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It’s That Time Again

Super Bowl Sunday.  Or as it’s become known around these parts:  The New England Patriots Annual Invitational.

The other day I thought back to where I was during each of the Super Bowl games that The Patriots have been in since Tom Brady took over.

Feb 3, 2002 – The only Super Bowl we thought that would ever matter.  We said that if we never won another Super Bowl, we would always remember this one.

Tom Brady took over as QB early in the season after Drew Bledsoe became hurt.  I didn’t even know what Tom Brady looked like.  My husband referred to him as “nothing special”.  He’s been eating his words ever since.

Where was I when Vinatieri kicked the game-winning field goal?  Standing in my living room, about ten feet from the TV, clutching my husband’s hands as we both held our breath, watching as the ball sailed through the upright.

Then we exhaled.  And screamed.


February 1, 2004 – Just when we thought we’d never make it to another Super Bowl, The Patriots proved us wrong.  I know we won the game versus Carolina.

I know where I was on Super Bowl Sunday.  I was driving back to Massachusetts from Canada.  I know I made it home in time to watch the game.  But I cannot recall exactly where I was when we won the game.  Probably still trying to warm up from the cold ride home.


February 6, 2005 – Three things stand out with this game.  First, we pissed off the entire state of Pennsylvania because we had beat Pittsburgh in the AFC game.  Then we beat Philly in the Super Bowl.

Second, it was my birthday.

Third, I was about three months pregnant.

I know it happened thirteen years ago.  Which really scares me because that means my daughter is going to be a teen later this year.  But I cannot recall where I was when we won.  In my defense I was probably suffering from “baby brain”, more than likely snoozing on the couch.


February 3, 2008 and February 5, 2012 – I’ll briefly pass over our two losses to the Giants.  I know I was snoozing during those games.


February 1, 2015 – I remember this season well.  The Patriots were dead to rights after losing to Kansas City in week four.  Yeah, right.

The simultaneous looks on Richard Sherman and Tom Brady’s faces as Malcolm Butler intercepted the ball are still etched in my mind.  Sherman’s was of disbelief.  Brady’s was of elation.

I was in the shower when my husband burst in to tell me we had just scored a touchdown, going up four on Seattle.  But there were two minutes left.  Seattle was getting the ball back.  Knowing how close a game it was, I began praying to God, Vince Lombardi, the Football Gods and Myra Kraft.

So where was I exactly when Malcolm Butler intercepted that football?  I was busy making the bed in my spare bedroom, still praying to whoever was listening.  The only sound coming from the living room was the blaring of the TV.  Then I heard my husband yell “INTERCEPTED!” and I practically killed myself running out of that room into the living room.  Until that moment I had never heard of Malcolm Butler.  I thanked Myra and the others profusely.


February 5, 2017 – There was no way The Patriots would get to the Playoffs, not much the Super Bowl.  After all, Tom Brady was serving a four-game suspension and two back-up QB’s (one a rookie) could not possibly win a game in his place.  Yeah, right.

So we got to the Big Game.  And it was not looking very pretty.  I took myself out of the painful watching shortly after we scored our first three points and Atlanta went up by 25.

I don’t know exactly what time I woke up in the fourth.  Somewhere near the end.  I thought we still only had three points.  My husband informed me the score was 20-28 and we were getting the ball back.  I remember saying, “Well, if there’s any team who can come back and win, it’s this team”.  I stood there for what seemed like an hour (for which was only about 20 minutes of playing time) and watched as The Patriots scored a touchdown, then a two-point conversion to tie the score.  If there was ever going to be a team to go into overtime during the Super Bowl, The Patriots would be one of those teams.  And they were.  If there was ever going to be a team to win the Super Bowl in overtime, it would be The Patriots.  And they were.

In thirty minutes The New England Patriots’ franchise will be playing in their tenth Super Bowl, more than any other team in the NFL.  Eight of those have been with Tom Brady at the helm.

Where will I be if we win?  Who knows.  Maybe doing back flips in the front yard.  But I know if we lose, tomorrow I will still be a New England Patriots fan.  Because that’s how true New England Patriots fans are.

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Making America Embarrassed Again…and again…and again

Donald Trump has gone and embarrassed America yet again.  What’s new?

Today’s embarrassment was probably the worst so far (but stay tuned…tomorrow’s another day).  Today this dotard referred to other countries of the world, mainly Haiti and unspecified African countries, as “shitholes”.  But I’d really love to ask this moron if it’s actually the “countries” he thinks are “shitholes” or mainly the “people” who either live there or have immigrated here.  Because, they’re not from Norway and, you know, his racist ass…

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is our classy, professional “president” representing us.  Working hard to make us more and more embarrassed every day.  That’s about all he’s working hard at because he sure as hell isn’t doing any kind of leading for this country.  Unless you count leading us into the ground.

Imagine how people who currently live or have lived in those “shitholes” must feel.  The people from these “shitholes” and “shitholes” other than Haiti and unspecified African countries are what have made America.  The people from “shithole” Ireland.  The people from “shithole” Germany.  The people from “shithole” Syria, Pakistan (fill in the blank with any “shithole” Middle Eastern country).  You name it.  America is a melting “shithole” made up of people from all kinds of “shitholes” all over the world.  We ourselves have become a “shithole”.  We are probably the shittiest “shithole” country on the planet.  What other country can say they are one of the wealthiest yet have children without enough to eat?  What other country can boast they have an asshole idiot for a “president” who wants to eliminate everything put in place to protect the citizens, from environmental protections to healthcare?  Only America.  The shittiest “shithole” of all.




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Adios, 2017

It’s the end of 2017 in America and here we are:

We have a narcissistic, idiotic, dotard asshole pretending to be an American “president” when it’s quite clear he’d rather be in Russia. He may as well be.  He sure as hell isn’t American.

Congress is controlled by the NRA.

Members of Congress have no spines.

Because Congress has no spines and because they are controlled by the NRA Americans are discovering that vigilance means nothing.  You can be observant as hell in your surroundings but can still get blown away by a gun-wielding nut while sitting in church.

The ASSHOLE in the Shit House and the spineless members of Congress are trying to take away our health insurance and raise our taxes at the same time.

The ASSHOLE in the Shit House wants to take away our National Parks and protected lands so his rich cronies can drill for oil, uranium and cut down trees.

The ASSHOLE in the Shit House doesn’t believe in climate change.  Yet the climate is changing right under his narcissistic, dotard nose.

The ASSHOLE in the Shit House must think he’s a professional golfer because he spends more time on the links than in the Oval Office.  He may as well be a professional golfer.  He sure as hell isn’t a “president”.

A large part of Hollywood, Congress and other places of employment are made up of perverts who have no respect for women.  Something so big has been blown into astronomical, unnecessary proportions.  #MeToo. #YouToo.  #ThemToo.  #UsToo.  It’s all of us.

Sick fucks really believe there is nothing wrong with pedophilia, especially in Alabama.  But at least they chose the right man.  And the wrong man can call it what he wants but he still lost.

When their sick fuck TV talking head has a coffee maker sponsor pull advertising from his show, the sick fuck followers smash their costly coffee makers in protest, making the majority of us realize not only are they sick fucks, they are also dumb fucks.

The narcissistic, idiotic, dotard asshole pretending to be “president” has led many Nazi white supremacists, sexists and homophobes who once hid in their closets to believe that now it’s okay for them to come out of their closets and taunt and kill other members of America.  Because the narcissistic, idiotic dotard asshole pretending to be “president” is a Nazi white supremacist, sexist, homophobe himself.  So to them it makes it okay to be assholes.

We need to remember that only five months into 2017 a former head of the FBI had been hired to investigate Russian meddling in our election, along with conspiracy from the narcissistic, idiotic, dotard asshole and many of his cronies.  This was done for a reason.  Because many people know there was Russian meddling in our election, along with conspiracy from the narcissistic, idiotic, dotard asshole and many of his cronies.  Ten months into 2017 (and as of this writing, but don’t blink…there will soon be more), we have two indictments and two guilty pleas.  And that’s just the beginning.

The blonde Trumpette bitch who has less business being in the Shit House than her narcissistic, idiotic, dotard “father” tells us that food is an “investment”.  To think we thought it was a “necessity” all this time!  Silly us!

We have a Republican senator from Iowa who believes that working-class taxpayers spend all their money on “booze, women and movies”. To him I say:   Most of us don’t have the luxury of using the tax dollars of hard working Americans so they can jaunt off on a private jet with their money-grubbing wife to witness a total solar eclipse.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of using the tax dollars of hard working Americans so they can go golfing every weekend.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of using the tax dollars of hard working Americans so they can host a fancy birthday party on a yacht.

No, most of us work 40 hours a week, sometimes more, just to make ends meet.  Most of us live paycheck to paycheck.  We can’t afford to have money taken from our paychecks to put into a 401K.  Many of us have more tax taken out of our paychecks just so we can hopefully get some back at the end of the year which may, with any luck, help us be able to pay off one of our many bills or use towards the down payment on a used car which is very needed.  If very fortunate we may even have some left over for a trip to the movies.

There may be some people out there who do take money they earn and spend it on booze, women and movies.  That’s their prerogative.  It’s their money and they can do what they want with it, whether you feel it’s right or wrong.  Nobody tells senators like you how to spend our tax money—which is how you get paid.  I guess if it’s okay for senators like you and many of your congressional counterparts to spend our money on booze, women, movies and even more luxuries—such as drugs and prostitutes—then I guess it’s okay for us to spend our money in any way we want, isn’t it?

In 2017 ASSHOLE said it was okay to say “Merry Christmas” when nobody ever told us we couldn’t. In fact, unbeknownst to ASSHOLE, we can say whatever the fuck we want at the holidays.  But in 2017 of course it’s okay for ASSHOLE to try to prevent women from being able to have abortions and obtain birth control.  It’s okay for ASSHOLE to try to prevent Muslims from entering the country and to try to prevent transgenders from entering the military.  It’s okay for ASSHOLE to try to prevent athletes from kneeling in protest.  It’s okay for ASSHOLE to call athletes “sons-of-bitches”, to call his peers “crooked, Pocahontas, lyin’, cryin’, dumb, losers”, among other names.  No.  It is not okay for this to be happening in 2017 or any other time.  This. Is. Not. Normal. And. We. Should. Not. Act. As. If. It. Is.  It may be normal to ASSHOLE but it is not, should not, be normal to the rest of us.

In 2017 regarding the Mueller probe in the ASSHOLE-Russia conspiracy, ASSHOLE had the nerve to say during an interview that the probe “makes the country look very bad, and it puts the country in a very bad position…so the sooner it’s worked out, the better it is for the country”.  Yes, ASSHOLE’s involvement with Russia has made the country look very bad and the sooner Mueller can indict ASSHOLE and get him impeached, the better off the country will be.

In 2017 people who never experienced life with a narcissist got a first time glimpse at what it’s like.  ASSHOLE is beyond being a narcissist.  He’s a sociopath. Which is way worse than just a narcissist.  ASSHOLE will get his due.  And when he does it isn’t going to be pretty.

We’ve all seen what has happened so far in 2017 regarding ASSHOLE and his Russian conspiracy against America.  We know of the indictments.  We know of the pleas.  If you think those were big deals, strap yourselves in.  You have seen nothing yet.

I have a feeling 2018 is going to be one hell of a year.

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A Personal Reflection on 2017

I may not be in the best of health but I’m glad to still be breathing.  I’m also glad all my immediate family members are still breathing as well.

Professionally I’ve experienced a lot of changes but I’m glad I still have a job.

Day trips are just as good as extended vacations.

I’m amazed that in 2017 they can’t figure out a more humane way of performing mammograms.

Sugared champagne beats champagne popsicle anytime!

Money isn’t everything.  In fact, the more you have, the less you have.

I’ve become a part of The Resistance, something I thought I’d never have to be part of but am grateful for.  The other members of this group have kept me sane.

I’ve learned more about politics than I care to know.

I’ve learned legalese and words I never knew existed.  Dotard, anyone?

Speaking of words, I never thought I could laugh so hard over “covfefe”.

I never thought I would be living in a country without a president.  But I am.  We all are.

I never thought I would be living in a country so filled with hate.  But I am.  We all are.

I admit I am part of that hate.  Because I hate the thing in the Shit House.  I’ve never hated a sitting “president” before, whether they were a “real” president or a “pretend” one.  But I do now.  I know I am not alone.

At the end of this year I feel as if I’m at the bottom of a pit.  I know I can either stay here and dwell on what was, personally, professionally and politically, or I can try scaling my way out to see what better things may come.

I choose betterment.

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The Best Night Of The Year

Christmas Eve has always been the most magical night of the year for me.

How can it not be?  The air is thick with anticipation for what lies ahead.  There are constant visits from friends and family throughout the day and into the evening.  Pizza for dinner.  Music.  Games.  Lots of laughs.

May the spirit of Christmas Eve be with you well into Christmas and beyond.

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My Sweet Christmas Dreams

A request to share.  Here it is…


Sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things”

Cupcakes and cookies
Are things I can’t eat
It really sucks when I
Want something sweet
Yummy cocoa truffles
In a nice Christmas bowl
Cause me to try
Not to lose my control

Cakes made from cocoa
And warm apple pie
Doughnuts and gumdrops
All go to my thighs
Nuts dressed in chocolate, mints soaked in light cream
These are a few of my sweet Christmas dreams

Gingerbread houses and peppermint bark
Eggnog and cheesecake and raspberry tarts
Pretty spiced candy canes tied up in bows
Cause me to fear where the calories go

When the crumbs fall
When the punch spills
And I feel real bad
I simply remember my sweet Christmas dreams
And then I don’t feel so fat

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You Are Not Alone

Like so many others, I find all the revelations of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and pedophilia coming out of Hollywood, Alabama, The White House, Congress and other places to be disturbing.  What has happened to these women and men is wrong and should not be happening to anyone, anywhere, ever.

I think the #MeToo movement has been great.  It’s given women and some men a means to speak out.  Maybe it will help them finally heal after so many years.  As a victim of child molestation myself, I healed many years ago when I was a teenager.  I don’t dwell on what happened.  To me there is no point.  I can’t change what happened to me but I can make sure it doesn’t happen to my daughter or niece.  If you dwell on something that happened in the past you’ll never move forward.

These women and men have come forward, told their stories and destructed the men who hurt them.  As long as it makes them feel better, that’s all that matters.  I’m not sure if they were planning to get anything else out of it but the abusers certainly got what they deserved.

Aside from my own experience, I admit I have been the witness to sexual harassment and did nothing about it.  Both incidents were very embarrassing to see, one especially since I knew the woman involved and considered her a friend.  When you are in a crowded room full of men and women what are you to do?  There were so many on-lookers during both of these incidents, any one of us could have said or done something.  Even the women it happened to could’ve said or done something.  The woman presenting an award who was forcibly kissed by the recipient and then had her breast groped by the recipient should’ve slapped the recipient right there in front of everyone.  It would have served him right and certainly would’ve bruised his ego. The woman who was conversing with her boyfriend when the celebrity man came up behind her and pinched her ass should have had her boyfriend punch the celebrity’s lights out.  I doubt he’d be pinching any asses after that.

I’m sure these abused individuals had their own reasons for staying silent for so long.  Whether it be from fear, threats, embarrassment, etc.  What we need to understand now is that it is not okay to remain silent.  If you were attacked on the street would you remain silent?  Why should it be any different during an audition, during a meet-and-greet, during a party?

There are laws that exist that protect people from sexual harassment, abuse and discrimination.  Right now there are numerous cases/lawsuits happening.  To read about these, as well as obtain more information on what to do in these cases, especially if they occur in the workplace, check out the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission web site at

You are not alone.

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Happy Holidays: It’s Not Such A New Thing

This time of year always pushes the “politically correct” or “not politically correct” buttons with some people.  For some reason people seem to think you can’t say “Merry Christmas”.  Nobody ever said you couldn’t say “Merry Christmas” so don’t say they did.  It has been suggested that you say “Happy Holidays” because, gasp!  Not everyone celebrates Christmas.  But instead of people looking at it as a “suggestion”, they twist it around and say “we were told to say this”.  Guess they forgot this is America.  Nobody can make you say “Happy Holidays”.  Just like nobody can make anyone else say “Merry Christmas”.

For the record, saying “Happy Holidays” is not as new as everyone thinks it is.  Wishing someone a “Happy Holiday” started in 1942 when Irving Berlin wrote the song “Happy Holiday” for the Bing Crosby film “Holiday Inn”.  Another popular version of the song “Happy Holiday” was recorded by Andy Williams in 1965.  So stop saying that the phrase “Happy Holiday” is a new thing because we’ve been saying it and singing it since WWII.

Once people get off their high horses and accept and understand others for who they are and what they believe instead of what they always feel is right, then the world will become a better place.

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Making Merry

Last night I attended a friend’s Christmas party.  Or as she called it “a holiday get-together”.

There were only ten couples there, most of whom I had never met.  The coolest couple was Jim and Bob.  This was the first time I ever encountered a same-sex couple and I certainly hope I encounter these two again in the future.  Aside from my friend, the host of the party, Jim and Bob were the nicest people.  Jim, a web designer by trade, is an expert at karaoke.  Bob is a chef and his cranberry-pear tart is to die for.  Plus I owe him a big “thank you” for introducing me to “sugared” champagne.

We’re already discussing getting together for New Year’s Eve.  Chinese food and “sugared” champagne?  Sounds like a great way to ring in the New Year!