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Missing: Brittany Tee

This is the first time I’ve used my blog to post about a missing person. People go missing every day but I guess this one hits more particularly because it’s so close to home and from my hometown. I figured if I can’t do anything physically, I could at least use my blog in some way to spread the word a little more.

Brookfield has always been such a humble little town. Not many people know where it is, when you tell people you’re from there they look at you like you have three heads. Not much happens there. So when something like this occurs, it’s a pretty big thing. And it brings people out of the woodwork. Like the psychic/mediums.

Now I’ve had personal experiences with mediums and I would call them more “mediums” than psychic. To me a psychic is someone who can predict the future. I don’t really feel there are people who can do that. A medium is someone who can talk to the dead. That I know is a fact and have experienced it myself. But someone on YouTube giving out “clues” as to this woman’s alleged whereabouts because they’re a “psychic” is just plain nuts. To believe anything she says is even more nuts.

As for the searches, I know a lot of people have put a lot into them, from every day citizens to dive teams and all the authorities in between. Reading all the articles regarding this case leaves more questions in many minds than answers. Too much media can lead to so much confusion, assumptions, guesses, theories, etc.

In speaking about theories, I guess you could say I have one of my own. In everything I’ve read about the searches and where the searches have taken place, i.e., the woods, backyards, bodies of water, etc., there is one thing that I have not read about being searched. I’m hoping/assuming the authorities have checked the various dumpsters in and around Brookfield. And I’m hoping/assuming they would know that said dumpsters are emptied at least once a week or bi-weekly (or I’m assuming so). And if said businesses that have said dumpsters have cameras focused on them, make sure they are checked. I’m not going to go further in on the theory, but I’m just putting that out there. Because it’s logical. And it’s something that would be time sensitive.

I do hope, for the family’s sake anyway, there soon are answers and closure of some sort.

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Review: A Man Called Otto

What can I say about “A Man Called Otto” that may not have already been said? I don’t know.

The film produced by Rita Wilson and starring her husband Tom Hanks is an emotional roller coaster ride that will leave you thinking about life.

Hanks plays Otto Anderson, an older man who is facing some of life’s biggest hurdles: losing a spouse and losing a job. On top of that he now has to deal with new annoying neighbors (Marisol and Tommy, played by Mariana Trevino and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, respectively) when all he really wants to do is end it. Thank goodness for those new annoying neighbors.

Through the film we watch Otto’s life unfold through his younger self (played by Hanks son Truman Hanks). We watch him meet his wife Sonya (played by Rachel Keller) and the world they build together. The viewer sees the friendship he forms with his neighbors. Through all that we know that although Otto is currently an angry old man, he wasn’t always that way. He may be set in his ways, but he has his reasons. And he does care. More than he wants you to believe. The only one who truly figures him out is Marisol.

“A Man Called Otto” hits you right in the heart and holds you there for two hours. But it’s not a bad hold. It’s a good hold. One that will leave you wanting to care more and more.

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At this time of year there are many holidays to celebrate. Whatever occasion it is that you may celebrate, my hope is that you fully enjoy it.

Savor your time with family. Especially the children. It’s true what they say: they really do grow up so fast. Wasn’t it only seven or eight years ago that my daughter’s big Christmas wish was a Barbie dream house? Now it’s Apple cards and oh, I really want to get my driver’s license!

Linger a little bit with your elderly relatives. Listen to the same story you’ve heard a million times. It may be the last time you hear it. And then you may wish you could hear it again but you won’t be able to.

Listen to the music. Watch that holiday film you’ve seen a million times. Sit in the room with the only light coming from the Christmas tree. Drink that drink. Eat that food.

The holidays only come around once a year and that’s what makes them so special. Enjoy life. Enjoy the holidays. Absorb it all.