

Feeling like there’s no

End to feeling this way

Being here for everybody

Except for myself

Things aren’t always

What they seem

Known that for a while

Such superficial souls

Leading us on

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Do The World A Favor

This week the world was faced with the words of a dimwit who declared that childhood diseases should make a return, as it would prevent future generations from getting cancer.

This week much of the world let those words dissipate as there are more people in the world who know the importance of vaccinations.  If you believe otherwise, that is your foolish choice and you will need to live with the potential consequences.  Unfortunately, so will your children.  If they live.

As long as there are still communicable diseases and foolish people, it will be necessary to get vaccinated.  Because if the disease itself doesn’t get you, the foolish people carrying the disease will.

Getting vaccinated isn’t going to turn you into a zombie.  It’s not going to make you get cooties.  And, contrary to popular belief, it won’t suddenly make you autistic.  It doesn’t work that way.

Do yourself, your children and the rest of the world a favor:  get vaccinated.

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“If you don’t believe in yourself, why is anyone else going to believe in you?”-Tom Brady

To all the New England Patriots haters, keep this in mind.  There are 31 other teams Tom Brady could’ve ended up on that would now be the most hated team in football.  Imagine, you could all be hating the Jets.  Or the Browns.  Or even the Rams.  Kansas City, anyone?  Then again, even a QB as great as THE GOAT can only be as good as what he’s surrounded with.  What if the tables had been turned and any of the other 31 NFL quarterbacks were THE GOAT instead of Tom Brady?  Imagine, you could all be hating Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger or Drew Brees.  Patrick Mahomes or Jared Goff anyone?  Oh wait.  Those two haven’t played long enough to be THE GOAT.

When five rounds had passed and he had yet to be selected in the NFL draft, Tom Brady was pissed.  Rightfully so.  He knew he had something to offer some team.  At that time it may not have been much.  But he knew someday it would be the world.  The Patriots almost passed him up.  Thanks to Dick Rehbein, a Patriots assistant coach at the time who convinced Bill Belichick to draft Brady, that changed everything.

It only took one person to believe.  One person to believe in Tom Brady.  Dick was that person.  And here we are today.  Getting ready for another Super Bowl.

There will never be another GOAT.  Not in our lifetime, anyway.  I don’t know, maybe one hundred years from now when they’re playing football on Mars some kid will be lighting it up, take his team to twenty Super Bowls, win every game and play until he’s ninety.  Who knows?

Someday what we know as this Patriots team with Tom Brady at the helm will be no more.  THE GOAT will retire, Bill will follow suit.  Some quarterback will have some extremely big shoes to fill.  We all know this.  It’s a part of life.  Until that time, we sit back and enjoy the ride.  May greatness reign.

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If The Tables Were Turned

What if the tables were turned?

What if the country of Mexico said they were sick of Americans visiting their resorts in Cancun, Acapulco and Tijuana?  What if they said they were sick of college kids driving down from San Diego for spring break?  What if they said they don’t want any Americans working in their country?  What if President Obrador declared he was building a wall to keep Americans out?  Although that wouldn’t prevent anyone from flying to Mexico or arriving by water.

What if the country of Canada said they were sick of Americans living in America and working in Canada?  What if they said they were sick of Americans immigrating to Canada?  What if they said they were sick of Americans visiting their country, spending their American dollars in such cheesy touristy places such as Niagara Falls?  What if Prime Minister Trudeau decided to build a wall to keep Americans out?  Although it wouldn’t prevent anyone from flying to Canada or arriving by water.

I wonder how Americans would feel if either of these scenarios happened.  I’d bet the majority of us would be angry at the fact that either or both of our bordering countries would want to keep us out of their countries.  By building a wall.  Even worse.  They would want Americans to pay for it.

A wall does nothing.  People can go under it.  They can go around it.  They can go over it.  It’s not that people coming to America bothers SHITHOLE.  It’s the color of the people’s skin that are coming to America is what bothers the racist motherfucker.  If people in the Mexican caravans were blonde and blue-eyed, he could give two fucks.  And shit, if they were Russian, he’d fucking adopt them.

Could you imagine what SHITHOLE would be doing right now if he had been “president” when 9/11 happened?  My God, he’d probably be planning to place a great dome over America so nobody could get in or out.  As if that would be feasible.  But that’s how delusional SHITHOLE is.  Hence, his “great” idea of a “wall”.

The thought of a wall has become a metaphor.  A figurative wall that SHITHOLE has built around himself for protection from America and all those who are investigating him.  And there are lots of investigations.  For very good reason.

I can guarantee SHITHOLE this much.  Between his wall shit and his SHIT DOWN shit, if he even makes it to 2020, (which I doubt he’ll even make it through 2019), I know of at least 800,000 people who won’t be voting for him.  Those 800,000 people know a lot of other people.  So do the math.  Having a SHIT DOWN a year before an election year was not a very wise thing to do.  Then again, SHITHOLE is not very wise.