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Making Spirits Brighter One Card at a Time

Christmas, as we know, is often a time to spread cheer.  And sometimes there are people out there who need more cheer than others.  That’s where the Angel Card Project comes in.

You can read about it here:

Basically, you sign up and you receive a list of names (and there are A LOT of names!) of individuals who could use a boost of the Christmas spirit in the form of a simple Christmas card.  That’s it.  Just a card is all that is needed.  It could be a boxed card, homemade, an emotional Hallmark card, any kind of a Christmas greeting card.  And there is no minimum or maximum of how many people you send cards to.  You could send one.  You could send one hundred.  For these folks just getting a Christmas card would mean the world.  Many of them have very little, if anything.  Some are shut-ins.  Many have medical issues or disabilities.  Some are imprisoned.  But they all have one thing in common:  they could all use a little extra joy this Christmas, even if it’s from a stranger.  For many of them, that may be all the happiness they receive this holiday season.

Consider volunteering to send out a card or cards to some people who need it this year.  Your heart will thank you for it.

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What’s in a Christmas Song?

Once again the airwaves are filling up with the sounds of Christmas.  Which is fine with me, since I love Christmas and actually listen to the music all year long.

There is one song, however, that I have grown immensely tired of hearing.  No, it’s not Mariah’s song.  Yet.  It’s “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.  Controversy aside, I’m simply bored with it.  I don’t care who sings it, I’m done with it.  And it has nothing to do with its “controversy”.

No disrespect to John Legend and Kelly Clarkson’s lyrical remake this year, which I won’t get into because that topic has grown tiresome also.  But whether you change the lyrics or not, it’s still a 70-year-old worn out song.  You can argue over the meaning of the lyrics until the end of time, it’s not going to change the fact that, in the end, it’s just another classic Christmas song.  One that has grown old with the ages.  Take it or leave it.

For me, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” has gone out to pasture.

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The Tradition Continues: War On Christmas

A #WaybackWednesday special.  Originally posted four years ago:


The holidays are upon us and so are the yearly traditions:  drinking eggnog, sending greetings, decorating trees, watching “Rudolph” and putting up controversial billboards.  The latter is at least a tradition for the organization known as American Atheists.  For the rest of us it’s an opportune time to raise our glasses of eggnog, roll our eyes and say “whatever”.  These billboards have become so old hat, most people briefly glance at them and say “ho hum”.

This year’s billboard kind of made me chuckle:


First of all, the kid depicted in this photo looks devious.  Secondly, I believe the statement “I’m too old for fairy tales” could be considered an oxymoron.  Too old for fairy tales?  Yet in the billboard the child is “writing” a letter to Santa and is wearing a Santa hat!  Dear child, which fairy tale are you too old for?

I feel skipping church is perfectly fine.  I haven’t been to church in years but I still believe in God.  My belief is that you don’t need to go to a church to believe in God, to pray to God or to practice your religion.  Just as it is my belief that atheists don’t need to spend their money on putting up billboards to let others know they don’t believe in God.  We know you don’t believe in God.  You don’t need to throw it at us.

I’m not letting any religious groups off the hook either.  I know some of them spend money on a yearly billboard or advertisement of some sort pushing the real “reason for the season”.  The believers know what the reason for the season is.  Again, we don’t need you to throw it at us.

Here’s an idea for both of these groups of people:  take the goddamn money you spend on the billboard, the newspaper ads, the commercials, etc. and give it to a worthy cause.  All that money you waste telling people what they already know about your belief or non-belief could be used to feed the hungry, clothe the needy or care for the sick.

Kindness towards your fellow human being:  THAT is what Christmas is REALLY about!