Beyond Proposals

In the shadow of the most recent mass shootings in Buffalo, Texas and Oklahoma, tonight President Biden appealed to Congress with proposals for tougher gun laws.

His first proposal states “ban assault weapons, high-capacity magazines OR raise age to purchase from 18 to 21”. Sorry, but the proposal should actually be “ban all guns of ANY kind NO MATTER HOW OLD THE PERSON IS”. So which would it be? Ban assault weapons? Ban high-capacity magazines? Raise the age? First of all, let’s be more specific. Just say AR-15. And I’m not sure what normal human being wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow at a person in their gun shop wanting to buy an AR-15 and loads of ammunition. Wouldn’t you think they were up to no good? Or maybe the gun shop owner doesn’t care because they got paid, so who gives a shit how many people the son-of-a-bitch blows away? And age? What the fuck difference does it make if the person buying an AR-15 is 18 or 80? The point is THEY SHOULDN’T BE BUYING AN AR-15 IN THE FIRST PLACE!

The next proposal is “expand background checks”. Please. In most states where assholes purchase their guns they don’t even need a license. To even think gun sellers would be on board with that is ludicrous. Because they don’t care about anything but the almighty buck.

Next: “enact safe storage laws”. Yes, because once you own that AR-15 that you have no reason to own, you must protect it from being taken away.

His next one is “address mental health crisis”. Yes, I agree that there is a mental health crisis but not everyone with a mental health issue has an assault weapon that they are going to use to kill a mass of people. I do believe that if you own an assault rifle, which you really shouldn’t own, you probably do have some sort of mental health issue that needs to be addressed. Because owning one of those is not something a person in their right mind does.

The only one I even remotely feel Biden has issued correctly is “repeal immunity that protects gun manufacturers from liability”. The issue starts with them and they should be the first responsible. In the case of any mass killing, there are a lot of people responsible but not the ones left dead. They are just the innocent victims.

Although it will fall on mainly deaf ears and America will face yet another mass shooting tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next, I give Biden credit for trying and at least offering proposals of some sort. It’s more than the Republicants in Congress are willing to do. Shit, they’d watch their own flesh and blood get murdered and still wouldn’t do anything about gun control.

The GOP is so deranged and hung up on their guns that they would sacrifice their own flesh and blood to keep their own pockets lined with blood money.

If it had been any of their own children in that school in Texas or any other school for that matter who had been killed, they still wouldn’t give a fuck. They wouldn’t even shed a tear or ask for “thoughts and prayers”. Because they have no souls. They don’t even like their own children.

Shit, they don’t even give a fuck when it happens to themselves.

That’s just how sick the GOP fucks are.

The Best Career I’ll Ever Have

The company that pays me always harks on their employees furthering their “careers” within the company. In the almost 15 years I’ve been with said company, I’ve never felt that what I currently do, or what I have done in the past, is a “career”. To me, it’s always just been a job. Something that pays the bills.

Merriam-Webster’s definition of “career” is: “a profession for which one trains and which is undertaken as a permanent calling” or “a field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life”. None of the positions I have held at said company fit either of these definitions. The definition of “job” is more suited: “a regular remunerative position” or “a specific duty, role, or function”.

When thinking about the term “career”, only one thing comes to mind: motherhood. Now many can rightfully argue that motherhood is more a “job” than a “career”, with using the definition of “something that has to be done” or “an undertaking requiring unusual exertion”. However, “motherhood” is a profession for which one trains (constantly) and which is undertaken as a permanent calling. Many people change their “careers”; but you can never change the “career” of being a mother. Since the definition of “career” uses the phrase “permanent calling”, I’d say “motherhood” is definitely the only “career” in the world. No other “job” or “career” is more permanent than giving birth to another human being and raising that human into an adult. And even as an adult still being their mother. Forever and ever. Through thick and thin.

Unlike someone who may decide to change their “career” from truck driver to plumber, there is no changing the motherhood “career”. It is 24/7, 365, until the day you die. And even then, you’re still a mother. But instead of being a mother who is there for their child every day, you are a mother who is missed every day by their child.

Are there a lot of rewards with this career? Way more than there are with the paying job. Are there are a lot of headaches? Of course. What worthwhile career doesn’t have those? There are many more years to go in my motherhood career. But for now I can look back on the 17 years I’ve already been working this career and be proud of what I have accomplished.

Sunday Night at the Fights

I haven’t watched even five minutes of the Academy Awards since Titanic was nominated. So what do I do last night for the first time in my life? Watch the entire Academy Awards from start to finish.

The three female hosts had me in stitches. Encanto won. An openly gay actress won. A deaf man won. Questlove won. A twenty-year-old won her first Oscar. There was a lot of much needed diversity. What wasn’t needed was the bru-ha-ha that stemmed from a joke.

Was the joke necessary? No. But coming from a stand-up comedian, I guess it was expected. But that doesn’t make it right. Was the slap necessary? No. But coming from a husband obviously standing up for his wife, I guess it was expected. But that doesn’t make it right either.

You know who really got hurt in this whole thing? Jada. Here is a courageous woman, not ashamed of her appearance, at an awards show to support her husband. She is then made the butt of a joke by a comedian presenter, looking as uncomfortable in her seat at the Dolby as I probably was in my seat at home. She is then probably as shocked as the rest of the world when her husband storms the stage and slaps the presenter for saying what he said. Imagine if he had punched the presenter? Imagine if the presenter had slapped him back? It could’ve been much worse. But it was bad enough. And from that moment on, the rest of the show became uncomfortable for me.

Even more embarrassing, for her at least (I felt embarrassed for her, even if she didn’t feel embarrassed for herself), was when her husband won for Best Actor and then stood there in all hypocrisy crying “peace and love” all over the place. Please. You just hit another man for his comments about your wife’s hair. Don’t feed us the “peace and love” bullshit.

I had no idea Jada had alopecia. In fact, the only other person I know of who has the condition is Ayanna Pressley. When I saw Jada on the red carpet before the show began and noticed her hair, I honestly thought it was for a movie role. So I can kind of see where the presenter was coming from.

For the record, nobody seemed to notice, care or mention John Travolta’s bald head. But does anyone remember when he butchered Idina Menzel’s name? Yes. Of course they do. And forever everyone will remember the slap heard, and felt, around Hollywood.

No Apologies?

I’d say the majority of Americans would agree with President Biden that Putin “cannot remain in power”. But if Biden was really trying to express “moral outrage” and didn’t really mean to say that Putin “cannot remain in power”, then what he should’ve said was that he “felt moral outrage”. Stating that you feel “moral outrage” and that Putin “cannot remain in power” are two totally different things.

If you feel that Putin “cannot remain in power”, many will be lead to believe that you intend to do something about him not remaining in power. It’s like Spider-Man saying of any of his nemeses “they must be stopped” but not doing anything about stopping them.

Biden went on to say: “I was expressing my outrage. He shouldn’t remain in power. Just like, you know, bad people shouldn’t continue to do bad things. But it doesn’t mean we have a fundamental policy to do anything to take Putin down in any way.”

Spidey would agree about the bad people, but at least he would do something about them, not just express his “moral outrage” and state that they “cannot remain in power”. I guess that’s where Zelensky and the Ukrainians or the citizens of Russia will come in.