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Why I Don’t Think Trump Will Resign–And I Hope I’m Wrong

With so many people (myself included) calling for ASSHOLE’S resignation from “President”, I don’t think a resignation is going to happen.  And I hope I’m wrong.

ASSHOLE resigning would be the easiest way to get rid of him without affecting anyone else.  All he has to do is draft up some kind of letter, misspellings and all, and present it to whomever (probably Congress).  That would be it.  We would be done with him.

There are a few reasons why I don’t think ASSHOLE will resign:

  1.  He’s a narcissist.  He’s not going to give up the ego-boosting that easily.
  2. Although he has failed at just about everything, he has control of the “presidency” unless he resigns, is impeached (or via the 25th Amendment) or is killed.  He has no control over being impeached or killed.  He does, however, have control over resigning.
  3. If he resigns he can’t blame anyone else for it.  Although I’m sure he’d try.  I can hear it now:  “Obama made me resign!”  Of course if he gets impeached, which is what I do think will happen, the blame game  will be played to the hilt.  He’ll blame everyone including his mother for being impeached.  But he’ll never blame himself.
  4. As long as there are people stupid enough to support him, he’ll never resign.
  5. To ASSHOLE resigning from the “presidency” would be the ultimate in failure. Way bigger than any of his businesses going bust.
  6. It’s difficult to convince someone as delusional as ASSHOLE that he should resign.  He doesn’t feel he has done anything wrong where resignation is necessary.
  7. He lives in a fantasy world where, if he had his way, he’d be “president” forever.
  8. He owes too many shady people too many shady things.  And too many shady people have too many shady things on him.
  9. He is well aware he is under investigation (although he will deny it).  Being the “president” makes him feel “safe”.  He believes that as long as he’s “president” he can get away with anything.  Of course, we all know this isn’t true.
  10. If he resigns his tweets won’t get the kind of attention they get now.  Not that any of them are significant in any way, but sometimes they sure as hell are hysterical!

Even if the end for ASSHOLE comes to impeachment (and I think it will), I still don’t think he’ll resign before being impeached.  He’ll deny the impeachment the entire way.  He’ll lie his way through everything.  Perjure himself.  Obstruct justice.  Shit, he already has.  And through it all he could’ve simply resigned.

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Ever Wonder?

Have you ever wondered what certain celebrities who passed pre-ASSHOLE would have thought about our country’s current political “situation”?

On the anniversary of his death I was wondering what Robin Williams would have thought of our ASSHOLE “president”.  I’m sure whatever it would’ve been, it would’ve been hilarious.  Such as:


That’s a good start…


and one of the reasons is all the bullshit that spews from ASSHOLE’S mouth



I’m not sure God gave ASSHOLE enough blood for either one!



That sums Washington, DC up PERFECTLY!

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Are They Really Listening To America?

America’s ASSHOLE-in-chief and the GOP have come up with a survey for “real” Americans.  Apparently they want to know what “real” Americans think of some of the bullshit that they’re pulling.

Since I consider myself a “real” American, I figured I’d take the survey and share the answers here.  On many of the answers I did elaborate here, even if it didn’t allow me to elaborate on the actual survey itself.


Listening to America survey:

Which state do you live in?

  • Massachusetts – Ranked #1 overall by U.S. News & World Report, as well as #2 in health care and #1 in education.  Just my opinion but I feel Massachusetts is the best state in New England, if not the entire nation.  Oh, and we have the Patriots too  🙂


  • How would you rate the current direction of our economy?  (Great, Good, Fair, Bad, Other, please specify)

Other:  I chose “other” because as of this moment I feel our economy is in “neutral”, meaning that enough time has not passed to see where we will be once you are done destroying us.  We are still reveling in eight years of prime leadership and are trying to hold on to it for as long as we can.

  • Do you feel your elected representative fights for the issues you care about?
    Yes I do.  For the record:
  • Reps for my state:
  • Senators:  Warren and Markey – both great
  • House Reps:  we have nine – the one for my district, Richard Neal, has represented us for years and has done a great job.
  • Governor – Despite being a Republican, Charlie Baker’s got my vote should he run again.
  • And Marty Walsh has made a great mayor of Boston

Reps for my country:

ASSHOLE 1 and ASSHOLE 2 – need I say more?


         * Which issue do you want to see prioritized more

Gee, where do I start?  I’m going to change “issue” to “issues” and go from there:

  1. Let’s start with the issue in the White House.  You know, the 71-year-old narcissistic, childish issue who tweets all the time
  2. Next, the issue in Congress and the fact they don’t know which way is up
  3. The issue of health care.  The fact that the 71-year-old child in the White House and the GOP even CONSIDERED repealing it should tell all of America just what these people think of us.
  4. The issues of racism, fascism, sexism, discrimination against people of other religions, other sexual orientation, other countries, even the elderly.
  5. The issues of the 71-year-old child in the White House bullying his counterparts and non-counterparts
  6. The issue of Russia and the fact that the 71-year-old child in the White House and his minions would even consider associating with them for whatever reason.


  • Are your taxes too high?
  • No
  • Is saving enough for your retirement a big concern for you?


Is being able to get a job a struggle for you or your community?

Not for me and as far as I know, not my community either.


  • Do you feel your job is threatened by unfair trade deals?


  • Do you think legal immigration should be reduced until unemployment drops?

No. (1) I don’t feel we currently have a very high unemployment rate and (2) immigrants help keep unemployment rates low because they will more willingly take jobs non-immigrants refuse to take.

  • Have excessive government regulations, rules, and red tape burdened you personally?

No, but regulations that were put in place by EPA (ones that the 71-year-old child has since removed) were there to help the environment.  But that’s what you get when you have a 71-year-old child in the White House who doesn’t give a fuck about anything or anyone but himself.

  • Would you like to be able to use what you pay for childcare, eldercare, and other similar programs as a tax credit?

I already do.

  • If applicable, are you satisfied with the education your child is receiving?

Yes, very satisfied.  My state offers many options.  Even an on-line public school option.

  • Do you support Common Core?

Yes.  What I don’t support is the new way a lot of teachers like to teach.  Especially with math.

  • Do you want to see more technical education programs as alternatives to costly four-year universities? 

I know not everyone is cut out for four-year universities or even post-secondary schooling of any kind.  I know of a lot of four-year universities that offer technical education programs as part of their studies.  So what is the point you’re trying to make?  Are you going to pay for the cost of a higher education?

  • Do you think universities today indoctrinate rather than teach students? 

No.  I also feel that a student will only get out of higher education what they put into it.

  • How would you rate the infrastructure in your neighborhood? (Great, Good, Fair, Bad, Other)


  • Do you trust the media?

Yes, I do.  But I don’t trust the 71-year-old child in the White House or his minions.

  • Do you find the news to be generally too negative/hateful?

No.  I actually find it very truthful.  If the truth is negative/hateful, that isn’t the fault of the media.  Most of the time they’re only reporting to us what the 71-year-old child in the White House has said.  Which is usually something negative and/or hateful.

  • Do you think our country is too divided?

I don’t feel it is as divided as it was in 1861 but I also think the country will always be divided somewhat, whether it be by politics, religion, bathroom use, etc.  It’s just how people are.  Not everyone is going to like everyone, nor do you have to.  It’s when you take the divisiveness to another level and become violent towards one another that you have a problem.

  • Do you agree with President Trump’s messaging?

Fuck no.  Even if he had a message to provide, it would still be “fuck no”.

  • Do you hold more socially conservative views?

No.  I’m a very open-minded person and I believe everyone should be able to live their life how they WANT to, not by WHAT they are told is right or wrong.

  • Do you feel that you cannot publicly admit that you support Trump?

Is this a fucking joke?  I wouldn’t support that ASSHOLE publicly or privately, on the Earth, on the Moon, in another galaxy, in another country. Nada.  Nil.  NEVER!

  • Do you think stopping taxpayer-funding of abortion remains a priority?

I may have missed the memo on this one.  I personally have never had an abortion but I’ve known women who have (one was medically necessary) and they had to pay for it themselves.  The medically necessary one was paid for through insurance.

  • Do you believe that the Second Amendment is unfairly targeted as the reason for increased gun violence?

No.  I feel the reason for increased gun violence is because guns are ending up in the wrong hands.

  • Do you want to see more done to stop radical Islamic terrorists from coming to our shores?

Not if it consists of some ASSHOLE banning people of any one religion from entering the United States.  What if the people behind 9/11 were all Catholics?  Would that mean ASSHOLE would be banning all Catholics from the United States?

  • Do you support President Trump’s temporary restriction on immigration from terrorism-compromised countries?

No, because between you, me and the lamppost, we all know his “plan” was never “temporary”.  If anything it was discriminatory.

  • Are you concerned by the potential spread of Sharia Law?

Not anymore than I’m concerned of the spread of Atheism.

  • Is Russia a concern to you?

As Sting sang back in the 80’s “The Russians love their children too”.  I know there are ordinary people living their ordinary lives in Russia.  They probably dislike their ASSHOLE as much as we dislike our ASSHOLE.  In that sense I have no concerns about Russia.

Russia only becomes a concern for me when some ASSHOLE in America decides to collude with Russia to help him win the presidency because he doesn’t have the confidence to win it on his own.  Russia becomes a concern for me when some ASSHOLE and his minions sneak around and meet with Russian agents and Russian spies and Russian oligarchs and the Russian president and then lie about the meetings or deny the meetings.

  • Has illegal immigration had a negative impact on your community?

No.  Just like legal immigration it has helped, especially in the job market.

  • Is the drug epidemic especially big in your community?

Not in my direct community that I know of.  But 20 miles outside of my direct community, yes.  Then again, right now in America, where is there NOT a drug epidemic?  Hence the word “epidemic”.  And the 71-year-old child in the White House doesn’t seem to want to do anything about it.  Except call New Hampshire a “drug den”.

  • English is currently not recognized as the official language of the United States. Do you think it should be?

No.  Just as I don’t feel any one culture, religion, race or sexuality should be official.  America is a melting pot.  We are a little bit of everything.

  • What else do you think the President needs to know about the real America? We’re listening.

Again, where do I start?

  1.  I know the “president” is not listening because he doesn’t listen to anyone.  He’ll tell you what you want to hear but he won’t listen to what you have to say.  He’s proven that. 
  2. You can’t make something great “again” that is “already” great.  Maybe that’s part of ASSHOLE’S problem.  Trying to make something great that is already great.
  3. Don’t tell us WHAT you’re going to do; tell us HOW you’re going to do it.  Most of us are more interested in the journey and the end result than in a bunch of bullshit.  Besides, telling HOW you plan on doing something makes you seem more credible.  Shit, ANYONE can tell you WHAT they’re going to do.  I could tell you I’m going to become a millionaire.  Wouldn’t you want to know HOW I plan on doing that?  If I told you I was going to buy a mansion and you knew I was piss poor, wouldn’t you wonder how the fuck I was going to afford it?  Maybe have some rich Mexican buy it for me?


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The 5 Fears of the Narcissist — Knowing the Narcissist

1. You will leave You are our primary source of fuel, our life giver and without this precious fuel we are thrown into chaos, impending oblivion on the horizon. You signed an unwritten contract to supply us with potent and delicious fuel until we decide to the contrary. It is our decision. It is not…

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A Bit Of Much Needed Mass Humor

In taking a break from the usual political bullshit tonight (GRAND JURY, MAN!  WHOO!), I was perusing some Masshole memes, had a few chuckles and decided to share a few.  Just for shits and giggles 🙂

But you can visit East Brookfield. We’re the youngest town in the state and we have a very nice lake.


We’re not all from Boston. But when we go there, we try to talk like the natives.


Best chips since State Line!



Very accurate map



TRUTH! Especially in the spring and fall…



Where there isn’t a Cumby’s, there’s a Dunks



This man knows victory



And so does this man


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The House

Imagine you just purchased your dream home.  You’ve been working for this all your life.  You’ve saved, you’ve done all your homework and you found the perfect home for you and your family.

The house isn’t brand new.  In fact, it’s almost twenty years old.  The realtor called it a “starter home”.  It does need some work, mainly a little TLC.  Each room could use a paint job, probably even some wallpaper.  The carpets are worn in each room.  The driveway needs repaving.  The yard needs mowing and is in dire need of serious landscaping.  The basement is solid.  No cracks in the foundation.  No water.  The home inspector said the support beams are in “fantastic shape”.  No signs of termites or other pests.  The house is far from perfect but you love it anyway and you know in time you will turn it into the home you’ve always wanted.

The house is very habitable so your family move in.  You can survive living with some areas that could use updates.  Updates are always good.  The important thing is you have a solid foundation.  Because without that you can’t follow through with anything else.  At least you’re not starting from scratch.

This may be a poor analogy but it’s one I’m using to demonstrate what Congress had and decided not to use.  They really could’ve made it very easy for themselves.  They had a solid base to work with but they weren’t satisfied with that.  Instead they decided to gut the whole “house”, make it difficult on themselves and start from scratch.  All they had to do was keep the base and do some updates over time.  Now they’re stuck with a mess and they don’t know what to do with it.  Nor do they care because if they’re left with a mess of a “house”, they can easily just leave it for someone else to clean up.

Those “someones” are roughly 23 million Americans.

So much for our dream home…