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Dearest Extremist Assholes

There’s no law saying you have to like or accept Biden as President. But not liking or accepting him doesn’t give you the right to destroy property, threaten lives and kill people.

We never liked or accepted SHITHOLE as President. Mainly because he wasn’t one. He was a SHITHOLE. And he proved it every day. If he had ever proved himself to be a “president”, maybe more of us would have accepted that and he’d still be one. But it’s difficult to re-elect a “president” who wasn’t even a “president” to begin with.

It’s a free country, as we all know and as you extremist assholes keep touting. You don’t have to like the President. As you can tell, not many like the one who is about to leave office. But although we didn’t accept or like SHITHOLE as President, we didn’t storm the Capitol, destroy property, threaten lives, including the Vice President and kill people like a bunch of banshees from an uncivilized world. Instead we IMPEACHED SHITHOLE and VOTED HIM OUT. Because THAT is what a sane democracy does.

So I’m going to tell all you extremist assholes what you told us four years ago when your precious SHITHOLE won the “presidency”:


And my favorite from SHITHOLE himself: WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE?

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A Taste of His Own Medicine

Funny how four years later the tables have been turned. Almost to the day.

On January 27, 2017, seven days after SHITHOLE was inaugurated, he signed an Executive Order that banned foreign nationals from seven predominantly Muslim countries from visiting the country for 90 days, suspended entry to the country of all Syrian refugees indefinitely, and prohibited any other refugees from coming into the country for 120 days.

Fast-forward four years to Friday, January 8, 2021. SHITHOLE tweeted encouraging and somewhat congratulatory statements to his SHITHOLE terrorist supporters and then indicated he wasn’t going to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration. These actions, among many others that led up to this, prompted Twitter to do what Twitter should have done four years before: BAN SHITHOLE.

They completely suspended his account.

Many, including SHITHOLE, have bitched that this violates his First Amendment rights. If anything, what he said Friday and many things he has said in the past, including videos and photos he has posted, have continuously violated Twitter’s TOS. This ban was a long time coming.

Being banned from Twitter does not violate your First Amendment rights because as many pointed out, SHITHOLE has the ability to communicate whatever the fuck he wants to right from the White House. He has an entire press pool and press secretary at his beck and call to use whenever he wants, so he can say whatever he wants. But it’s easier for SHITHOLE to be a bully when he’s hiding behind his phone. It’s not so easy, or wise, for SHITHOLE to say to a White House reporter “I want to tell all those great people who did damage to the Capitol, assisted in killing some people, including police officers, stole government property and threatened the lives of the people in Congress, including our own Vice President, that I love them, more than America, but never more than myself, and thank them BIGLY for their efforts to steal back my election and thanks for the votes!”

Being banned from Twitter is just the tip of the justice iceberg. There is plenty more to come.

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You claim you had an election stolen from you. Considering most of what you’ve had in your life was just handed to you, you have never experienced anything being stolen from you, SHITHOLE.

But let me tell you what has been stolen from America for the past four years, all because of you:

To start with: decency, kindness, respect

civil rights

environmental protection

belief in our journalists

climate control

many lives from violence you incited, whether it be from the “very fine” people you so love and who love you back, like the ones in Charlottesville or even the one life taken today in Washington, DC, or the irrational police enforcement in Minneapolis and beyond which you support.

This is not to mention the nearly 360,000 deaths from a virus that you ignored, downplayed, considered a hoax and swore would just go away. And yet here we are in America with hospitals in nearly every state at or on the brink of ICU capacity.

America has lost its integrity because of you. We are no longer the country the rest of the world looks up to. Rather we are the country the world laughs at.

You once referred to Haiti and other African countries as “shithole countries”. They are nothing compared to the shithole country you’ve turned America into. They had a long time to get there. You only did it in four years.

You violated and ruined the reputations of at least 26 women, not to mention the many businesses and other individuals you have damaged and have stolen from or ripped off with your various criminal acts over the years, even during your “presidency”.

You attempted to steal our health coverage.

You stole from us with your “tax reform” so you could give more money to your rich SHITHOLE buddies, while the bulk of us were owing the IRS money we had never owed before.

So stop complaining about having an election “stolen” from you.

Nothing was “stolen” from you, SHITHOLE. You outright lost. You know why you lost the election, SHITHOLE? You know why Loeffler and Perdue lost their Senate races? Because AMERICANS have spoken and they are saying WE ARE SICK OF YOUR SHIT!!!!!!!! WE ARE SICK OF A GREAT DEAL OF REPUBLICANTS SHIT!!!!!

No amount of SHITHOLE supporters can save you. Let them storm the Capitol. Let them storm the White House. Like the SHITHOLE they support, they are the stupid ones. And there are more of US than there are of THEM.

You said we’d be winning, SHITHOLE. Yet all we have done is lost.

Pack your bags, SHITHOLE. I know there are many places you could be going, but I know for sure one of them will no longer be the White House.

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It’s Not Their Say

There was an election.

And millions of people stood in lines, sometimes for hours, to have their voices heard. To say that they are sick of SHITHOLE and they want Biden for President. And their votes were scrutinized up and down, left and right and all around. And they found nothing wrong, except for the two fraudulent votes in PA where two people had their dead mothers vote for SHITHOLE. And Biden won. And SHITHOLE lost. Because he is a loser.

Yet there are a bunch of people who consider themselves “senators”, people who work for us Americans, many who were on those very ballots that we cast, who are trying to say that our votes don’t count. That only what they say is what matters.

No, it doesn’t work that way. And they know it.

These assholes are only pulling this shit to benefit the idiot MAGA SHITHOLE supporters, so they can try to save their own asses when their names come up again. Their hope is the idiots will remember “oh, that’s so-and-so. They tried to turn the election for SHITHOLE. They are my hero! And I will stupidly vote for them again and again. Because I’m a dumb MAGAASS.”

Sorry. But these senators do not have a say in what the majority of Americans voted for. And it will not end well for any of them. They will regret the day they ever tried to mess with democracy.

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The Movies of 2020

Like so many others I did spend a lot of time watching movies this past year. Most of them were movies I had never seen before. Not all of them were movies I saw on Netflix. I rented some from Fandango, saw some on YouTube and others I saw on other Roku streaming channels. Only one of them I saw in a theater. Some were good. Some were bad. But I was entertained. Sometimes. Before I get to the list of movies I saw, I also want to mention I did finally manage to finish watching “The Office”. And I’m so glad I did. What. A. Show.

Okay, so here we go:

First, the one and only movie I saw in the theater this year:

“The Way Back”. saw it back in the beginning of March, right before everything shut down. Mainly saw it because I’m an Affleck fan and I like basketball. It was a decent film. Worth seeing. One of the better films I saw this year.

Now for the absolute worst movie I saw this year. Actually, quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen:

“Gerry” – OMG. What was I thinking in seeing this movie? It is two hours of my life I am never going to get back. I really should have turned it off when after ten minutes they were still driving in the car and hadn’t spoken a word. I only wanted to see it because Matt Damon was in it! UGH!

First time seeing a movie that I should have seen in the 80’s:

“Gremlins” – yes, I know. I had always heard the hype about this movie and the rules about not feeding them after midnight, not getting them wet and not exposing them to sunlight. It was a pretty good movie and I still shame myself for never seeing it before 2020.

“The Rocker” – only saw this because we were looking up movies that Rainn Wilson had been in. Plus when I saw Josh Gad was in it, I figured what the hell. Spent some of our Fandango money on it. It had its moments.

“Juno” – again discovered it when searching Rainn Wilson movies. I had heard of it, knew it was popular and I don’t regret seeing it. My daughter liked it better than I did. Couldn’t get past the music. Just not my sound. Even more interesting that it now stars Elliot Page.

“Let’s Be Cops” – my daughter is a huge “New Girl” fan so in searching some of the stars from the show, she came upon this. Stupid, but good for a few laughs. Still way better than “Gerry”.

“Downsizing” – saw this on Spectrum and it was one of those Matt Damon films that I had never seen (big Matt Damon fan, hence why I had to see “Gerry”). It had its stupid moments, but it was okay. Would I see it again? Nah.

“A River Runs Through It” – saw it on Roku and said, “Well, it has Brad Pitt in it. It can’t be too bad”. It wasn’t. It was pretty good actually.

“Shawshank Redemption” – can’t remember if I saw this on Netflix or Roku but I was like, “so many people have talked about this movie” and I like Morgan Freeman. I was hesitant because I don’t like prison flicks. Oh. My. God. What a fantastic film! Probably the best I’ve seen all year. Definitely WAY better than “Gerry”!

“Hubie Halloween” – I am far from being a big Adam Sandler fan and I have seen way too many Sandler films than I would like to admit to. He is good for a few laughs and I loved the cast of this film. Setting the silliness and stupidity of Sandler movies aside, it was highly entertaining. Best thing I watched at Halloween. In fact, I think it was the only Halloween movie I saw.

“All My Life” – I just saw this last week. I only saw it because my daughter is a huge “Glee” fan and Harry Shum, Jr. from “Glee” is in it. It was a dramatic love story, based on a true story, not unlike many other stories I’ve heard before. So, for me it was ho-hum.

Now to the Christmas movies:

“Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey” – when I saw this was coming to Netflix, I knew I had to see it. I’m not a big musical fan but I got through it. I enjoy the acting of Forest Whitaker. It was worth a watch.

“Christmas Chronicles 2” – I had so enjoyed 2018’s “Christmas Chronicles” and I really admire Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. But this one just didn’t cut it for me. I did manage to watch the entire thing but I ended up feeling disappointed.

“Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square” – I tried three times to get through this film and just couldn’t do it. I still haven’t finished watching it. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the music. Maybe it was the cheesy acting. I don’t know. I wanted to watch it but just couldn’t do it. Maybe next year.

“Mixed Nuts” – saw this on Roku and since my husband and I are big Steve Martin fans, we had to give it a try. It wasn’t bad. Even with Adam Sandler being in it. He actually lightened it up a bit.

“The Holiday” – this is another movie I started to watch and just couldn’t finish it. How can Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet just boom-bang! switch houses for Christmas and next thing you know, Cameron is smooching it up with Kate’s bro Jude Law when he pops in to take a piss? I left it after that.

“Home For the Holidays” – started watching this on a whim and although my skin was crawling by the end from Robert Downey, Jr’s acting, I made it through. I wouldn’t rush back to watch it in the future.

“Christmas in Connecticut” (1945 and 1992 versions) – I had never seen the 1945 version and I had seen the 1992 version years ago but couldn’t remember it. Both are cheesy, makes-no-sense, trying-to-be-comical-but-not films that I wouldn’t waste my time seeing ever again. If I had to name a worse one, I’d say the 1992 version. Dyan Cannon’s hair bugs me and Kris Kristofferson? Really? Tony Curtis? Directed by Arnold? Ugh.

“The Waltons: The Homecoming” – saw this on Spectrum and I was feeling up for some good old-fashioned Christmas. And that’s what I got. Interesting to note that this was made before the show began, and the only original cast members from the show that are in it are all the children and Ellen Corby. It was a good watch.

“The Christmas Tree” – this was by far the best Christmas movie I saw this season. It is a movie that I originally saw back in 1996 when it aired on TV. It stars Andrew McCarthy, who portrays the person who is in charge of finding the yearly tree for Rockefeller Center. One year he finds his tree, but it is possessively owned by a nun, who is very reluctant to let it go. It’s a very touching story and I was so fortunate to once again find it on YouTube. I think I may even make it a yearly staple to my Christmas movie watching.

The only films I have on my list to see this year that I have not seen are “Greyhound”, which I know is on Apple and has been on my list to see since March (bad Tom Hanks fan, bad!), “News of the World” (which I’m waiting to arrive on Apple) (again, bad Tom Hanks fan, bad!) and “Soul”, which I am planning to see tomorrow. Because although that movie came out in 2020, I want it to be the first movie I see of 2021. Because I’ve heard it’s that good.

I’m now off to see “The Money Pit”. Because I’ve yet to see it for the 100th time. And I’m a good Tom Hanks fan :).