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Repeal this!

Although the Affordable Care Act does not affect me as much as it may affect others, I still need to express how I feel about its possible repeal.

You know why most of Congress hates ACA?  Because they didn’t create it.  It bothers them (most of them are Republicans) that a Democrat came up with a way for everyone in his country to have health insurance and they didn’t.

To even consider doing away with part of or all of healthcare coverage for Americans is selfish.  Yet that is what Congress is on the verge of doing.  As I write this Jackass Ryan is holding a Town Hall meeting during which he has stated that they will repeal and replace Obamacare at the same time.  That’s what they all keep saying but yet, as with ASSHOLE, they never tell you how they plan on doing it.  Considering it took years to create Obamacare and get it up and running, to come up with something of an equal or greater quality could take a while.  And if they come up with some cracker jack two-bit healthcare offer?  Good luck in getting that passed.  That’s if they come up with anything at all.  Because like ASSHOLE, they have no plan.  Meanwhile who suffers?  We do.

One of my biggest fears is their doing away with the acceptance of people with pre-existing conditions.  I’m diabetic, my husband has Multiple Sclerosis and my daughter has Asperger’s.  Guess where we are if suddenly we lose our job(s) causing us to lose our insurance?  Not in a good place, that’s for certain.

And if ASSHOLE had his way, the entire ACA would be abolished with no intention of a replacement plan.  That’s because he doesn’t care about anyone but himself.  He talks a lot, says very little and what he says you can’t believe.  If there is anything that is “fake”, it’s him.  So if he tells  you he’s going to keep this part and that part of ACA, don’t count on it.  We all know how “trustworthy” ASSHOLE is.  He could care less if all Americans had health insurance.

So, if this does happen, if the entire ACA is done away with, here is what I’m going to suggest to everyone in America who will lose their health insurance:  when you need medical care of any kind, send your bills to ASSHOLE at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,Washington DC 20050.  ASSHOLE has enough money.  He’ll take care of ALL THE BILLS, since it was his great idea to take away your health insurance!  Make copies of the bills because if ASSHOLE refuses the bills you can send them to Jackass Ryan at Capital Hill.  Shit, if somebody has to pay your medical bills it may as well be the pricks with all the money who took your health insurance away.



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“Greatness is never a given. It must be earned” – President Barack Obama

A #ThrowbackThursday moment in honor of President Obama.  Originally posted on inauguration day, January 20, 2009.  That day I was very proud to say I was an American.  I wish I could get that feeling back.  Maybe in four years I will. Maybe I’ll have a few laughs during that time.  Until then I’ll slog on…

This is just one of many insightful, motivational statements the new President of the United States made today as he was officially sworn into office.

To Bush I say:  It was a long, painful eight years.  Good riddance.

To Obama I say:  I look forward to the next four years; and if those go okay, maybe we’ll see another four

In Bush’s defense I must say he seemed to be looking pretty solemn in his last days as Prez.  I often thought he was having regrets about stuff he had done or should have done during his term.  In my own mind I consider him the “woulda, coulda, shoulda but didn’t” president.

I’d be foolish if I didn’t say us Americans have a long, hard road ahead of us.  We do.  But I believe that we finally have the right individual to lead us into a much brighter, prosperous future.

Today is a day I am so proud to say I am an AMERICAN!

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Karma, baby…

She may be getting ready for a good, strong ASSHOLE smacking….










WASHINGTON (AP) — Top intelligence officials last week told President-elect Donald Trump about an unsubstantiated report that Russia had compromising personal and financial information about him, a U.S. official said Tuesday. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because the official was not allowed to publicly discuss the matter. The briefing about the document…

via Donald Trump Was Briefed That Russia Might Have Information on Him, Official Says — TIME

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And if he said wolverines would make great pets, would you believe him?

(WASHINGTON) — Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions fervently rejected “damnably false” accusations of past racist comments Tuesday as he challenged Democratic concerns about the civil rights commitment he would bring as Donald Trump’s attorney general. He vowed at his confirmation hearing to stay independent from the White House and stand up to Trump when necessary. Sessions…

via Jeff Sessions Tells Senators He’d Stand Up to Trump as Attorney General — TIME

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Farewell, Obama

President Barack Obama kept his composure throughout most of his emotional hour-long farewell address in Chicago on Tuesday night, but when the topic turned to his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, the tears began to well up. “Michelle LaVaughn Robinson of the South Side, for the past 25 years, you have not only been my…

via ‘You’ve Made the Country Proud’: Watch President Obama’s Touching Tribute to His Family — TIME

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Jealousy is so “over-rated”

So a very well-known actress wins an award and takes opportunity to dis ASSHOLE in the process. Of course we all knew ASSHOLE would be tweeting his little fingers off over it:



Then ASSHOLE has the gall to do an interview with the New York Times to discount the reporter once again:



This leaves me to wonder:

If ASSHOLE wasn’t mocking the reporter, then he must have something wrong with his hand:



When I was a kid if you didn’t have a disability or something wrong with your hand and you made this kind of motion with your hand, you were considered gay. So maybe that was what ASSHOLE was trying to let everyone know. Since of course he wasn’t mocking the reporter.

As for reading his mind, what makes ASSHOLE think anyone would WANT to read his feeble mind? God knows what kind of shit must flow through that little pea brain.

Yes a lot of these people supported Hillary. She is, after all, the popular one. However, her name wasn’t discussed during last night’s Golden Globes. Yet ASSHOLE must bring her name up, even when it’s not relevant. Because it makes him feel better about his narcissistic self.

One more thing: in ASSHOLE’S opinion Meryl Streep is “over-rated”. Well you have to have been “rated” to be “over-rated” and with the awards she has won, I’d say her “rating” is a hell of a lot higher than ASSHOLE’S has ever been. Remember, he couldn’t even win an EMMY!

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A favor for you, a win for me and to hell with everyone else

Am I the only person on the planet who strongly feels that there was/is money/favors being passed between ASSHOLE and Putin?  I really hope not.

I don’t consider myself a political or foreign expert but many questions come to mind when thinking about this whole Russia DNC/email hacking thing.  And so much of it is blatantly obvious.

My main questions are about ASSHOLE himself.  Why is he defending Russia so much?  Why would he do that?  Wouldn’t he do that if he owed them something or they owed him something?  Why would he say it was “time to move on to bigger and better things” if he was not trying to hide something?  Then he reluctantly agreed (probably as advised by his advisers) to an intel briefing.  As if this whole thing is just a “walk in the park”.  This is serious shit and for some reason ASSHOLE is refusing to take it very seriously.

Why is ASSHOLE siding with Wikileaks ASSHOLE ASSANGE, saying Wikileaks did not get emails from Russia?  First off, why would any DECENT human being side with ASSHOLE ASSANGE?  Secondly, if Wikileaks did not get emails from Russia, WHERE did they get them from?  Why isn’t either ASSHOLE telling us?

Why did ASSHOLE tell reporters on New Year’s Eve that hacking is a “very hard thing to prove” and that he knows “things that other people don’t know, and so [intelligence officials] cannot be sure of the situation.”  Trump promised to reveal what he proclaims to know Tuesday or Wednesday.  Well, Tuesday and Wednesday have come and gone and lo and behold, ASSHOLE STILL has yet to tell us about all the “things” he knows that “other people don’t know”.  Like, maybe, how he became such an ASSHOLE?

Why did ASSHOLE tweet “The ‘Intelligence’ briefing on so-called ‘Russian hacking’ was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!”  No, the only thing strange about that is that it came right out of ASSHOLE’S PIE HOLE that he would “reveal” what he “proclaimed” to know on TUESDAY OR WEDNESDAY.  ASSHOLE’S briefing was ALWAYS scheduled for FRIDAY!  Why would they brief ASSHOLE BEFORE they brief the CURRENT POTUS?  They didn’t brief the CURRENT POTUS until THURSDAY!  Once again ASSHOLE really needs to get his story straight.

Per CNN ASSHOLE has been publicly skeptical of Russia’s involvement in the hacking, as well as has been publicly deriding the US intelligence community for its unanimous conclusion that Russia hacked Democratic Party groups and individuals to interfere in the US presidential election.  Why is this?  Why would he dis the US intelligent community, an organization he may need to work with in the future?  Unless he is trying to hide something.  He’s acting like the kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and is trying to deny it!

Officials told CNN there’s been a disconnect between ASSHOLE’S remarks about the intelligence community and his behind-the-scenes behavior when he’s present at private intel briefings.  Why is he being so two-faced, acting one way in talking about the intelligence community and then another when actually meeting with them?  We all know he’s psycho but is he schizo also?  Then again, since he IS a narcissist, he could have MANY different personalities.  There is that story where he pretended to be his own representative for a “People” magazine article, so I guess schizophrenia is a possibility!

Why is he calling the whole Russia debate a “witch hunt” if he has nothing to hide?  That statement has guilt written all over it.

Of course on Saturday ASSHOLE had to go on Twitter and state that “only ‘stupid’ people don’t want good ties with Russia”.  To that I say:  No, ASSHOLE, only STUPID ASSHOLE FOOLS like YOURSELF would fall into the hands of Russia, as you have, so you can be Putin’s little “puppet”. Then again, you owe him since you paid him and his cronies off. When you are “president” Russia will NOT respect us; they won’t have to, ASSHOLE—because THEY WILL FUCKING OWN US!!!!! And we’ll owe it ALL TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then again, maybe this is what ASSHOLE has wanted all along…

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“Lead by example with hope; never fear”

What’s it take to be the First Lady of the United States?

It takes poise.  It takes class.  Intelligence, wit, kindness, caring and charm are also factors.  These are all qualities that Michelle Obama brought to the United States as First Lady.

In 2015 she established the School Counselor of the Year award, which became part of her “Reach Higher” program. That program promotes higher education, something she has always stressed to the younger generation.

In addition to encouraging higher education she has also pushed for better fitness and has focused attention on military and working families.  She has hosted White House musical and theater performances for students in Washington who normally would not have the opportunity to partake in such events.

During her time as First Lady the former lawyer has become a role model for women and an advocate for poverty awareness.

No wonder she and just about everyone else were in tears during her final speech yesterday in which she stated “I hope I’ve made you proud”.  She has made us more than proud.  She has made us honored to have had her as a First Lady.

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Review: “Sing”

“Don’t let fear stop you from doing the thing you love”.

This quote should be the motto for this film from Illumination which stars the voices of Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon and Seth McFarlane, among other talent.  I saw a lot of animated films in 2016 but this one stands out from the rest.  No wonder it’s been nominated for so many awards.  The music alone is worth seeing the film.

Buster Moon (McConaughey) is a savvy, conning theater-owning koala.  Buster’s main problem is that the theater is failing and it’s his dream to keep it alive.  So he drums up a great idea of holding a singing contest for publicity.  Unfortunately Buster doesn’t have much to offer for prize money but he figures he can scrounge up $1,000.

Unbeknownst to him his incompetent assistant Miss Crawly (Garth Jennings) inadvertently adds two zeros to the amount of the prize money when creating the fliers.  Before Buster can even review what she’s printed, the fliers are blown out a window and scattered all over the city.

Before he knows it Buster is faced with auditioning everything from frogs to elephants.  We meet Rosita (Witherspoon), an overworked pig housewife and mother of twenty-five piglets.  There is Gunther, a German pig and dancer-wanna-be.  Ash (Scarlett Johansson) is a temperamental guitar-swinging teen-age porcupine.  Mike (McFarlane) is a shady Sinatra-like mouse.  Johnny (Taron Egerton) is a young gorilla with a beautiful set of pipes stuck between a rock and a hard place.  And Meena (Tori Kelly) is a teen elephant who doesn’t realize beauty of her own voice.

Throughout the rehearsal process each contestant is met with their own obstacles:  boyfriend break-ups, problems with getting a sitter and trying to figure out how to be at rehearsal and also help dad with his next crime.  In addition Buster ends up facing his own issues with the old theater, possible foreclosure and eventually the revelation to his contestants that there is not $100,000 up for grabs.  Barely $1,000.

Without giving away too much, the film concludes with a joyous celebration of success for all.

Not to be missed in this movie is the great music, particularly Stevie Wonder’s “Faith”, Rosita and Gunther singing “Shake It Off” and Johnny’s version of Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing”.  Ironically three songs are heard in the movie from artists we lost in 2016:  “Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go)” is briefly heard when Eddie (Buster’s friend) answers his phone; “Under Pressure” is heard during a montage scene and Tori Kelly sings a spine-tinging rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.

With winter upon us and the holidays over, if you’re searching for a good family film to see, “Sing” would be a perfect fit.

Appropriately, I give it five:




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“…the audience was heavenly, but the traveling was hell…”

As I’m waiting for my friend’s show to begin, I’m listening to Dan Fogelberg’s “Old Lang Syne”.

It’s one of those great songs that tells a story about a love that was and what became of the two lovers behind the song.  The woman marries an architect and obviously has a pretty good life.  The guy, clearly a musician, is still a musician but it’s hard to tell how successful he has been over the years.

A great song that truly resonates with New Year’s eve and really makes you think about “what might have been”.