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Growing Up A Toys “R” Us Kid

After 70 years Toys “R” Us is getting ready to close their doors forever.

I grew up a Toys “R” Us kid.  My daughter grew up a Toys “R” Us kid.  What other store exists where you can go and walk among zillions of toys and have fun?  Toys “R” Us was it.

It’s the only place I could find The Muppets figurines my daughter loves.  I even found Muppets pins.  I scored some major toy bargains from Toys “R” Us over the years.  A Loopz game for five bucks one Black Friday.  And a Barbie Dream House several years ago for $99.00!  Coupons and reward points helped.  That was Toys “R” Us.

Now with the liquidation pending I will once again venture out to what was once the world’s biggest toy store and see what final bargains I may be able to snag.  This time for my five-year-old niece.

And who could ever forget the theme song?