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Four Seats

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Exactly When Does Our Country Come First?

That was the question Henry Winkler asked on Twitter yesterday in the wake of the release of the redacted Mueller report.  And it’s a question every American should be asking themselves.

As a country we are at a crossroads regarding what should happen next with the person who calls himself the “leader” of America (a/k/a SHITHOLE).  He feels confident with his corrupt AG Bastard Barr (I call him his AG because he certainly is not the AG for America–not with the games he’s playing with America regarding a report about his “boss”).  Bastard Barr is a “yes” man.  I know there’s controversy over whether SHITHOLE should be impeached (which he certainly could and should be, even with the amount of redacted evidence in the report).  However, it’s very likely Bastard Barr will be impeached instead.  So, what to do with SHITHOLE?  Well, according to the calendar, this time next year we will be the midst of many presidential debates.  There is even a Republican going up against SHITHOLE (Bill Weld) and, don’t knock him till you know him, folks, he could beat SHITHOLE.  Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

There are scenarios that can happen that I doubt SHITHOLE has even considered.  Because, as we know, SHITHOLE is not the brightest bulb in America.  Maybe Russia.  But not America.

First of all, assuming he faces a Democrat, it’s not going to be a Democrat who, like Clinton, had tons of baggage.  Yes, there will be baggage.  They all have it.  But there isn’t going to be a Benghazi SHITHOLE can toss at them.  There isn’t going to be 30,000 emails he can ask Russia to find.  And we all know he’s going to have the Russians do something.  I’m sure the FBI, CIA and any other intelligence agency knows he’s going to have the Russians do something also.

You can take any potential Democratic candidate and say, “okay, what can SHITHOLE throw at this one?”.  How’s it going to look to everyone but his sheep if SHITHOLE stands on a debate stage calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”?  Or if he calls Pete Buttigieg a “fag”?  Beto an “Irish drunk”?  Kamala and Cory “niggers”?  Because as we all know SHITHOLE hates women, homosexuals and people of color, among other things.  I’m sure he’d come up with plenty for Biden and Biden would chew him up and spit him out.  He’s not going to be able to have his Russian buddies debate for him. And it’s not going to be as easy for him this time around.

Let’s say a Democrat wins.  Of course we’ve already been warned of how SHITHOLE is going to react:  like a two-year-old who lost his binkie.  Get ready for the cries of “voter fraud”, the “thousands of people being bused from MA to NH to vote” (I’m still waiting to see the evidence of this from Stephen “Gargamel” Miller), don’t even be surprised if he says the Russians did it!  But it will be must-see-TV to watch his fat ass being hauled out of the White House by the military police if he refuses to leave.  That would be better than an impeachment.  It would be our opportunity to watch him fall from the highest pinnacle.  And it would be glorious.

Remember what happened in November 2018?  We flipped the House.  It was a surprise to many in the GOP, but not a surprise to America.  America is sick of the shit going on in Washington and they spoke up at the polls.  They will speak even louder next November.  It is not out of the question that the Senate could be flipped as well.  Because many seats are up for grabs (Turtleface McConnell and “grab-my-pearls” Graham are two of them).

Then there’s the case of SHITHOLE “miraculously” “winning” the “presidency” again.  If the Democrats still have the House and take the Senate?  Impeachment would be starting before he could take his “oath”.  Even if they don’t take the Senate.  And that would be almost as beautiful as seeing his ass hauled out of the White House by military police.

So that’s how we can make America come first, folks.  We have the power to do it, in whatever way it happens.  If by chance SHITHOLE is impeached before then or dies, great.  If not, we know what we need to do.

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Forever Grateful For Gronk

I know all good things must come to an end.  Today was one of those days.  Today was the day Rob Gronkowski announced that after nine years in the NFL he was retiring.

Before Gronk came into the league I understand the tight end position was a position created for a player to stand at the end of the offensive line.  He could be a pass catcher.  He could be a run blocker.  He was smaller than an offensive lineman but bigger than a receiver.  The tight end would be the in between.  He’d be more a blocker for the running game.  When Gronk came in he did both exceptionally well.  He was a phenomenal run blocker and could catch a pass and run—because he was faster than most tight ends and had better hands than those that came before him.

The Patriots, being the Patriots, used him in both ways.  The question for other team defenses became how do you stop Gronk?  You can’t cover him with a linebacker; he’s too fast.  If you try having one of your defensive backs cover him he’s too big and he’ll run them over.  Gronk was the ultimate tight end who could do everything.  He changed the tight end position as we know it.  That’s what made him so special.  We’ve never seen anyone like this. And it will be a long time before we see it again.  If ever.

Throw in the fact he was a fan favorite, a good presence in the locker room, a fun-loving overall good guy and you have the perfect prototypical tight end and player.

I can’t blame Gronk for his decision of retiring.  He is going out on top, having just won his third Super Bowl.  He is undoubtedly a first-round Hall of Famer.  What else was there to achieve?

As a fan I will miss Gronk as a player and a personality.  Some of my favorite football moments were because of Gronk.  The football spikes.  The goofiness on the sidelines.  The goofiness off the field. The Gronk Nation Youth Foundation. His numerous product endorsements. The Gronk Party Bus.  He’s. Just. Gronk.

Knowing how Gronk is I’m sure we will see plenty of him in the future one way or another.  Whatever he chooses to do with the rest of his life, I’m sure he’ll do it in the same way he played football:  with greatness.

Here’s to you, Gronk!



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It’s quite clear that the person who refers to himself as “president of the United States” is a haunted person.

He’s haunted by his own past. He’ll be haunted by his own future.

He’s haunted by past presidents; especially the most recent one because he’s haunted by the fact he’ll never live up to or exceed that guy. In addition his own racism towards that guy haunts him daily.

Sadly this person who refers to himself as “president” is haunted by a war hero Senator who passed away merely six months ago. He’s haunted by the fact that the Senator did more for his country than he’ll ever do. And it’s very obvious from this person who refers to himself as “president” and his many remarks on and off social media, that the Senator haunts him. May the Senator haunt him until the end of time.

The person who refers to himself as “president” is haunted by women. Women he has hurt. Women who he doesn’t respect. Which is every woman.

He is extremely haunted by immigrants. In fact, he’s terrified of them so much he’s become haunted by a fictional wall.

It’s a terrible thing to have to go through life being haunted. It’s even more difficult to “run” a country while being haunted. Little by little it will drive you insane.


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Not getting answers

Being pushed aside

Dealing with the same shit

Nearly every day

Feeling like there’s no

End to feeling this way

Being here for everybody

Except for myself

Things aren’t always

What they seem

Known that for a while

Such superficial souls

Leading us on