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A Life Worth Living

Harry was married to the love of his life for 51 years.  He was a father to one son, a brother, an uncle and friend to many others.

In the past 21 years I wish I could say I had known him better.  My wedding pictures will always remind me of him because he’s the one who took them.  It’s sad to realize he is not in any of them.

His son Donny and my husband have been great friends through the years. For many years my husband lived with Donny and his family. Harry and Nita cared for him as if he were their own.  Then when my husband got his own place and Donny needed a place to stay, they were roomies again.  Donny was the best man at our wedding; my husband was best man at Donny’s. And Harry took the pictures.

Just last year we attended a joint 50/70 birthday party for Harry and Donny.  Little did we know that would be the last time we’d see Harry.

From the many stories about Harry that my husband has shared with me over the years, I always sensed he loved life.  I never knew when Harry turned 50 he bought a motorcycle so he could ride with Donny.  And I learned where Donny got his inspiration for the demolition derby car.  He played guitar and loved wrestling.  He had even been a Scout leader and loved to hunt and fish.  Although I had always sensed this from the camping story my husband has told me many times.

It’s difficult to lose a loved one.  What makes it easier for us left behind are the memories they gave us to cherish.  My wish for Harry’s family is to be able to hold on to those memories forever and realize Harry is never far away.



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More Than Fun and Games

My daughter’s school recently held their annual field day. This one was bittersweet for us because it will be her last. She will be attending a different school in the fall.

The events I used to partake in on field day when I was a kid pale in comparison to what this school does. Field day isn’t just for tug-o-war and potato sack races any longer. It’s for makeshift body surfing, face painting and even the presence of a DJ.

The school as a whole is awesome. The staff is extremely compassionate and dedicated. We are truly grateful to have had our daughter experience her first six years of education with them.

Now we move on…


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Dear Don–Ooops, I Mean Asshole

A #ThrowbackThursday bit from last October.  Prediction or prophecy?  Certainly karma.  Hm…

Dear Asshole:

Since you are running for president and you say this needs to be fixed and that needs to be fixed, one thing I want to know is what is your plan for fixing it?

The other day you said that Obamacare has to be repealed and replaced “Otherwise, this country is in even bigger trouble than anybody thought.”  But asshole, there are many of us who don’t feel the country is in trouble.  In fact, for many of us, we’re doing better than we were ten years ago.  You failed to mention, asshole, the other day and in the past just HOW you plan on making these changes.  Please, asshole, we need to know.  As the people in charge (and, yes, asshole, WE the people of the United States ARE the ones in charge, whether you like it or not), we want to know what your plan is.  Please tell us.  Please don’t leave us in suspense.  We deserve to know.  Or maybe the reason why you’re not saying anything, asshole, is because you don’t HAVE a plan.  More than likely that’s it.
Ah, I see.  HERE is your plan!  Wow.  My three-year-old niece could’ve come up with that one!
There are so many other fantasies you’ve expressed that I want to know the answer to.  Like how you’re going to make the Mexicans build a wall.  Seriously, asshole.  Are you going to hold guns to their heads?  How are you going to make them pay for it?  Most of those people don’t have a pot to piss in.  You’re so ridiculous with your thinking.  Build a wall.  Christ, that’s something the five-year-old in the playground would say to the bullies trying to get into his sandbox. You want to make America great again, asshole?  Grow the fuck up.
Asshole, I’m not sure if you realize it or not but if you do indeed become Leader of the Free World, all your “dreams” won’t come true.  Apparently you don’t realize that any of your insane delusions have to be passed by Congress.  So if you want to repeal Obamacare, go right ahead and try.  Just remember, asshole,  that Congress hates your guts and Obamacare is still very much in its infancy.  It took eight  years to get it to where it is now.  And it’s not done growing.  It didn’t become developed overnight and it won’t be repealed overnight.  For the sake of millions of people in America who have no health care, I hope it never gets repealed.  Why would you want to take away something that actually BENEFITS your citizens?  Asshole.  Then again, you don’t know about citizens having health care, do you?  Because your own employees didn’t even have health care coverage!  Asshole.
Today you’re all smarmy and giddy, rubbing your hands together like the evil asshole that you are because “new evidence” has come out regarding your opponent.  She says “bring it on”.  Unlike you who hides and tries to cover up your indecencies and indiscretions with lies, finger-pointing, accusations, and pure paranoia.
You know what you are, asshole?  Well, besides an asshole, you’re a SCARED asshole.  You’re a scared asshole so deep in shit you don’t know which way is up.  And you’ve dragged all your moron followers down with you.  You’re so scared you have to blame everyone but yourself for everything that happens to you.  But you know what, asshole? In the end you’ll be gasping for air as the shit swallows you whole.
Remember, karma is a bitch.  And she really doesn’t like assholes very much.
Unfortunately.  Hm…maybe karma will take care of them too!
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Take It Away, Takeaways!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or are just oblivious to any kind of political news, what we’ve known would happen for quite a while became official tonight:  ASSHOLE is under investigation for obstruction of justice.  Well HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY, ASSHOLE!

Per Philip Rucker, White House Bureau Chief at The Washington Post, a source sent him the below document for any Republicans (or anyone, I guess) who wants to discredit the Post’s story.  He shared this on Twitter this evening.  I’m not sure who wrote it (could have been many).  In reading some of it I imagined ASSHOLE himself writing it, only because the wording comes off as sounding childlike.

There are a few things I takeaway from their takeaways:

  1.  If you feel there is no case for obstruction of justice, then tell us why there is now an investigation going on.
  2. Name the scholars
  3. Leaks are not inexcusable, outrageous or illegal.  Nor are they crimes.  They are there to tell the truth.  They also let you know you have a serious issue with your “plumbing”.
  4. Why is it whenever something negative is said about ASSHOLE someone has to bring up Clinton’s emails or Obama’s whatever?  If we were discussing Clinton’s emails or Obama’s whatever, it would be relevant.  Right now we aren’t discussing Clinton’s emails or Obama’s whatever.  We are discussing ASSHOLE’S obstruction of justice.  It’s like the little boy and girl who are fighting and the boy gets caught hitting the little girl and he’s the only one who gets punished.  Then the little boy whines and says “but she started it!”.  She may have started it, but the point in the punishment is that the boy hit the girl.  It doesn’t matter who the hell started the fight.
  5. Actually, a lot of what he said to Holt is probably going to be used against him in a court of law.  As well as his Tweets.
  6. How much longer is this investigation/fishing expedition going to go on?  Gee, I thought it was a witch hunt, not a fishing expedition!  And it will go on as long as it needs to.
  7. There’s plenty of evidence of collusion between ASSHOLE, his campaign, his kids, his administration, his businesses and Russia.  Jesus Christ, ASSHOLE had the fucking Russians in the Oval Office back in May.  And we know about all the visits with them before May as well.  Christ, there are pictures.  And piss tapes!  What the hell is the big fucking attraction with the Russians?  Their vodka or their furry hats?
  8. Senator Risch can go through all the documents he wants to.  But the documents that Mueller and his team go through are the ones that are going to matter.
  9. What are the names of the lawmakers from both sides that have said there is zero evidence of any collusion?
  10. Why are there so many grammatical errors in this “report”?  Don’t you proofread?  Just like the whole administration, very unprofessional.
  11. When you say “This Story Is Just Another Examples (sic) Of More Illegal Leaks Coming Out Of The FBI And The Investigative Process”, it sounds like ASSHOLE is dying to get on Twitter and yell “FAKE NEWS!”

Now a couple of my talking points:

  1. Tapes are due next Friday.  If there are any.  You can throw in the piss tapes if you want.  Could be interesting.
  2. Remember you said you are 100% willing to testify under oath.
  3. We’re still waiting on Obama wiretapping evidence.
  4. I’m still waiting on details from Miller regarding all the voters from Massachusetts who were bused to New Hampshire to vote.  He said he’d provide evidence and I and many others want to see it.  We want to know what towns in Massachusetts people were from, what towns in New Hampshire they voted in and we want to know the name of the bus line they used to get there.  He mentioned he had all this evidence back in February.  We’re still waiting.
  5. You take away the Affordable Care Act and make it UNaffordable all of Washington D.C. will be paying.  Because guess where we will be sending our medical bills?

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In The Right Place At The Right Time

I just read this feel good story on Facebook posted by

I will always believe that sometimes in life you are meant to be in a certain place at a certain time and that everything happens for a reason.

Wishing all the best to James and the truck driver he saved.

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No Guarantees

Dedicated to those physically alive in the present, hanging on to the coattails of has-beens, never-weres, and living in the past.

That was then, this is now.  THEN wasn’t even anything spectacular.  Life is SHORT so make NOW count!

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Book Review: “Born To Run” – Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography “Born To Run” clearly identifies the man behind the music.

Noteworthy for being a rather private person, Springsteen opens up to his readers in this 500-plus page tale of barely surviving to living large with everything in between.

Although he has prevailed a lot in his nearly seventy years, Bruce has also been able to do the only thing he ever set out to do:  create music.

The reader starts off being exposed to Springsteen’s early New Jersey life, growing up in an Irish-Italian household with a life-loving mother and a moody, bi-polar, hard-working alcoholic father.  The oldest of three, Bruce writes about life with his parents, siblings and grandparents during his early years. Once his immediate family moved out of his grandmother’s house, Bruce often returned to stay with his grandparents, particularly his grandmother, whom he talks about as being his sanctuary from his parental household.

Springsteen talks of his love-hate relationship with his father Doug and how he gained his love of music from his mother, Adele.  The love and attention Bruce lacked from his father he received from his mother.  He talks of his mother always “having his back”.  She was there for Bruce, whether it was attending one of his baseball games or renting his first electric guitar, after Bruce’s witnessing Elvis Presley on “Ed Sullivan”.

Following the American breakthrough of the Beatles and his decision to teach himself Keith Richards’s guitar solo to “It’s All Over Now”, because he was determined to play lead guitar, Bruce became a member of his first band, the Castiles.  He followed that band up with Steel Mill.  In between bands and traveling the Jersey shore or cross country performing gigs, Springsteen would gradually cross paths with the other musicians who would eventually form the E Street Band.

Throughout the book Springsteen touches on certain events that affected him one way or another:  his legal disputes with former manager Mike Appel; his introduction to Jon Landau, the man who would eventually turn his career around; his parents’ move from New Jersey to California; his depression and subsequent treatment of; his first marriage to actress Julianne Phillips and his second marriage to E Street singer Patti Scialfa, with whom he has three children.

The author delves into each of his albums, speaking about the particular songs on each that broke the musical barrier for him.  One such album Springsteen writes about is “The Ghost of Tom Joad”.  In writing about this album, he resonates with the present times as he states:  “ ‘The Ghost of Tom Joad’ chronicled the effects of the increasing economic division of the eighties and nineties, the hard times and consequences that befell many of the people whose work and sacrifice created America and whose labor is essential to our everyday lives.  We are a nation of immigrants and no one knows who’s coming across our borders today, whose story might add a significant page to our American story.  Here in the early years of our new century, as at the turn of the last, we are once again at war with our “new Americans”.  As in the last, people will come, will suffer hardship and prejudice, will do battle with the most reactionary forces and hardest hearts of their adopted home and will prove resilient and victorious”.

“Born To Run” is a lengthy but worthy read.  Considering the twenty Grammy Awards, the Academy Award and many other accolades he’s achieved over the years, Bruce Springsteen has lived and still lives a full life and has a lot to say about it.

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Another Open Letter To Donald Trump

Asshole Don:

On behalf of myself and many others, we want to tell you we’re really sick of your daily whining about “fake news”. In fact, we want to know the following: if what we hear, see, and read is “fake news”, can you please tell us what the “real” news is? As the American public we deserve to know. You’re always bitching about “fake news” but never tell us what the “real” news is. So let’s have it. We’ll wait.

Considering you’ve spent a great deal of time in the pages of the “National Enquirer”, America’s ultimate fake news, I’d think you could tell the difference. But I guess not.

Maybe the reason why you think there’s so much “fake news” is because you haven’t done anything worthy of “real” news. You know, POSITIVE stuff. Like improving healthcare instead of hoping it gets destroyed so you can blame Democrats. We know your sick little plan, ASSHOLE.

You know what one of your problems is, ASSHOLE? I mean besides Russia and the fact you’re a narcissist. You are a very jealous person. Mainly of one Barack Obama. It’s quite clear. Why else would you mention his name with everything you do? Instead of trying to do your own thing, you keep living in the light of Obama.

You’re jealous he had a larger inauguration crowd. You’re jealous he created a healthcare system that you can’t make better. So you’re going to make it worse or none at all. Shit, if you could you’d probably dig up Bin Laden and kill him again, just to say you did. And like the petulant child you are, you’re even trying to outdo Obama on Twitter by creating fake accounts. Some paid for. Some you created yourself. Guess you really know “fake”.  You still have a long way to go before you catch Obama, Katy and Justin. Keep tweeting, ASSHOLE. That hole is getting bigger.

For most people, ASSHOLE, things usually get better. For you they will only get worse.

And get that “real” news to us soon, will ya? Enquiring minds want to know.

Never respecting you,

Most of America

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What Is The Big Attraction?

Like many Americans I’ve been wondering what the big attraction is that ASSHOLE and company have with Russia.

With no disrespect to the Russian people, because Sting confirmed in the 80’s that Russians love their children too, they remain a somewhat oppressed nation.

So what’s the turn on? Is it the money? The oil? The women? Vodka? The cold? What could it possibly be? And this Kislyak guy is one popular dude. We should all be so lucky to have a pal like him. He’s worth lying about!

The thought has crossed my mind that maybe ASSHOLE is being blackmailed and is in so deep he can’t get out. Or he possibly made a deal with Putin that if Putin helped ASSHOLE win the election, Putin would get something in return. What he’d get could be anything from sanction removal to a date with Trumpette.

All I do know is  what is happening in America right now makes me sad. It saddens me to know the “leader” of our country doesn’t care about the people who live here. If he did he wouldn’t have done all the negative shit he has done and keeps doing.

He got what he wanted. Now in his eyes we can all fend for ourselves.