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Confidence, Not Cockiness

You think you know who you are but you don’t. You probably did years ago but now you have no clue who you are other than your name. You don’t know what you do because if you DID, you would actually DO it instead of wasting your time doing foolish shit on social media sites (like looking at porn, stalking others and playing games).

You have NO CLUE who you do it for, other than YOURSELF. If you even had an INKLING as to WHO you do anything for you’d treat those that feed you with more respect, instead of just acting like they are another twenty bucks for you.

Once again, you have no IDEA what anyone wants from you. You are a jack of all trades and a master of none. Finally, since you have no IDEA who you do WHAT for, you wouldn’t know how it changes anyone if it came up and bit you on the ass. And no, you are NOT in the 20%. More like the negative 20% who don’t give a shit about anyone but yourself.

You don’t get it, will never get it and you are too cocky and arrogant to EVER get it!


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Something new

Inspired by the recent death of an acquaintance, “The Eulogy” can make you think about life and how the way you live it may leave an ever lasting impression on¬†people in different ways.

The story in its entirety can be found under the FICTION tab.


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Don’t Like It, Don’t Read It

A #waybackWednesday moment from last year….just so memorableūüôā

As a writer I’ve never forced anyone to read what I write nor have I ever told them to like what I write. ¬†I’m not out to make everyone like what I write. ¬†When I write I’m not out to please everyone. ¬†If I please a few, fine. ¬†If I please nobody, I don’t care. ¬†If I offend you, oh well. ¬†Go stand over in the corner with all the other crybabies until I give a FUCK! ¬†Which will be never…

I’ll do a take on something a rock star once said on his website “blog” years ago: ¬†The name on the door of this blog says “michellemchatton.com”. ¬†You know what that means? ¬†It means it’s MY blog. ¬†It means I can write whatever the fuck I want to on this blog. I own the domain. ¬†If I want to say “horrible” things about someone on my blog, I will. ¬†I have never threatened anyone on this blog. ¬†That is not my thing. ¬†I may throw names around, as many have done to me, but what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. ¬†Many times “horrible” things are the truth, whether you want to believe it or not. ¬†Many writers say “horrible” things about people every day. ¬†Any “horrible” things I may have said are only “horrible” because they may be a result of something “horrible” that happened to me years ago or a month ago or a day ago. ¬†Oh, I’m a bully? ¬†Don’t question a “bully” until you know all the facts. ¬†And make sure you’re not actually the one doing the bullying.

If you don’t like what I write on my blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, etc., I have a very simple solution: ¬†DON’T READ IT. ¬†I write what I write because (1) I love to write (2) it’s part of my job (3) I want to write it and (Z) it’s my opinion. ¬†And if you, the reader, don’t like it, guess what? ¬†As many artists before me have also said: ¬†I. ¬†DON’T. ¬†CARE. ¬†I don’t have time to care, especially about something so petty.

So move along, little Twitster and go bully someone else who you think is so “horrible”. ¬†You’ve wasted enough of my time.

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In The Time Of Need

You can have friends, you can have acquaintances, you can even have mere strangers but nobody will care for you more in your most direst time of need than family.

That is what I experienced over the past week and a half: ¬†the love and care of the best family a woman could ever ask for. ¬†I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for me. ¬†For someone who is so used to always being the caretaker, it’s difficult for me to put myself into the position of being cared for. ¬†Right now I need to do that.


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Just Keep Dop–uh–Swimming…

Right now it must be difficult to be a Russian athlete competing in the Olympics. ¬†I mean, out of the 271 of the 389 Russian athletes who have been allowed to compete, there must be at least one who’s doing it cleanly, right?

As many of us witnessed tonight, good ol’ KARMA will indeed bite you in the ass. ¬†It not only bit professional Russian swimmer/doper¬†Yuliya Efimova in the ass, it also splashed her when the Americans took Gold.


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It Can’t Get Here Soon Enough!

Autumn.  My favorite time of the year for many reasons:  cooler weather, pumpkin everything, football, jeans and sweatshirts, more comfortable air to do things in, crimson and gold leaves, not to mention Halloween.

I’m thrilled to know that New England Patriots pre-season starts this coming Thursday. ¬†Several stores I’ve recently visited have already stocked their shelves with autumn-themed items. ¬†Big Lots in Dudley even had two aisles filled with Halloween stuff!

Best of all:  it means Christmas is right around the corner!


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Life Lessons: Nixing Narcissists

Part 1 to healing is learning the following:

You have the right to be treated with respect.

You have the right to express your feelings, opinions and wants.

You have the right to set your own priorities.

You have the right to say ‚Äúno‚ÄĚ without feeling guilty.

You have the right to get what you pay for.

You have the right to have opinions different than others.

You have the right to take care of and protect yourself from being threatened physically, mentally or emotionally.

You have the right to create your own happy and healthy life.

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Haters Know Hate

Ironically twenty years ago I said it was time for a female president and I knew Hillary Clinton would be the one.  I used to say she has more balls than her male colleagues and I feel that statement still holds true.

No, she is not perfect.  Far from it.  Nobody is, whether they think they are or not.  But as with any job, or as what should happen with any job, the most qualified person should be the one that gets hired.

If you were the owner of a restaurant looking for a head chef, would you hire someone who had little or no cooking experience?  Why should the job of president be any different?  Why would we hire someone who has very little political experience?

As with any job, you want your employees to be respectful and courteous to each other and to your customers. ¬†You wouldn’t want to hire a head chef for your restaurant, no matter how good he or she may be, who is rude to their colleagues and calls the customers names when they send something back to the kitchen. ¬†Why would we hire someone who is disrespectful and rude, among many other undesirable¬†traits, to be president of the United States?

As a former member of Corporate America, I can attest to the fact that hiring the wrong types of people to work in your business can doom you.  Is that what we want for our country?  There may be some sick fucks out there who do., for whatever reason.

So many haters keep harking on “30,000 deleted emails” regarding something that happened four years ago. ¬†Other than the fact that haters love to hate and this is the bulk of what they have to hate with, “30,000 deleted emails” is nothing compared to threatening the very people you are trying to persuade to vote for you. ¬†Then again, haters know hate. ¬†Haters follow hate. ¬†Some thrive on it. ¬†So hate will more than likely vote for hate.

And if enough haters vote and win, the kitchen and the entire restaurant will eventually burn to the ground, along with the melting pot of America.


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Give Me Your Huddled Masses Yearning To Breathe Free

A #ThrowbackThursday moment from last November.  Happy early Thanksgiving!

Imagine if ignorant minds will allow:  your great-grandparents Charles and Annie Fitzpatrick arrive at Ellis Island during the height of the potato famine.  Before they can even step foot off the boat, they are turned away because America is no longer accepting immigrants.  Especially Irish ones.  Guess Chuck and Annie would be going back to Ireland to starve and I would cease to exist.

Now imagine you have lived in Syria all your life.  Your country is in a Civil War and like tens of thousands of others, your home has been destroyed.  To save yourself you realize the only thing to do is to flee.  You and your family suddenly become refugees.

Like Charles and Annie, you head to America. ¬†It’s difficult to get settled into your new country. ¬†Most of the states don’t want you because you are from Syria, your religion is Muslim and a bunch of Syrian assholes you’ve never met decided to terrorize the city of Paris. ¬†And¬†it’s all your fault. ¬†But hey, you’re a professor with a wife and two kids and you don’t even own a gun. ¬†That’s how much they know.

Many people don’t realize it but a similar thing happened to all the Japanese and Japanese-Americans who were living here after Pearl Harbor. ¬†In our ignorance we blamed each and every one of them for what the Japanese government did on December 7, 1941. ¬†Because of that these innocent people were ridiculed, bullied, tortured and segregated into camps. ¬†Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

This may be a poor analogy of what is going on with the refugees in the world right now, but the next time you side with a member of the government in their not wanting to help people who need it most, think about how you would feel if you were in their shoes and you were the refugee. ¬†How would you feel if you weren’t allowed to reside in another state because of your religion, because you were from Massachusetts or because you were a Patriots fan? ¬†How would you feel if you weren’t allowed to reside in another country for these same reasons? ¬†How would you feel if the government wanted to interrogate you because of your love for the Boston Red Sox? ¬†Or because you believe Tom Brady is innocent?

This isn’t 1957 any longer, people. ¬†We are not in the midst of the Cold War. ¬†We are not stocking our bomb shelters with canned goods. ¬†Why are we so afraid because of a few assholes in the world? ¬†Understand that although there is evil, good overrides it every time. ¬†If it didn’t humanity would cease to exist. ¬†Think about it. ¬†We would’ve all been killed off long ago if not for the amount of good in the world.

That’s something I’ll remember and be thankful for while eating my mashed potatoes this Thanksgiving…