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Once A Loser, Always A Loser


I posted this a year ago today.  How ironic.  Especially since now the FBI has confirmed their investigation of ASSHOLE.  Liz was right then and still is today:  HE IS A LOSER!

No one could’ve said it better than Elizabeth Warren when she began her Facebook post:  “Let’s be honest–Donald Trump is a loser”.

It’s true what she says.  If we don’t take Trump seriously he very well could end up as the next President.  Of course if that happens then we’ll really get to see what kind of loser he is, while hanging on for dear life as he destroys us.

Wake up and smell the coffee, folks.  Everything this guy stands for is bad news.  Is it going to take his setting the country back sixty years for you to realize it?  Ask yourself if you really want someone who is ruthless, immoral, racist, sexist, (fill in the blank here) as the next leader of the United States?  If that is what you want, then so be it.  Have fun trying to survive.  He won’t get anything accomplished anyway, which will just lead to a bunch of temper tantrums.

One of Trump’s main characteristics is narcissism.  Although narcissists try to come off as being almighty and powerful, they actually have very low self-esteems.  Which adds to them being a loser.  I can’t speak for anyone else in the country but personally I’d be embarrassed to have someone like that as the President.

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Rude! Sad!

It’s quite clear that ASSHOLE was extremely intimidated by Merkel.  Maybe it’s because she’s a woman?  Or because of the shit he said about her last year regarding Germany taking in refugees?  Or the fact that she, along with most of America, don’t believe the shit that spews from ASSHOLE’S pie hole?

To not even shake her hand?  That’s just being a rude snob.  I’m sure she thought her time spent in Washington was a waste.  I wouldn’t blame her if she never wanted to come back, at least not while ASSHOLE is there.

I love the look on her face.  She looks very confident.  ASSHOLE looks like a grumpy old fart who hates his job and would rather be somewhere else.  You can tell who the one is with the balls!  HINT:  It ISN’T the male!

At a photo op with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Donald Trump said little and appeared to refuse a handshake suggested by the German leader. In a video of the incident, reporters called for Trump and Merkel to shake hands at the end of the photo op, as is customary during meetings between foreign leaders.…

via Angela Merkel Asked President Trump to Shake Hands. He Appeared to Ignore Her — TIME

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To live and be healthy in America

Going back five years I wrote a post regarding the then pending health care reform.

So many people were in an uproar over having to get health insurance or pay a penalty.  Five years later I still don’t understand why any American wouldn’t want to be medically insured.  You don’t balk at insuring your home or your car.  Shit, some people even insure their pets.  So what’s the big deal about getting health insurance?

Ironically for people who complained about the government being involved in our health insurance five years ago, the government has an even bigger hand in it now than they did then.  It’s so big, in fact, they don’t want anyone to have anything, especially low-income, the elderly and the disabled.

So, how is this new plan the GOP has proposed better?  Maybe some would agree with Asshole Paul Ryan who, when asked to say how many people might lose coverage under the new plan, stated: “It’s up to people.  We’re not going to make an American do what they don’t want to do.  You get it if you want it.”

You get it if you want it.  Imagine if it were like that when you bought a house.  You get it if you want it.  Then you have a fire and ooops!  Too late.  You didn’t have it when you needed it.  That’s how insurance works, folks.  It is something that is put into place for when you need it. Not because you want it or are “forced” to get it.  And as human beings, I don’t care how healthy you are, there will be a point in your life when you will need health insurance.

Here is the post I wrote five years ago regarding this very same topic.  With all that’s going on with the reform of the health care reform, it’s almost as if we reached a milestone and then turned back fifty years and are left in the dark with nothing.


Don’t you think that’s what most Americans would want?  To be able to live and be healthy in America?  Yet somehow there are quite a lot of people out there who don’t seem to get it.  And I don’t understand it.  If you are an individual who has gone without health insurance for a period of time, or has never had it, why would you not want to have it?  Simply because it would mean the government is “forcing” you to have it?  Or is it because you’d have to pay for it?  Uh, duh.  It’s for your own good.  It’s something you need.

I realize many (most?) are enraged by the “individual mandate” thing that states starting in 2014 anyone who does not have insurance through Medicare, Medicaid or his/her employer must purchase insurance or pay a penalty.  This isn’t any different from what I and many others face every October when it comes time for annual benefit enrollment at work.  They offer us a variety of plans (five last year).  I get to look at the pros and cons for all and choose what is best for my family.  And if I decline coverage, I have to prove that I have health insurance coverage somewhere else (like through my spouse).  Yes, my company “mandates” that I have health insurance.  And I also have a portion of my pay taken out towards the cost of my health insurance.

It’s not like this “mandate” is telling people they must have health plan XYZ or nothing; there are going to be choices.  And like the choices I have in choosing a plan, the cheaper you go, the crappier treatment you get.  Then again, you get what you pay for.

Although many do not want to face the possibility of (gasp!) having to pay for their own health insurance (like so many people do now anyway–me included), health care costs and changes are something we do need to face.  How right is it that someone should be able to use the ER as their primary care physician, time and time again, getting free care, while the health insurance premiums for people who pay for health insurance keep going up and up?  Think about it.  If you are a business (such as a hospital) and render a service (such as an X-ray), why wouldn’t you be entitled to payment?  No wonder so many hospitals are closing up shop or being forced to combine their services with other medical facilities just to stay afloat.  If you were a self-employed roofer you wouldn’t expect to do a job for free, would you?  Then why would you expect the hospital to foot the bill for your X-ray when you fall off the roof and break your leg?

To use a bad analogy:  In most states drivers are required to have auto insurance.  They don’t necessarily have to have collision or comprehensive (although they are stupid if they don’t–but that’s another story).  But they are required to carry liability, injury protection, etc.  There’s a reason for it.  To protect themselves.  Just as there is a reason why this healthcare reform was created.  To protect ourselves.  To be able to live longer, healthier lives.

For the ignorant ones who say they never get sick, well, never say never, my friends.  We are only human.  You are going to need some kind of medical treatment at some point in your life.  Not just for illness either.  Do you have any idea how much it costs to have a baby?  Not to mention the costs even before the birth.  There are countless prenatal visits, ultrasounds, etc.  And don’t even think about what it would cost if there were complications before or after the birth.  I wouldn’t think anyone would like to get a bill in the mail from the hospital that would equal the cost of four years of Ivy League college for junior.  That’s just one of the many reasons why it is important to have health insurance.  To defray a lot of the costs of medical care.

I won’t even cover life insurance here.  It amazes me how many people are ignorant about not having life insurance.  It’s there to defray the costs of burial, as well as assist family left behind.  But that’s for another day.

I dunno.  Maybe all these people bitching about this reform law are made of money and they can pay out-of-pocket to have a mammogram or have a baby or get their prescriptions.  More power to them, I guess.  But when they run out of money, when the hospitals turn them away, that’s when I’ll say “I told you so”.


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It’s the wee hours of the morning in Palm Beach, Florida.

A pompous pimple of a man with very bad hair and a constant snarl sits on the golden throne in his bedroom.  He is wearing nothing but a fuzzy white bathrobe.

He grabs his cell phone, launches Twitter and begins scrolling through his tweets.  He chuckles to himself as he reads some of his past posts.

“Ah, so many people love me!” he shouts to nobody.  “Such adoration!”

Then a tweet about his connections to Russia catches his attention.  He once again feels his blood boil.  He recalls the day he went psycho after learning his Attorney General decided to recuse himself from investigations regarding his Russian buddies meddling in the 2016 campaign.

“Goddamn Sessions!” he mumbles under his breath.  “He’s such a pussy!  And I stupidly invited him to come along for our Russian dinner party this weekend!  Fuck!”

I need a plan, he thinks.  A really, really good plan.  Another plan to distract from all this Russia bullshit.  They’re catching on too bigly now.  Nobody cared about the photos I tweeted showing Schumer and Vlad sharing a donut.  And that Pelosi bitch was having a simple dinner meeting with them.  They didn’t sneak him into their home like I had to.  Nothing was under oath.  Like with Sessions.  Goddamn him!

Then a distant memory pops into his angry mind.  He recalls a movie he once saw.  Something about an enemy wire-tapping his victim in order to obtain trade secrets.

“That’s it!” he exclaims to the empty room.

His little fingers start typing feverishly, before he loses his thought.

Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!


The pompous angry man laughs maniacally and rubs his hands together as he continues with his Twitter rant.



How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!


“Ha!  I love it!  Bad or sick guy!  Yeah!  That’ll teach that baboon Obama!”  He shouts which causes his voice to echo in the sparsely furnished room.

Suddenly there is a knock on his bedroom door.  He stands up and hurriedly slips his phone into its secret hiding place–in the pages of an empty book.  Nobody would ever look for it there because they know he doesn’t read.

“What is it?” he calls to the person intruding on his latest dawn Tweet-fest.

“Good morning, Mr. Trump.  I have your morning paper and orange juice for you.”

The person that enters the room is a stout, silver-haired woman of about sixty.  She is wearing a lab coat and her name tag identifies herself as a nurse named Cara.

“Did you sleep well?” she asks as she sets the tray on his dresser.

He gives her the fake smile he is famous for.  “Better than ever.”

She smirks and hands him a little cup containing three pills.  “Can’t forget your meds, Don.”

“Of course,” he says popping them into his mouth.

“The doctor will be in to see you soon,” Cara says.

“Oh, little missy, do you think you could get my pal Vlad on the phone for me?  He said he would call yesterday but he didn’t.”

Cara rolls her eyes.  She goes through this with him every day.  “Donald, Vladimir Putin was eradicated to Siberia years ago after it was discovered you and he–”

Donald holds up his hand.  “Okay, then, get me Stevie on the phone.”

“Bannon?” Cara asks.

Don runs a hand through his thinning hair.  “Yeah.  I think that is his last name.”

Cara sighs.  “That fat bastard died of a heart attack shortly after you arrived here at Woodbridge.  I’ll be sure to tell the doctor you’re having problems remembering again.”

Donald doesn’t say anything as he grabs the paper.  “What’s happening in the world today?  Anything I need to know about?  Anything that I need to fix?  We need to make America great again, you know.  How’s the wall doing?”

Cara heads to the door.  Before she turns to leave she blurts, “Your wall was never built and President Obama has just dedicated a memorial to refugees from war-torn countries.”

Donald flips open the paper to the front page to read the headline.  “What?!  How can that be?  I’m the President! Not Barack Obama!”

Cara opens the door.  “Not Barack Obama.  Michelle.  Remember she was unanimously elected to take your place after you–oh, never mind.  Maybe you should just rest.  That’ll be good for your mind.”

Cara mumbles “you old fool” under her breath as she leaves.

“Goddamn Obamas!” the pompous little man yells, slamming his frumpy little head against the wall.


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Oh yes–they ALL SHALL FALL!

(WASHINGTON) — Democrats demanded a special investigation Tuesday into possible links between President Donald Trump’s administration and Russia, including when Trump learned that his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, had discussed U.S. sanctions with a Russian diplomat. “The American people deserve to know the full extent of Russia’s financial, personal and political grip on President…

via Democrats Demand Investigation Into President Trump’s Ties With Russia — TIME

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Dear World

Although I cannot, nor do not, speak for all Americans, I believe that the sentiments I express in this letter are felt by the majority of us, if not solely myself.

I’d like to think, and I hope most of the world understands the acts of one asshole and his associates do not represent the bulk of Americans.  His way is not the way the majority of us are.  His way is the way HE is, as well as most of his cronies.

I would apologize to the world for all the nuisances this oppressor of democracy has caused but I cannot. That’s his responsibility, one he will never live up to.  I will not apologize to the world on behalf of any of his supporters.  Many of them do not regret voting for him and for those that do, that’s their problem and they should be held accountable.

What I will do is stand with anyone who wishes to support Americans in speaking out against this asshole and his regime.

It is not easy being an American right now.  I have gone from what I once considered to be a “proud” American to an “embarrassed” American.  I, along with countless other Americans, sincerely hope you, as the rest of the world, do not hold the demeanor of our “leader” against us.  It’s bad enough we have to wake every day wondering, often fearing, what the little psychopath and his posse will do next to hurt us.

Thanks for listening, world.  Peace and love.

A Fellow Human Being In America

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It can be hard to separate Mary Tyler Moore, the groundbreaking comic actor who has died at 80, from Mary Richards, the character she played on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. When she and erstwhile coworker Valerie Harper (whose MTM character had gotten a spin-off) were profiled in a TIME cover story in 1974, the…

via How Mary Tyler Moore Captured a Key Moment in History for American Women — TIME

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I wrote the following back on September 11, 2016, the first game of the football season:

Patriots football is FINALLY back!  What the hell took so long?

I have no clue what this season is going to bring, especially the first four games.  What I do know is that, as always, the New England Patriots are a TEAM.  They play like a TEAM, more than any other TEAM in the NFL.  There isn’t any room for individualizing on this TEAM because it isn’t about INDIVIDUALS–it’s about a TEAM!  We win as a TEAM, we lose as a TEAM.  Either you’re all IN or you’re all OUT.  Simple as that.




This was the season in which Tom Brady would miss the first four games.  The rest of the league salivated, knowing this was our end.  We were sure to lose all four of those games.  We only lost one of those four games.  We would only lose one other game.

Seventeen weeks have passed.  Jimmy G. has played.  Jacoby B. has played.  Tommy B. finished his sentence and has ripped the NFL and the commissioner a new one.  Jamie C. has come and gone.  Glenn G. came and went and came back again, then I think he left again.  Rob G. came to play and ended up having back surgery.  Marty B. is glad to be here and we sure are glad to have him.  Dion L. and Chris H. have lit it up lately.  Can’t forget Jules E. and Danny A. Even Stevie G. has kicked it up a notch.

As I said back in September–and I repeat now–THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS ARE A TEAM.  They once again proved that tonight when they won their 11th AFC Championship.  This will be their 9th trip to the Super Bowl.  Seven of those trips have been under the helm of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.  To put those numbers into perspective, Tom Brady was drafted in 2000, shortly after Belichick became coach.

Seventeen years have passed.  Shall we go for ONE MORE?  YES!






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Karma, baby…

She may be getting ready for a good, strong ASSHOLE smacking….










WASHINGTON (AP) — Top intelligence officials last week told President-elect Donald Trump about an unsubstantiated report that Russia had compromising personal and financial information about him, a U.S. official said Tuesday. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because the official was not allowed to publicly discuss the matter. The briefing about the document…

via Donald Trump Was Briefed That Russia Might Have Information on Him, Official Says — TIME