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Confidence, Not Cockiness

You think you know who you are but you don’t. You probably did years ago but now you have no clue who you are other than your name. You don’t know what you do because if you DID, you would actually DO it instead of wasting your time doing foolish shit on social media sites (like looking at porn, stalking others and playing games).

You have NO CLUE who you do it for, other than YOURSELF. If you even had an INKLING as to WHO you do anything for you’d treat those that feed you with more respect, instead of just acting like they are another twenty bucks for you.

Once again, you have no IDEA what anyone wants from you. You are a jack of all trades and a master of none. Finally, since you have no IDEA who you do WHAT for, you wouldn’t know how it changes anyone if it came up and bit you on the ass. And no, you are NOT in the 20%. More like the negative 20% who don’t give a shit about anyone but yourself.

You are the one who doesn’t get it, you will never get it and you are too cocky and arrogant to EVER get it!


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Something new

Inspired by the recent death of an acquaintance, “The Eulogy” can make you think about life and how the way you live it may leave an ever lasting impression on people in different ways.

The story in its entirety can be found under the FICTION tab.


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Do Your Part

Today marks the deadline in Massachusetts for voter registration. Fellow states people, have you made the first move to getting your voice heard?

Starting Monday, October 24, Massachusetts voters will be allowed to cast their decisions early. If you’ve made up your mind, why wait until November 8?

I know I’ll be at the polls on Monday. Will you?







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What I Don’t Understand Is Why You Don’t Understand–Understand?

Although he claims to have a lot of respect for First Lady Michelle Obama, GOP Vice President candidate Mike Pence “doesn’t understand the basis of her claim” that Donald Trump used “sexually predatory” language in an interview which was being conducted back in 2005.

Well, I guess he’s been living under a rock for the past week then.  Someone should probably pull him out and smack him around a few times so he’ll “understand”.



Then again this is the same guy who won’t back up what his running mate says.  It’s kind of like he’s doing his own thing while the other asshole is doing his own thing.  And I thought they were running TOGETHER!

Speaking of his running mate, I had a good laugh over Trumpie wanting Clinton to take a drug test before the next debate.  This is coming from someone who sniffled his way through the first two.

When it comes to jokes, the joke is on Trumpie.  He can’t even take a ribbing from Alec Baldwin on “Saturday Night Live”!  For the past forty-two years this show has been mocking presidents and presidential candidates from Gerald Ford to Obama.  Hillary Clinton has even been on the show!  If he can’t take a simple joke, what the hell will he do when North Korea shoves a missile down his ass?  Get a grip, you spineless moron!


As for the folks who paid good money to see comedienne Amy Schumer in Tampa and then decided to walk out when she began dissing Trumpie:  (1) she has a right to say what she wants.  It may be Florida, but it’s still America; (2) if you want to waste your money, that’s your business; (3) like the asshole they support and follow, when the heat gets too hot in the kitchen, they get out; (4) which makes them the real pussies; (5) the majority of the audience stayed and had a great time.



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An Open Letter To Donald Trump

Dear Don,

I don’t feel sorry for you.  Everything that has happened to you and has yet to happen to you has occurred because of YOU.  Of course you love it; otherwise you wouldn’t keep doing it.  Look up the definition of narcissist and there you are:  Donald J. Trump.

So what really got you thinking you’d make great presidential material?  Maybe you woke up one day during the early Obama years when you were trying to prove that he was not a United States citizen and said to yourself:  “shit, if a fucking non-citizen black man can win the presidency and all these other fucking presidents can have illicit affairs with whomever, then fuck, I’m going to run for president too.  Why miss out on all the fun?”  Because your skin is way more than just tan, Don, your hair isn’t the only thing that is fake in your life, the world knows how many affairs you’ve had and that you’re a shitty businessman.  Plus you weren’t doing anything else and you needed a power boost trip.  So what the hell, right?

I’ll ask you right out, Don.  Why do you act like a five-year-old who never gets their way?  You’re like the brother who gets called out for fighting with your sister.  Then you point at her and whine “But SHE started it!”  Why do you blame everyone from the media to Hillary to Hillary’s hairdresser for all the shit that gets bestowed on you, when YOU, Don, are the only one to blame?  Hillary didn’t help you lose $916 million dollars.  She also didn’t make you say “grab them by the pussy” when you referred to how you “obtain” your women.  Hm…aside from your money, is that how you “obtained” Melania?  Hillary also didn’t tell you to sexually assault several women.  A suggestion for you, Don:  stop bringing up Bill and his indiscretions to make your own indiscretions look harmless.  Because they don’t make yours look harmless.  To the majority of us, that’s very old dirty laundry that’s been washed, dried, ironed and folded many, many times.  Yes, I know Hillary is not perfect either but this letter is about you and is addressed to you, not her.  You too are also far from perfect and it’s time you stop acting like you are.

Don, you may not be great at business but you’re pretty damn good at brainwashing stupid people.  These are the same people who have been eating the bullshit you’ve been feeding them for the past 18 months.  Like you, they are now in so deep they can’t get out.  They’d be embarrassed if they did because they’ve supported you for so long.  I think you’ve even brainwashed yourself, Don.  After causing the very party you “represent” to alienate you, how do you fathom being able to work with them if you became president?  Your own running mate is walking around with deep cuts on his tongue from all the biting he’s been doing.  Talk about awkward.

So, Don, I have a feeling I know what’s going to happen on November 8.  You are going to have the Meltdown of the Century.  Many already know you will refuse to concede.  You’ll demand a recount, although it won’t happen because you have to be close for a recount.  You will barely be in the running.  Then you’ll declare that you lost because of fraud, rigging, hanging chads and the works of the Devil, WikiLeaks and Billy Bush combined.

What happens to you after that?  You can ride off into the sunset with your wig between your legs because nobody, including your “supporters”, will give a flying fuck about you by then.  Maybe you can start a new reality show called “How I Kept America Great by Not Becoming President”.  Could be a hit.




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Stay safe, Florida, Georgia and Carolinas! Nearly 2 Million Told to Evacuate as Hurricane Matthew Approaches U.S. — TIME

(MELBOURNE BEACH, Fla.) — Hurricane Matthew marched toward Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas and nearly 2 million people along the coast were urged to evacuate their homes Wednesday, a mass exodus ahead of a major storm packing power the U.S. hasn’t seen in more than a decade. Matthew was a dangerous and life-threatening Category 3…

via Nearly 2 Million Told to Evacuate as Hurricane Matthew Approaches U.S. — TIME

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Memories Of TV Past

“Rolling Stone” magazine recently compiled a listing of TV’s 100 greatest shows.  It  got me thinking about all the television shows I enjoyed as a kid.  When I began gathering a list of my favorite shows, I realized I used to watch a lot of TV.  Then again, back then we only had three channels to choose from.

I’ve listed my top five favorites, followed by many honorable mentions.


“Happy Days”

This TV show was probably my all-time favorite as a child.

Since I was only three in 1974 when the show began, I more than likely didn’t begin watching it until I was seven or eight.

What I took away from “Happy Days” was that it was cool to snap your fingers, throw your thumbs in the air and declare “Aaaaay” a la “The Fonz”.  Motorcycles and leather jackets were fashionable and if you could jump and plant yourself on the sofa without killing yourself, you were as remarkable as “The Fonz”.  As laid back as “The Fonz” was I still think the level of respect he showed to his elders, especially women (Mrs. C in particular), really said a lot about his character.  Ever notice that Mrs. C was the only person who was ever allowed to call “The Fonz” by his real name of “Arthur”?

I’m sure that “Happy Days” board game we owned would be worth a lot of cash right now.


“Laverne & Shirley”

How could you have “Happy Days” without its spin-off “Laverne & Shirley”?

Another brilliant Garry Marshall creation, the show introduced us to Laverne De Fazio and Shirley Feeney, two single females living together in a basement apartment somewhere in Milwaukee, WI.  The duo worked together at a brewery and were first introduced to us via a few episodes of “Happy Days”.

Besides living with Shirley’s Boo-Boo Kitty, they were also often greeted by their zany, somewhat perverted neighbors Lenny and Squiggy.  Add Shirley’s sometime boyfriend Carmine Ragusa and Laverne’s family to the mix and you had a great backing sitcom to “Happy Days”.

The show did start heading south during the last years when the group moved from WI to CA but it still had its moments.


Actor Eddie Mekka (Carmine) originally hails from Worcester, MA.  He is an alum of Burncoat High and was recently in Worcester to celebrate his high school reunion (class of 1970).  He also attended Worcester State College.

A few years ago Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams appeared on the Nickelodeon TV show “Sam & Cat”.  They played two former stars of a TV show called “Salmon Cat” who were at odds with each other.


“Mork & Mindy”

I was seven years old when “Mork & Mindy” premiered.

Like everyone else I first experienced Mork on “Happy Days”.  Garry Marshall struck gold when he cast Robin Williams as Mork, a loveable, sensitive yet eccentric alien visiting Boulder, Colorado from the planet Ork.

He befriends Mindy McConnell, a mild-mannered journalist with an overprotective father.  Mork moves into Mindy’s place and by season three, it’s apparent they are meant to be much more than just friends.  By the fourth and final season, they not only are married but we experience the first earthly Orkan birth when Mirth, played by iconic actor Jonathan Winters, is born.  Unfortunately adding Winters to the cast didn’t improve the series.

For me “Mork and Mindy” was one of those shows you talked to your friends about the next day at school.  The lucky kids were the ones who owned the suspenders, lunchbox and other cool memorabilia.  And yes, we did sit on our heads and tried to drink with our fingers.  Nanu Nanu.


Mork challenges Fonzie to a “hallitacker”

“The Love Boat”

Considering “The Love Boat” debuted when I was six, I probably didn’t tune into it for another two or three years.

I have very fond memories of hunkering down in front of the boob tube at nine o’clock Saturday night with my sister and a bowl full of State Line potato chips.  Each week we’d tune in to see who the guest stars would be.  If any of our favorites were on the show that week, we’d definitely watch.  Sometimes we’d watch even if our faves weren’t on.  It was just a fun show to watch.  We thought Gopher was hot.  We both wanted to be like Julie and we would’ve loved to have traveled to Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco every week.

I didn’t realize until I was much older that on every show, at the half-way point, the couples were breaking up/having issues.  Then by the end of the show they were back together.

BONUS TIDBIT:  the theme song, sung by “Jack Jones”, is very memorable


“The Dukes of Hazzard”

What better way to spend a Friday night than watching two wild rednecks trying to weasel their way out of speed traps and run-ins with Boss Hogg?

While eight-year-old boys were fascinated with the General Lee and Daisy Duke, my eight-year-old self was fascinated with Bo and Luke Duke.  We loathed Rosco.  Enos was a joke.  We all wanted an older relative as understanding as Uncle Jesse, as well as a 1969 Dodge Charger stock car with a horn everyone wanted.

Growing up I recall owning a Dukes of Hazzard plate and cup, as well as a lunchbox.  I also learned how to climb in and out of the windows of the station wagon.  Fun times!

BONUS TIDBIT:  The theme song, sung by Waylon Jennings, kind of made country music hip for a while.



Honorable TV show mentions:

“CHiPs” – while all my friends seemed to have a crush on Erik Estrada, I had it bad for Larry Wilcox.  As kids we would ride our bikes around town and pretend to be the cops on the show.

“The Greatest American Hero” – I grew up with a girl who had mastered Ralph’s take-off and belly flop.  Don’t know how she did it without killing herself.  Ouch.

“The Incredible Hulk” – I didn’t watch it all the time but saw it enough to know that you never wanted to piss off Bruce Banner.

“Knight Rider” – if we only knew what David Hasselhoff would become.  Who wouldn’t want a car like KITT?

“Fantasy Island” – since it followed “The Love Boat”, we would stay up and watch the five-minute intro just to see Tattoo yell “Da plane!” and to see who the guest stars were going to be.  Most of the time they were people we could care less about.  And Ricardo Montalban’s voice was irritating.


“Little House On The Prairie” –  I really liked the early years of the show.  As Laura and the gang got older, the story lines became stale.  Still a classic.

“Solid Gold” – It was like the mini-version of American Top 40 except it was hosted by everyone from Dionne Warwick to Andy Gibb and Marilyn McCoo to Rick Dees and featured scantily clad “Solid Gold” dancers.

“The Muppet Show” – you know a show is a classic when your own child loves it as much as you did


“Different Strokes” , “Family Ties”, “Gimme A Break”, “Silver Spoons”, “Alf”, “Benson”, “The Facts of Life” – I didn’t watch them every week but saw enough of them to know what was going on.


Shows I would grow to appreciate as a teen and adult:

These are shows my mother watched and that I would eventually see either in their final years or in syndication:

“All In The Family”

“The Jeffersons”

“Three’s Company”


“The Golden Girls”



Shows I still occasionally watch and appreciate today:

“I Love Lucy”

“The Three Stooges”

“The Honeymooners”


Extreme honorable mention to my absolute all-time favorite TV show EVER:  “M*A*S*H”

“Suicide Is Painless”

I own the entire series, have seen every episode and could watch it every day for the rest of my life and never tire of it.

I may as well, since in my opinion there really isn’t anything great on TV any longer.

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Genius Has Its Limits

Today on ABC’s “This Week” Rudy Giuliani called Donald Trump an “economic genius”.

Why?  Because he knows how to “legally” hide his money so he doesn’t have to pay taxes?  Apparently Giuliani has forgotten about Trump’s bankruptcies and business failures.  How many remember Trump Airlines?  How about Atlantic City?  How can anyone with half a brain consider anyone behind any of those collapses an “economic genius”?  Then again, we must consider the source.  Chris Christie also called him an “economic genius”.  Need I say more?



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Review: “Sully”

We all know the story of how airplane Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger saved the lives of all 155 passengers on his disabled plane by landing it on the Hudson River.  He was regaled a hero.  In essence he was.  What else would you call a man who safely landed a plane and didn’t lose a passenger?  What we didn’t know was how the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) felt there was more to Sully’s water “crash” than him being labeled a hero.

“Sully”, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Tom Hanks, delves into the unseen, unheard of interrogations that Sully and his co-captain Jeff Skiles (played by Aaron Eckhart) endured from the NTSB regarding the incident.  This highly intense, enthralling film gets right into the meat of the story from the beginning and adds the backstory as it goes along.  Eastwood makes it work well, depicting the actual events, from the start of the NTSB hearings to the actual water landing and rescue back to the final bits of the hearing.  Hanks is overwhelmingly convincing as Sullenberger and portrays him extremely well.

In between we see how Sully, a seemingly humble, straight-and-narrow, no frills type of guy is thrust into the limelight, something you can sense he is not comfortable with.

Once he realizes the entire incident really revolves around having been in the right place at the right time, Sully and Jeff set out to prove to the NTSB that their decision to land on the Hudson may not have been the best choice for the airline or their insurance company, but it was the best choice for saving human lives.

“Sully” is a definite must-see for any Tom Hanks fan.  He has become a master of the biopic and his work in “Sully” adds to the inspiration of an all ready stirring tale of survival.



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Search Terms

In the nearly ten years I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve compiled a list of search terms that people have plugged into search engines and in turn they have been led to my blog.  Some are hysterical and some have just left me wondering.

Here are a select few from over the years:

From 2008:

  • million paper airplanes
  • paper airplane guiness world record
  • guiness world record paper airplanes
  • Hunter Winship
  • paper airplanes Guiness
  • hunter million paper airplanes
  • guiness paper airplane

I remembered writing about a young boy who I believe had cancer and his dream was to make the Guiness Book of World Records for having the most paper airplanes.  I think people from all over the world were making and sending him paper airplanes.


  • fool,maxGXL
  • selling maxgxl
  • maxgxl and knee pain

I recall hearing about this “miracle” drug called MaxGXL which turned out to be nothing but a money making scheme.


  • tom brady

Of course.  I’ve written about Tom lots of times.  Who wouldn’t search for him?



  • you keep christmas in your way and i’ll keep it in mine

I write about Christmas quite a lot.


  • patrick swayze “met swayze”
  • met swayze”

I think this may have been around the time of his Barbara Walters interview and subsequent death.


  • making money with maxgxl

Even in 2009 people were still searching this magnificent MaxGXL shit.


  • black friday will be a bust

Like Christmas, Black Friday is one of my fave topics.  Especially around the time of Black Friday🙂


  • rod stewart christmas duets

The person searching for this may have heard his duet with Dolly Parton on “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.  I can only guess…


  • why do people say hmm?

I don’t know.  Why DO people say “hmm”?  Hmmmm?


  • stupid request from rockstars

I can only imagine what led the person to search for this!


  • ed mcmahon star search reaching for the stars

I think this was the year Ed McMahon passed away…


  • crap 80s canadian rock

Wonder what they found?


  • greatness is never a given – obama

He was the newly elected President


  • aretha hat 2009

Who could forget “the hat”?


  • thing to make you say hmm
  • you say hmm alot
  • why people does say hmm?
  • hilarious things that make you say hmm
  • people that say hmm after everything



  • book about nfl patriots behind the scene
  • what new england patriot went to iraq in off season

Was it Tom?


  • oldies 103.3 carol of the bells

Oh how I miss WODS Oldies 103.3 at Christmas!  They were the BEST!


  • 2008 richest canadian rock stars

Wonder who they are?


  • duran john taylor

He’s still alive and well


  • my mother asked me to let my father fuck me

To think someone actually put this statement into a search engine and it led the to my blog really makes me wonder!


  • bunchesofos

Interestingly enough, my user name on this blog…


  • gee i’m bored

Not sure how my blog would help….


  • angels and demonds disappointed

The book was better


  • tom brady putnam ct

More Tom…


  • is andy taylor from duran duran still alive 2009

As far as I know…


  • “what i learned from facebook”

What HAVE we learned from Facebook?



  • why is my life so messed up skits, monologues

I have no idea…


  • bunch of flakes

Maybe this person should’ve gotten together with the person above


  • walmarts whoopie doo doll

Don’t know what it is but it sounds like a lot of fun!


  • can i take maxgxl with other pills
  • max gxl government approved
  • is maxgxl approved by the canadian fda?
  • is maxgxl a pyramid

More MaxGXL shit


  • bratty kids doing community service in africa

Maybe they should get together with the MaxGXL people…


  • tom brady

Because he’s Tom…


  • andy taylor lyric police

Have no idea….



  • is maxgxl fda approved
  • maxgxl fda
  • maxgxl yahoo answers
  • maxgxl and autism
  • maxgxl pyramid scheme

Once again, more MaxGXL shit…this has been a very popular search over the years!


  • ‎the change was made uptown, and the big man joined the band. from the coastline to the cities, all the little pretties raise their hands .

I’m certain this was due to the passing of Clarence Clemmons


  • can you say dumb asses

Sure can!


  • turkey hangover

Maybe they should get together with the dumb asses?


  • regis “most sought after actor in hollywood”



  • facebook a big ego trip

For some it is…


  • what to say to dumb asses
  • dumb asses at the beach
  • your dumb asses get worth less every day duh!

Hope they found what they were searching for…


  • my thoughts and prayers for japan

Must’ve been after the tsunami


  • gadhafi the asshole of the world

He should’ve met all the dumb asses.  He would’ve fit right in



  • is maxgxl fda approved

Yet more MaxGXL shit


  • in a drunken stupor he said hurtful things

I’m sure he did but I’m not sure why anyone would use that as a search term…


  • michelle mchatton
  • michelle mchatten
  • michelle mchatton twitter
  • michelle mchatton barbie
  • michelle mchatton bitch
  • michelle mchatton bully
  • michelle mchatton frustrating

This is me.  The second one has my last name spelled incorrectly.  Yes, I am on Twitter.  No, I’m not Barbie.  I also don’t think I’m a bitch, a bully or frustrating.  But hey, everyone has their own opinions….


  • buncheslife.wordpress.com+the-latest-and-the-greatest
  • buncheslife.wordpress.com+take-a-stab-at-twitter

These are searches of two of my blog posts


  • reasons to live in new england

I can give you a main one:  PATRIOTS!


  • dildo in male ass stories

I’m not going to ask…


  • clothes alan frew
  • alan frew children
  • alan cole and andrew frew; singers
  • what are the names of alan frew’ children?
  • andrew cole do you think i’m a joke?
  • alan frew bullying
  • alan frew atheist
  • allan frews dughter’s name

If you’re going to search for someone, make sure you get the name and spelling correct.



  • how to become famous

I’ll let you know when I find out…


  • examples of cruel words

One starts with “S” and ends in “D”


  • alan frew nurse

Yes, he was


  • my new england life blogger

I am from New England, do have a life here and yes, I’m a blogger



  • michelle mchatton
  • michelle mchatton auburn
  • michelle mchatton telegram
  • michelle mchatton bitch
  • michelle mchatton writer
  • michelle mchatton how i pissed off a rock star

More searches of me.  But I don’t live in Auburn.  I did have a brief blog on the Worcester Telegram years ago.  Not sure if that is what that search term is relating to.  I still don’t feel I’m a bitch (though I’m sure there are plenty of people who think I do and they are entitled to their opinions).  I am a writer and I have written a memoir called “How I Pissed Off A Rock Star”.


  • flu shot or not 2014

You should always get a flu shot


  • market basket fiasco

Ah, good ol’ Artie T


  • magnificent vibration reviews

Great book written by Rick Springfield


  • tim hortons michelle

They have very good hot chocolate.  Not sure if anyone named Michelle works there…but it isn’t me.


  • fuck lebron james …. who gives a shit

We still don’t…


  • fucking piss me off when people ignore me

A search for this takes you to my blog?  I love it!


  • alan frew cambridge

I’m sure there is someone by that name that lives in that town somewhere in the world


  • “didn’t have underwear on”



  • very sensual contortion

Maybe because you had no underwear on?


  • youtube piss off rock star

I’m sure this can be done on YouTube.  They do just about everything else on there.  Why not piss off a rock star?


  • alan frew religion
  • alan frew atheist
  • alan frew drug

Kind of a contradiction


  • love letters to a rock statr

Happens to be the name of my second novel


  • action sandwich frewsie

A book written by Frewsie but not as good as “Magnificent Vibration”


  • write on twitter and facebook at the same time

Yes, you can do this


  • i grew up from my past

I should hope so


  • it was our tradition to fuck grandma when your18years old hot porn story

Whoa!  Won’t find anything like that on my blog…


  • gay themed movie the ski trip 2 friends and lovers



  • when u have nothing to say you say hmm

After this list, I really don’t



  • new england patriot holding trophy with tight pants
  • new england patriots poems
  • deflategate is bullshit
  • vince wilfork 3/6/15

Nice searches!  Deflategate IS bullshit and Vince is still missed.  But I’m sure glad we kicked his team’s ass this past Thursday!


  • who is the actor cooking his burrito in the microwave in the geico commercial

Who the fuck cares?  The best part of that commercial is Europe playing “The Final Countdown”!


  • do muslims believe that all lives matter

Why wouldn’t they?


  • alan frew burn

Not going to ask…


  • what are the emotions in inside out

Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust.  Great film!



Still have a few months left but these are the gems so far:

  • a strong spirit transcends rules
  • a strong spirit transcends rules prince

RIP Prince…


  • why is christie hangin out with trump?

Why is ANYONE hanging out with Trump?


  • tom brady they hate us cause they ain us
  • damn right im a new england patriots fan zefan

Yeah!  More Patriots searches!


  • michael hanson glass tiger fan club

Not sure about a “club”….


  • in zootopia how many parking tickets did bogo ask judy to get

If I recall it was 100.  Great film!


  • do we still need god


  • karma is a bitch for a reason

It sure is…



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Thanks For The Memories

Kevin Garnett came into the NBA a wet-behind-the-ears but wise-beyond-his-years 18-year-old high school kid.  Kevin Garnett leaves the NBA a former Timberwolve, Net and Celtic.  He leaves as a 40-year-old Boston Celtics champion, MVP,  and nominee of 15 All-Star Games.

Kevin Garnett, I thank you so very much for helping bring another championship to the Boston Celtics and righting what at that time I felt was a sinking ship.

Thank you for bringing your talent to the NBA.  Thank you for the memories.