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A Letter To The GOP

Dear Republicans:

I must say you did a bang-up job on the Republican National Convention this week.

The opening two paragraphs on your website say it all:

The Republican National Convention has arrived! All eyes are on Cleveland as Republicans come together to put our vision for a stronger and more prosperous America on full display. 

Uh, one problem here, guys.  I have yet to hear anyone speaking at this damn convention say “what” your “vision” is for a “stronger and more prosperous America”.  So, my question is, what is it?  Like the candidate you’re all “trumping” for (pun intended all the way!), all I’ve heard is a lot of this, that and the other thing but nobody has had the balls or intelligence to actually “explain” how this, that and the other thing are going to get “done”.  I’m still waiting to hear how you plan to make the Mexicans build a wall.  Is Trump planning to hold a gun to their heads?  While you’re considering building a wall between the United States and Mexico, maybe you should also consider building one between Canada and the United States.  This may surprise you but there are a lot of foreigners (including Mexicans and Muslims) who live north of the border.
The next four days will be jam-packed with events you won’t want to miss.

I love this line!  It appropriately describes the circus this “event” has actually turned out to be!  Perfect!

The Convention program features an impressive lineup of speakers that include veterans, political outsiders, faith leaders, and people who know Donald Trump best — his family and longtime friends. 

Whoa.  You forgot to mention has-been actors.  It was nice to see that Scott Baio survived his short-lived kiddie show “See Dad Run” but it was sad to see him dedicate an ounce of his time to this mess.

I love how each evening has a different theme:  “Make America Safe Again”, “Make America Work Again”, “Make America First Again”, “Make America One Again”, “Make America Fatter”, “Make America Roll Their Eyes”, “Make America Laugh”, “Make America ________”.  Fill in the blank with whatever.  I don’t really think it’s right to “make” anyone do something they don’t feel they need to.  As Americans we shouldn’t feel “made” to do anything.  These themes, although somewhat meaningful, are somewhat oxymorons.  For instance, “Make America Safe Again”.  By “safe” do you mean “completely” safe?  Do you mean putting America in a bubble to protect it from all outside sources?  America has never been completely safe.  I don’t know of anywhere in the world that is “completely” safe.  But to state that you want to “Make America Safe Again”, is not only vague, especially with using the word “safe”, it’s kind of difficult to make something safe “again” when it was not really “safe” to begin with!  Maybe what you meant to say was “Make It So Nuts Aren’t Killing People With Guns” or “Make It So Terrorists Cannot Take Down Our Buildings With Airplanes” or “Make It So Our American Children Won’t Be Kidnapped” or “Make It So American Children Won’t Be Abused”.  I could go on and on.  What I haven’t heard from your camp is “how” you plan on “Making America Safe Again”.  So, I want to know.  What’s the plan?  Should we all start investing in bubble wrap and bullet proof vests or what?

Next was “Make America Work Again”.  Sorry, GOP.  Using the word “again” again and again is just getting to me.  You make it sound like nobody in America is working and that we all need to be put back to work “again”.  There will always be some measurement of unemployment.  Everyone will not be working all the time and the number of individuals employed in America supersedes the amount of individuals not employed.  So, I want to know, GOP.  For the individuals in America not working, for whatever reason, what are you going to do to get them to work?  Put them to work on building that great wall of yours in Mexico?

Wednesday was “Make America First Again”.  First in what?  We’ve already been first on the Moon and first to have a Disneyland and Disney World.  We’ve also been the first to have a Donald Trump.  We could be the first nation to completely destroy itself.  First “again”?  First again in what?  First again at what? Do you mean to make America #1?  Were we ever number one?  Number one at what?  In what?  Do you mean to think of America first before any other country?  Well, there is the old saying “charity begins at home…”  Maybe that’s what you mean?  Maybe that’s the main reason Trump has an issue with NATO?  Imagine if the tables were turned and America couldn’t foot their part of the NATO bill and because of that the allies decided they couldn’t help us.

Finally, the crème de la crème last night.  “Make America One Again”.  By “one” do you mean “first”, “number one” or “whole”?  I’m not clear on that “one”.  If that was the theme, I’m still waiting to gather from Trump’s doll-drum speech how any of what he said is a plan to “make America one—again”.  If my recollection of History 101 serves me well, the only time I can recall America was not “one” nation was between 1861 and 1865.  Imagine if we had built a wall between the north and the south.

To reflect a bit on Trump’s thrilling speech:  Trump may be the voice of some people, but he is not MY voice.  I’m certainly not going to let a person like HIM speak for ME!  Trump laid out a lot of facts but gave no reasoning behind any of them.  Once again, I found it to be a speech of all talk and no action.

As boring as it was, I did pull out some beauties from it.  One of my favorites:

Nearly Four in 10 African-American children are living in poverty, while 58% of African American youth are not employed. 2 million more Latinos are in poverty today than when the President took his oath of office less than eight years ago. Another 14 million people have left the workforce entirely.

I really wonder when Trump began to give a shit about blacks and Latinos.

Another one of my faves:

I have joined the political arena so that the powerful can no longer beat up on people that cannot defend themselves.

This is coming from a greedy bully who has a meltdown if he doesn’t get his way.    I wonder how many debates he’s going to refuse to have with his opponent.

Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it.

Trump is a businessman with limited knowledge of politics, the “system” or the government.  He may THINK he ALONE can fix it.  I’d like to see him try to pull that off with Congress.  Trump is the type that would actually try to go over Congress to get what he wants.  It doesn’t work that way.  Trump is forgetting a few things about America:  it’s a democracy and we, the citizens of America, are the ones actually in charge.  We can hire and we can fire.  Think about that for a moment

I have seen firsthand how the system is rigged against our citizens, just like it was rigged against Bernie Sanders – he never had a chance.

Actually, Bernie had a very good chance…

But his supporters will join our movement, because we will fix his biggest issue: trade. Millions of Democrats will join our movement because we are going to fix the system so it works for all Americans. In this cause, I am proud to have at my side the next Vice President of the United States: Governor Mike Pence of Indiana.

Ha!  Bernie had a good laugh about this one all over Twitter.  Bernie supporters follow YOU?  When Hell freezes over, you bastard.  And as for Pence, he’s just there to kiss your ass.

Speaking of Pence, this next paragraph probably made him wince:

As your President, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBT citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology.

I wonder how Trump plans to protect his LGBT citizens from a VP who opposes everything about LGBT rights, from gay marriage to transgender bathrooms.

Another one:

Anyone who endorses violence, hatred or oppression is not welcome in our country and never will be.

Then, why, may I ask, are YOU still here?

In looking over his speech, Trump spent more time talking about Hillary Clinton than anything else.  Oh, he did mention making law enforcement better but he didn’t say how he plans on doing that.  He talked about improving the economy, improving TSA, improving our infrastructures, improving this, improving that.  But I’m still waiting for the “how”.  The key is “show don’t tell”, Trump.  Shit, I’m still waiting to hear how he’s going to make the Mexicans pay for and build a wall.  That mere idea sounds like something a five-year-old would come up with to keep others out of the sandbox!

In a combined four days of speeches, the only one who even remotely made any sense and actually talked about the candidate was Trump’s daughter Ivanka.  Then after she spoke her father spoke and contradicted most of what she said.  Go figure.

Republicans, the past four days were meant to be an opportunity for you to promote your Republican presidential candidate.  What it seemed to turn into was four days of badly written or plagiarized speeches, temper tantrums, air-kisses, awkward moments, booing and hissing.  You may have had “themes” for each day but it seems the main topic of each night was Hillary and Obama bashing.  The “themes” you established were barely touched upon, if at all.  No explanations were given as to “how” any of your “themes” would be accomplished.

I always felt these conventions were the last final “push” to convince people to vote for you.  Based on what I saw/heard at this convention, I’m even less convinced now.  In fact, the only thing I AM convinced of is who NOT to vote for:  TRUMP.

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Everything Happens For A Reason

After nearly two years “deflategate” has come to an end.  We had so much fun with it.  We learned so much about footballs, cell phones, PSI and how much of a true asshole good ol’ Rodge really is.

So Brady misses four games.  Big deal.  He missed an entire season in 2008 and the Patriots survived.  They will survive again.

Think back to 2001.  What if Mo Lewis hadn’t taken out Drew Bledsoe?  What if Bledsoe had been a phenomenal QB?  How long would Tom Brady have been sitting on the sidelines before shuffling off to Buffalo, or worse yet, the fucking JETS?  Where would he be now?  Where would the Patriots be?

Now think to the future.  It could be this year, one year, five years, ten years.  Who knows how long Brady will actually be able to keep playing.  You never know when something worse than a four game suspension may occur.  Wouldn’t it be good to have someone there to back up Tom, just as he was there to back up Drew?  I’m not saying the torch is being passed.  Far from it.  I think everyone is quite aware Brady still has plenty of gas left in the tank.  What I’m saying is that “everything happens for a reason”.  Because of the suspension we will get a real look at Jimmy G and see what he will be able to give the Pats.  For now Jimmy G is the future QB of the Patriots.  Wouldn’t it be good to know if he is the right one?

If the suspension had never happened, we would never know.

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The Announcement To Announce

Last evening Trump stated that in light of the attacks in France, he would be delaying his VP announcement which was to take place today at 11.

So I was surprised when Trump tweeted at 11:00 on the dot that–shocker–Mike Pence would be his running mate. So much for holding off.

Even more idiotic: tomorrow he’s holding a news conference to make his announcement. Isn’t that what he just did on Twitter?

Boy, I can already tell that RNC next week is going to be one huge idiotfest circus!

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Determine Your Own “Happily Ever After”

I applaud Jennifer Aniston for speaking out in the Huffington Post earlier this week about her never-ending battle with the paparazzi and media moguls in general.

She’s been in the business long enough to know this is the norm.  But she doesn’t have to accept it and I can’t blame her for not doing so.  No wonder she isn’t on social media.  After all, the Internet can be a cesspool, depending on how you use it.

People of notoriety (and oftentimes just “regular folks”) who post on social media are scrutinized for everything from their clothing choices to how thin their kids look in a photo at the beach.  Some celebrities eat it all up as an ego boost.  Others may fight back. Some may just ignore what is being said.  Jennifer Aniston has chosen to just leave it all alone and not even go there.

Is knowing what she had for lunch going to change what is happening in the world?  Will you be able to sleep better tonight if you know for a fact Jennifer Aniston isn’t pregnant?  Is it really that important?  Do we really have that much time on our hands that we even care?  Jennifer doesn’t care what the hell kind of cars we drive or where we vacation.  She doesn’t care if we have kids or not.  She doesn’t care if we are thin or fat.  Why should we give a rat’s ass about what she does, how she looks or what goes on in her life?

As she stated in her post “we get to determine our own ‘happily ever after’ for ourselves”.  So get out in the world and go create your own story and leave Jennifer’s alone.

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While in Canada, do as the Canadians do. Eh? And B

I recently spent some time in Canada, mainly Toronto.  Although I’ve been there many times before, this time I really saw it for what it is:  a wonderful, bustling city full of people, lots of dogs, bicyclists, skateboarders, roller bladers, parks, homeless people, Pizza Pizzas, Starbucks and Tim Hortons. And an extremely steep hill in the Canadian domain section of the zoo.

If you ever plan to visit, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

The weather was great.  Not too hot.  A little breezy.  I did a double take when the guy on the radio suddenly blurted out, “…and it’s a balmy 29 degrees…”.  then remembered I was somewhere in Canada…


Weirdest experience while driving in Canada:  going 90 on the 401 and getting passed–by a COP!


Driving tip if staying in the more central part of Yonge Street:  since you are in the less congested part of Yonge, don’t knock yourself out going back through all that congestion to get to the QEW.  Just continue on through the “good” part of Yonge until you get to 401.  It may be a little longer, maybe more out of the way and less scenic, but, like I said, there is less congestion and it still gets you out of the city.


Anyone who has ever visited Boston and has drove along Storrow Drive would appreciate the view along Lakeshore Blvd in Toronto.  Very nice.


If you visit the zoo, which I highly recommend, don’t bother with the Canadian Domain area.  As I said, the hill is extremely steep, and the only way out of the area is to go back UP the hill.  I mainly wanted to see the moose, who is located at the very end of the path.  And I couldn’t even see him because he was hiding in the bushes.  Damn moose.  I’ll just go to New Hampshire to see one.  And don’t forget to see the pandas.  They are only there until 2018!


Sunnybrook Park is a very nice place to go for a walk.  It was conveniently located near the condo we were staying in.


The Miller may be a bit pricey but still a very nice place to enjoy getting together with old friends for a drink and a meal.


Got to hear lots of music by Canadian artists I’ve never heard before.  Many of who I hope to never hear again.  Martha and the Muffins anyone?


We do have a few Tim Horton’s south of the border, but Dunkin Donuts outnumbers them big time.  That’s probably why the clerk at Tim Horton’s looked at me like I had three heads when I asked for a Dunkacchino and then tried to pay with my DDPerks card.  But TimHo’s frozen hot chocolate rocks!


I’m fascinated by the Beer Store.  Imagine.  An entire store full of beer.  In New England we call those “packies”.


I’ve noticed how much heavier my wallet is while in Canada.  It’s not that I have more money, although the exchange rate is pretty good right now.  It’s just that Loonies and Toonies weigh a hell of a lot more than paper.  The new Canadian paper money is so much thinner but still so colorful.


A morning view of the Toronto skyline from the balcony of the condo.
A morning view of the Toronto skyline from the balcony of the condo.
view of CN Tower while driving into the city
view of CN Tower while driving into the city
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The Good Things About The Bad Things

As with just about any bad scenario that can happen, oftentimes something good actually comes out of it.  As unfortunate as bad things are, I think the bad happens to keep the good in check.

Kindness has been brought out in many throughout the past several days following the most recent gun killing craziness.

I heard a story of a black woman who walked into a convenience store and there were two cops at the front counter talking to the cashier.  The woman went and got what she was in there to buy and brought it to the cashier.  I can’t recall the exact encounter as I read it on Facebook but I believe one of the cops approached her and asked, “Are you okay?” and she said she was sad.  The police officer said he was sad too and they hugged and cried together.

I don’t know about anywhere else in the country but in Massachusetts alone I’ve read numerous stories of people bringing coffee and various treats to their local police to say “thanks” for their service.

A few hours ago I read on the Massachusetts State Police Facebook timeline:

Today the troopers @ B3-Springfield received a yummy gift from 3 nice and appreciative young African American men,who just wanted to say thanks and to wish the troopers well after a tough week. So sweet… they brought, our favorite…boxes of D&D..thank you.

I think that’s awesome and I hope it continues.  In good times and in bad–let’s all be nice to each other.


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ALL Lives Matter

Worth repeating with all the craziness going on…from September 2015 #FlashbackFriday


I applaud the Black Lives Matter campaign.  I really do.

If there were a Latino Lives Matter, Oriental Lives Matter, Native American Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, etc., etc., I would also applaud them.  I would applaud a campaign of Muslim Lives Matter, Jewish Lives Matter, Atheist Lives Matter, Christian Lives Matter, and any and all other religious/non-religious groups.  I would applaud Italian Lives Matter, German Lives Matter, British Lives Matter, Canadian Lives Matter, American Lives Matter, and any and all other nations I did not list.  I would applaud Gay Lives Matter, Lesbian Lives Matter, Transgender Lives Matter, Asexual Lives Matter, Pan-sexual Lives Matter and whatever the hell else sexuality groups.

You know why I would applaud any and all of these campaigns, if they did exist?  Because the reason behind any of them are human lives and the beliefs they have.

As humans we really do have so much in common:  we all are born, we all die, we all sleep, eat, defecate, we all are given the ability to pro-create.  We all have the ability to kill, whether we are a civilian or a cop.  So why do we have such a problem relating to one another and getting along?  Men have a problem relating to women and vice-versa; whites have a problem relating to blacks and vice-versa.  Christians have a problem relating to Muslims and vice-versa.  Shiites have a problem relating to Sunnis and vice-versa (and those two groups of people are all considered Muslims!  Go figure!).  Cops have a problem relating to either armed or unarmed men of color and vice-versa.  People, look beyond the sex, the color, the religion, the nationality, the culture, the position in life.  Once we begin doing that, the world will become a better place.

Today on Twitter the hashtag #IBelieveBlackLivesMatter was trending.  I tweeted “Yes, #IBelieveBlackLivesMatter BUT I also believe #ALLLivesMatter #humans we have so much in common as humans why can’t we relate?”

Now everyone has their opinion and they are entitled to it.  But giving me the response of “You benefit 24-7 from while millions of blacks endure institutionalized racism. confuses me.  Where in my tweet did I say anything about being a “privileged white” or that blacks must “endure institutionalized racism”?  I didn’t say any of that!  Then someone else piped in and called me “ignorant” but really, any dumb ass can clearly see the ignorance is in the response I received to my Tweet.  I responded to this Tweet with another Tweet that read:  “so what u r saying is that ALL lives dont matter then, right? Only black lives? Because THAT is what I INCLUDES “.  I guess for this particular person I wasn’t being specific enough.  Or maybe they think the only lives that matter are black lives?  Is that what it’s all about?  The hell with everyone else?  What about black cops?  So what is next?  Only Black Lives Matter?  Who would be playing the racist card then?

Well, everyone can think what they want.  Unfortunately there will always be someone out there who thinks their skin color is better than their neighbor’s, their religion is superior to any other, their country is the most powerful, their cat is smarter than your dog, their dick is bigger and better than any other guy’s on the block or their tits are the most spectacular in the world.

As for me, I’ll just keep on believing what I and I’m sure some others in the world believe:  ALL LIVES MATTER.

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Not Enough?

#FlashbackFriday to last year

I was recently reminded of a “memo” I read years ago regarding how some people–more like “fans”–feel they have a sense of “entitlement” when it comes to celebrities they admire.  These people feel that celebrities have an “obligation” to them.  The only “obligation” any well-known figure should feel they have is presenting themselves well in what they do and providing the entertainment the fans have paid for.

Sometimes as fans we are lucky to have the celebrity be gracious enough to grant us their time and offer a picture and autograph.  That’s always nice and why should we ask for more?  Some people find it necessary to hound celebrities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites.  Some people get ecstatic, especially the younger set, when so-and-so celebrity actually takes the plunge and follows them or retweets something they wrote.  It’s not like they are the only person this celebrity is following or retweeting.  Yes, it may be exciting but it’s not all it’s cut out to be.  Get over it because sometimes it gets old pretty quickly.  And sometimes that fine line between celebrity and fan is crossed and things get, well, kinda messy.

I have had the opportunity to hold court with a few famous personalities.  In looking back at those moments, I kind of wish they had never happened.  People think it would be so cool to have drinks with so-and-so celebrity.  As cool as it may seem, it is also very uncomfortable and awkward.  Try carrying on an intelligent conversation about politics with said celebrity and being interrupted every five minutes by everyone from their manager to autograph-seekers and photo hounds.  The real fortunate ones are those who make it into the hotel rooms.  At least nobody is going to bother them behind closed doors.  They can talk (and do whatever else they want) until the cows come home.  Or until some brash fan(s) start pounding on the door or slip a note under the door…

So take my advice:  the next time you have the chance to meet a celebrity, just be grateful to meet them, maybe get a picture, maybe an autograph and cherish those memories.  Don’t ask for or expect more.  It’s not owed to you.