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A Sign of Summer

In my small neck of the woods there are many signs that summer is right around the corner:  the first ninety degree day, The Clam Box/Dresser Hill/Howard’s/Ronnie’s are open for business once again, Dunks has their ice cream flavored coffees for sale and you can wear shorts without freezing.

But to me the biggest sign that summer is upon us is that the Leicester Drive-In reopens.  Didn’t it just close six months ago?

I haven’t been to a drive-in, particularly the Leicester Drive-In, in years.  They just aren’t what they used to be.

When I was a kid going to the drive-in was a treat.  Our drive-in of choice was the Oxford Twin.  Every time I visit Walmart the location brings back memories, since that is where the Oxford Twin was located.  A night at the drive-in usually consisted of us going in my mother’s brown-paneled station wagon.  Pajamas were optional.  Swings and the playground before the show were a must.  No need to wear down the car battery to hear the movie.  They had those neat speakers you attached to the window.  And forget the concession stand.  Why pay exorbitant prices (even back then) when you could make and bring your own popcorn, Kool-Aid and State Line potato chips (my favorite when I was a kid).

Today it costs $28.00 a carload to attend the drive-in.  You do get to see two movies and as long as they’re two movies you really want to see, I’m sure it’s worth it.  Although it’s not the $5.00 price I remember when I was a kid, it’s still kind of a bargain.  If you have a mini-van and don’t mind sitting in cramped, steamy quarters for two to four hours.