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The Real Plan

Do you want to know what the “real” plan is to fight the coronavirus that has infected almost five million and has killed almost 150,000 Americans?  Yeah.  Don’t we all.

The “real” plan hasn’t been put in place yet because we have nobody big enough in charge to put it in place.  When it is in place what it needs to consist of is at least a two month shut down of the entire country.  That means schools, restaurants, bars, gyms, hair salons, nail salons, zoos, amusement parks, you name it, if it isn’t essential, sells toilet paper or treats people with illnesses, it’s shut down.  If you venture out to get “the essentials”, it’s one person, not the entire clan.  And you will wear a face mask.  Whether you like it or not.  And I know many won’t like it.  They will threaten the very life of the person who implements the “real” plan.  They will bitch and complain, like they did when they couldn’t get their hair and their nails done or couldn’t get a free refill at a restaurant.  So be it.  Let them bitch.  Let them clamor to the streets and stampede on City Hall.  It won’t change a thing.  It will, however, put their lives at risk.  Oh well.

The country won’t be shut down forever.  It will reopen eventually.  But not all at once.  That would be making the same mistake twice.  When it does reopen, it needs to be reopened in phases.  And to be successful, we need cooperation from everyone.  It will be painful.  But what treatment for a disease is not without discomfort?

Until the entire country is finally on the same page regarding the coronavirus, we will never, ever get anywhere.  Even if a successful vaccine is created.  Because even then there are people who will refuse to take it.

If the people of America don’t cooperate once a “real” plan is put into place, not only will you be wearing face masks for the foreseeable future, the economy you once knew may never be known again.




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Yes, it sucks that this player and that player have opted out of playing football.  But I don’t blame them in the least.

Yes, it sucks that almost the entire Florida Marlins team has tested positive for coronavirus.  But what did you expect with playing baseball in Coronaland, FL?

Yes, it sucks that sports fans can’t spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on tickets to go see their favorite team play in person.  Think of all the money you’re saving.

Not having sports in the “normal” sense is not the end of the world.  It really isn’t.  Would you prefer all these high-paid athletes got sick so badly that they could no longer play?  Or worse.  Died?

So give the players who opt out of playing a break.  Personally I feel none of the sports teams should be playing.  They couldn’t have the Olympics this year.  All the college athletes are missing out.  So why should there be any kind of professional sports going on?


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Don’t Be Deceived

Remember the next time you see this ad that the images you are seeing in it are from events occurring in America NOW, during the SHITHOLE “administration”.

Although we don’t know what America will look like under a Biden administration, it sure as hell can’t be any worse than it is now.  Because we are at the bottom of the pit.  Thanks to SHITHOLE.

Don’t be deceived.  This is SHITHOLE’S warped narcissistic mind at work.




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No Need For Alarm

Dr. Fauci.  In America you either love him or you hate him.  I guess it depends on what you want to believe, or who you want to believe.

SHITHOLE not only hates him; he’s jealous of him.  Why else would SHITHOLE invite himself to a Yankees game to throw out the first pitch?  In a city that despises him.  Because he just happened to do that after Dr. Fauci threw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals game the other day.  Then SHITHOLE retracted his own invite!  Because he knows nobody would give a shit!  Such a dumb fuck!

Fauci has something that SHITHOLE will never have.  Intelligence in medicine.  I feel for this guy and the fact that he has to deal with SHITHOLE and his nonsense day in and day out.  And he is belittled by the jealous SHITHOLE because SHITHOLE knows, no matter what Fauci says, he will never be able to say anything better.  Or more correct.  And he knows it.  Because Fauci knows his shit.  And SHITHOLE is shit.

SHITHOLE has called Fauci an “alarmist”.  Why?  Because he’s warning Americans about what’s coming down the pike with regards to the coronavirus?  Because SHITHOLE doesn’t like what Fauci is saying?  Because it’s not what SHITHOLE wants to hear.  Whenever it’s something SHITHOLE doesn’t want to hear it’s bad.  It’s “alarming”.

You know what is really alarming?  The fact that America has a SHITHOLE for a “president” who hasn’t and won’t do a goddamn good thing to help this country in getting through this or anything else that’s going on in the country.  He loves to wreak havoc.  He thrives on it.  It’s the narcissist way.

You know what SHITHOLE is really jealous of?  THIS: