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Ten things I’m reflecting on as we roll into 2020 and the next decade:

10. We all got a year older

9. Tom Hanks rocks. I knew this already.  I just wanted to say it.

8. You can learn so much from staring at an Abbey Road poster for a half-hour once a week

7. I never knew I could cry so hard in reading a book or seeing a movie trailer, but I did.

6. People on the Autism spectrum truly amaze me every day. Again, I already knew this.  Just wanted to repeat it.

5.  What we carry defines who we are.  Going to make a T-shirt that says this.

4.  Children care more about the planet than adults do.  Yeah, Greta!

3.  Shitty people also die.

2. Mr. Rogers wasn’t perfect, but he was pretty damn close

1. Guns suck and the assholes who use them to kill innocent people suck even more

On that note, I bid you a (hopefully) peaceful, blessed new year.

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Looking Back: the end of a decade

In going through some of my archived posts I recalled how many celebrities have passed within the decade:  Whitney Houston, Dick Clark, Mary Tyler Moore, Casey Kasem, Tom Petty, to name a few.  it seemed in 2016 celebrities were dying left and right.  Everyone was so worried about Betty White.  Three years later she’s still with us.

We lost two huge parts of the music world in 2016 when Prince and George Michael passed.  For me August 11, 2014 was difficult because one of my all-time favorite actors, Robin Williams passed away.  That day I blogged:

Carpe Diem

Like so many others around the globe tonight I too am still feeling the sting from the loss of the great comedic actor Robin Williams.

Not enough words can express how I feel.  Never in my life did I think I’d cry over the death of an actor.  But I did.  I cried not only because he was one of my all-time favorite actors, but I cried for my childhood.  I was about eight years old when I was first exposed to Robin Williams, first on “Happy Days” and then on “Mork & Mindy”.  Then as I got older and the movies kept coming, I watched those too.

I remember the first time I saw the poster in the movie theater advertising “Good Will Hunting”.  I noticed it was starring Matt Damon and Robin Williams.  Well, at the time I had no clue who Matt Damon was; but I sure knew who Robin Williams was and I knew I was going to see the movie, simply based on the fact that he was in it.

Looking over the long list of films he made, I’m reminded of how many I’ve seen.  Just about all of them.  Even the not-so-great ones.  Anyone remember “Popeye”?  How about “Jack”?  “Death To Smoochy?”.  “RV”?  Even the shitty ones were funny.

The man I dated before my husband was a big Robin Williams fan.  Our first date was to see  the movie “Hook” at a tiny movie theater in Ware.  Luckily I would eventually marry another man who is also a Robin Williams fan.

The Julliard student who became a stand-up comedian, alien and then many other memorable characters will live on in our hearts, our minds and our living rooms forever.  Robin was a funny guy and you could tell he enjoyed making people laugh.  But his soul also lived with a lot of demons and he could never let go.

Now, like the Genie from “Aladdin”, Robin Williams is finally free.

I will re-live that day, and what I was doing when I learned the news, every August 11, for the rest of my life.

I blogged about hurricanes:  Irene, Sandy, Matthew

In 2013 I blogged almost every day in February about constant snow in my area.  That must’ve been the year we had snow on the ground until May and the kids went to school until the end of June.

In 2012 we had an election, including a candidate who had “binders full of women”.  In 2016 we had an election, including someone who wasn’t really a candidate but instead was a shithole, and still is a shithole.  That’s how far we’ve come in ten years.

We had ice bucket challenges, disappearing planes, marathon bombings, and countless, unnecessary mass shootings at schools, synagogues, concert venues, stores, bars, work places, you name it, there was a shooting.  We had a miraculous rescue of 33 Chilean miners.  Batkid. Two royal weddings and four kids later and here we are.

We thankfully proved that the whole vaccinations cause autism thing was a fraud and that the current thing in the White House is an even bigger fraud.

In the past ten years the Bruins have won one championship, the Red Sox have won two and the Patriots have won three, including one where they were dead to rights.  And for the past ten years the Patriots have been the AFC East Division Champions.  So never underestimate Boston sports teams.  Especially the Patriots.

So that’s it for me, folks.  A little mini trip through parts of my blog from the past ten years.

Where do I go from here?  Hopefully through another ten years.  For now we’ll see what 2020 brings.


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Looking Back: And The Winner Is: LOVE

Here is one of my favorite posts from the past ten years, written on June 27, 2015: 

When I think about Friday’s historical Supreme Court ruling that same-sex marriage is to be recognized and accepted nationwide, I think about how great it is to be alive at this moment.  This is like my generation’s Walk on the Moon or Roe v. Wade, only better.

It’s better because now EVERYONE can get married.  NOBODY has to live a lie any longer.  EVERYONE can benefit from LOVE.

I think the statement that Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote sums it up best:

“No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family.  In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than they once were.”

Congratulations to all the happy couples out there and congratulations to the Supreme Court of the United States of America for getting it right.

Love really does win.


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Looking Back: The Past Decade

I’ve decided over the remaining days of 2019 to share some of my posts from the past decade.

It’s kind of interesting to look back in the archives at what was written and when.

In January 2010 Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake which affected lives forever.  In February we experienced the Olympics and on February 14, 2010 I blogged the following brief ditty in referencing both the Olympics and the earthquake.


The Olympics have begun…

and does anyone really care?  Especially when lives are lost…

In March of the same year I blogged:


The House Makes History

and the Health Care Reform Bill has been passed.  The motion to kill the bill was not passed and they are currently voting on changes to the bill.

It’s too bad this bill won’t do anything about all the quacky doctors practicing out there…

And ten years later Republicans are still trying to take our healthcare away from us.  This is as far as we’ve gotten in ten years?

In the sports world….

On July 9, 2010 I wrote:

And “King” James Goes To

Miami.  Whoop-dee-doo.  And he needed an hour show to reveal that?  Let’s not think of ourselves as greater than thou now…

Surprising in a way, considering Miami won’t be “his” team.  Sad in a way considering it all comes down to money, money, money instead of being the leader of an up-and-coming team.  

Oh well.  “The King” can go bask in the Miami limelight and walk behind Wade all the way..

And after winning two championships there and then one back in Cleveland, he currently suffers in LA…

And on August 4, 2010 I wrote:

The “Best” is Coming to Boston

I never thought I’d see the day…Shaq wearing the green?  Well, he is Irish so he’ll fit in just fine…

Ah, the Shaq days were brief but fun…I actually like him better in all the commercials he does.

More to come….



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You Can’t Just Switch Christmas Off

For many, once December 26 hits, it’s lights out for Christmas.

No sooner is the last present opened, the last carol sung and the last Christmas movie is watched and it’s back to the old hum-drum “normalcy” of pre-Christmas days.  As if Christmas never even happened.

Not for me.  I try to make it last as long as I can.  I actually make it last all year long.  Because every single day throughout the year I listen to some Christmas music.  It may not be directly on the radio, but there are several year-long Christmas channels on IHeartRadio that I listen to.  YouTube is also a good place for year-round Christmas.  I also have Spotify, Pandora,, to name a few.  I also try to watch a different Christmas movie once a month, I stay in touch with members of various Christmas groups that I belong to and I shop for Christmas gifts year-round.

For me it’s depressing to just stop celebrating Christmas.  I can’t just switch it off until next year.  I have to gradually withdraw from it, but never fully do.  And that’s how I like it.