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The House

Imagine you just purchased your dream home.  You’ve been working for this all your life.  You’ve saved, you’ve done all your homework and you found the perfect home for you and your family.

The house isn’t brand new.  In fact, it’s almost twenty years old.  The realtor called it a “starter home”.  It does need some work, mainly a little TLC.  Each room could use a paint job, probably even some wallpaper.  The carpets are worn in each room.  The driveway needs repaving.  The yard needs mowing and is in dire need of serious landscaping.  The basement is solid.  No cracks in the foundation.  No water.  The home inspector said the support beams are in “fantastic shape”.  No signs of termites or other pests.  The house is far from perfect but you love it anyway and you know in time you will turn it into the home you’ve always wanted.

The house is very habitable so your family moves in.  You can survive living with some areas that could use updates.  Updates are always good.  The important thing is you have a solid foundation.  Because without that you can’t follow through with anything else.  At least you’re not starting from scratch.

This may be a poor analogy but it’s one I’m using to demonstrate what Congress had and decided not to use.  They really could’ve made it very easy for themselves.  They had a solid base to work with but they weren’t satisfied with that.  Instead they decided to gut the whole “house”, make it difficult on themselves and start from scratch.  All they had to do was keep the base and do some updates over time.  Now they’re stuck with a mess and they don’t know what to do with it.  Nor do they care because if they’re left with a mess of a “house”, they can easily just leave it for someone else to clean up.

Those “someones” are roughly 23 million Americans.

So much for our dream home…



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You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until It’s Gone



Originally posted in July of this year.  Worth repeating with bullshit healthcare repeal part two happening.


I’ve come to the conclusion that whatever happens with the whole healthcare fiasco happens.

As crazy as it sounds, it actually would be great if this bullshit passed.   You know why?  Because everything happens for a reason.

  1.  First of all, if this shit bill passes it’s going to be a while before it actually goes into effect.  If they think otherwise, then things will be really interesting.
  2. Something nobody has mentioned (except Senator Angus King from Maine and my husband), is how this is going to effect everyone.  I don’t mean the people who need healthcare.  I’m talking about the healthcare workers.  I’m talking about the pharmaceuticals.  Does anyone know how huge the medical field is?  How many hospitals, doctors, nurses, administrative people, pharmacists this bill will affect?  Even nursing homes and rehab facilities.  Think about it.  If nobody can afford to have health insurance, how will any of these medical facilities remain in business?  Watch Senator King explain it all here to the hosts of ASSHOLE’S favorite MSNBC show “Morning Joe.



3.  Here’s the great part.  You know how ASSHOLE keeps pointing the finger at Obama blaming him for this “awful” healthcare that we have?  You know, the          Affordable Care Act?  Well, if this new shit healthcare Congress came up with gets passed and ASSHOLE signs it, guess what?  HE CAN NO LONGER BLAME OBAMA FOR SHIT HEALTHCARE!  He won’t even be able to blame Turtleface McConnell BECAUSE ASSHOLE’S name will be on the bill!  So, you know what THAT means?  WE can point the finger at ASSHOLE and he will be the only one to blame.

4.  Once Congress gets sick of the mess they created and ASSHOLE signed off on, along with all the chaos it has caused, they don’t even need ASSHOLE to repeal the shit bill and replace it back with–you guessed it–OBAMACARE!

5.  Here’s the best part:  after all this shit has been done and gone and the ACA is back in effect, people (at least the intelligent ones) will realize that although the ACA may not be perfect, it’s a hell of a lot better than what the greedy GOP assholes stuck us with.

6.  It will finally be realized that–DUH!–ACA needs to be revised, not repealed.

Remember:  you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

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I Can’t Be The Only One

I can’t be the only one who truly believes ASSHOLE has dementia, can I?

There have been so many clues it should be obvious to all of us.

First of all, who doesn’t think it’s odd that Trumpette (Ivanka) seems to appear out of nowhere wherever ASSHOLE happens to be.  She attends meetings she has no business being at (the G20 and most recently ASSHOLE’S debt ceiling meeting with members of the House and Senate).  She even just “popped in” on a NYT interview and brought her kid along.  Nobody seems to know what her role in the White House is.  Some say she’s ASSHOLE’S “personal assistant”.  To many that means “caregiver”.

Aside from the fact that he is about as coherent as a drunken sailor when he speaks, repeats himself constantly (count how many “verys” he says in the first clip of the video below) and can’t read papers or concentrate long (some claim he doesn’t even know how to read), take a look at the many other detailed incidents that more than certainly point to dementia:


Wouldn’t it be appropriate for the “President” to be in on the briefing?  Maybe there’s a good reason why he wasn’t in on it.  Possibly because he had no clue what was going on? Is he sleeping under that damn hat?



Per the journalist ASSHOLE was allegedly sleeping.  Could be.  Or maybe he was just in a dementia daze.  If it weren’t for May, he’d probably still be sitting there!



My favorite one from this video is when he misses the fucking car!  If it were a snake it would’ve bit him!

We could take a few other things into consideration in these situations.  We all know ASSHOLE is far from being the brightest bulb in the pack.  But to miss a huge limo right in front of you? There is also the possibility he’s doing drugs.  It is well-known that he likes to “shoot the snow” once in a while.  More than likely it is dementia.  If you compare a current video of him talking to one of him talking thirty years ago, there is quite a difference.

We may never know.  For now what we do know is that there is a lot not right in ASSHOLEland.

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Forget Sexy. Can Someone Bring Back Intelligence? Please?

The coupons were right there on the conveyor belt.  She would’ve had to be blind to miss them.  Maybe she was.  Which may explain why she put the eggs on top of the bread.

After the bill is tallied up I ask if she rang in my coupons.

“You didn’t have any coupons,” she replies.

“Yes, I did,” I said, glancing at the conveyor belt and the floor to see if they had fallen there.  Nothing.

“Well, I didn’t see any coupons,” says the dimwit.

Deciding not to argue with an idiot, I pay my bill and head home.

Only to discover the coupons in the bottom of one of my bags.  Gee, I wonder how they got there?  Maybe the magic Coupon Fairy threw them in the bag along with the cheese and ice cream.

Guess I’ll be doing self check-out from now on.

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What Is Your Destiny?

It should be every human’s destiny to help one another.

                             In any way possible, lend a hand.

   Make a monetary donation.  Every little bit helps.

Help fill a food bank.


                                                                                              Even the smallest smile can brighten the darkest day.


Helping others was her destiny. Make it yours.

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Why I Don’t Think Trump Will Resign–And I Hope I’m Wrong

With so many people (myself included) calling for ASSHOLE’S resignation from “President”, I don’t think a resignation is going to happen.  And I hope I’m wrong.

ASSHOLE resigning would be the easiest way to get rid of him without affecting anyone else.  All he has to do is draft up some kind of letter, misspellings and all, and present it to whomever (probably Congress).  That would be it.  We would be done with him.

There are a few reasons why I don’t think ASSHOLE will resign:

  1.  He’s a narcissist.  He’s not going to give up the ego-boosting that easily.
  2. Although he has failed at just about everything, he has control of the “presidency” unless he resigns, is impeached (or via the 25th Amendment) or is killed.  He has no control over being impeached or killed.  He does, however, have control over resigning.
  3. If he resigns he can’t blame anyone else for it.  Although I’m sure he’d try.  I can hear it now:  “Obama made me resign!”  Of course if he gets impeached, which is what I do think will happen, the blame game  will be played to the hilt.  He’ll blame everyone including his mother for being impeached.  But he’ll never blame himself.
  4. As long as there are people stupid enough to support him, he’ll never resign.
  5. To ASSHOLE resigning from the “presidency” would be the ultimate in failure. Way bigger than any of his businesses going bust.
  6. It’s difficult to convince someone as delusional as ASSHOLE that he should resign.  He doesn’t feel he has done anything wrong where resignation is necessary.
  7. He lives in a fantasy world where, if he had his way, he’d be “president” forever.
  8. He owes too many shady people too many shady things.  And too many shady people have too many shady things on him.
  9. He is well aware he is under investigation (although he will deny it).  Being the “president” makes him feel “safe”.  He believes that as long as he’s “president” he can get away with anything.  Of course, we all know this isn’t true.
  10. If he resigns his tweets won’t get the kind of attention they get now.  Not that any of them are significant in any way, but sometimes they sure as hell are hysterical!

Even if the end for ASSHOLE comes to impeachment (and I think it will), I still don’t think he’ll resign before being impeached.  He’ll deny the impeachment the entire way.  He’ll lie his way through everything.  Perjure himself.  Obstruct justice.  Shit, he already has.  And through it all he could’ve simply resigned.

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Why 40 Years Later Elvis is Still The King

Forty years ago today Elvis Presley passed away. Yes, The King may be dead but in so many ways he still lives on.

His music is timeless. The songs Elvis sang changed the music industry forever. He could and did sing everything: country, rock, pop, gospel. If he were still alive today he’d probably be giving Jay-Z a run for his money. And he’d probably be wondering what possessed UB40 to do a cover version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love”.

His movies still entertain us. Sure most of them may be hokey, but along with the cheesiness of an Elvis movie, you get to hear some great tunes. I’ve heard more than one person say that if they had taken a lot of the music out of those films and gave them an actual storyline, Elvis would have had great acting potential. I note that Elvis’ last film was made in 1969. I wonder if he’d made some in the 70’s if he would’ve been wearing the sideburns and the sequined jumpsuit…

Graceland is still a tourist attraction. Elvis’ home is visited by more people every year than the White House. The huge estate is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is a National Historic Landmark. It’s also the very home where Elvis died, where he and several family members are buried, and the same one that thousands flock to on the dates of his birth and his death.

His legend lives on. In his daughter, Lisa Marie, also a singer, and his grandchildren. In Vegas impersonators. In his fans and their love for him. In his memorabilia, which is endless and can be found around the world. Everything from autographs to Zippo lighters. If it exists, it probably has an image of Elvis on it.

As far as icons are concerned, the music industry will always have “the next big star” male performer: the Justins, the Brunos, the Ushers. But there will never be another Elvis. He may be physically gone but he lives on for an eternity in the hearts of many.

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Why Am I Not Surprised?

Like countless others I’m disgusted and saddened by the shit that some “entitled” white supremacists felt necessary to pull over the weekend.  This shit included killing and injuring people.

Also like countless others I’m disgusted and saddened, but not surprised, by ASSHOLE not denouncing the acts of these white supremacists.  I’m not surprised because I wasn’t expecting him to say a goddamn word about them being white supremacists.  In fact, I would’ve been in SHOCK if he HAD referred to them as white supremacists.

It doesn’t surprise me that ASSHOLE didn’t say what most of us were hoping he’d say.  It doesn’t surprise me that ASSHOLE didn’t say what he SHOULD’VE said. No, it doesn’t make it right and no, we don’t need to accept it.  I certainly don’t.  But since ASSHOLE is a hypocrite about everything he says, I guess when it comes to white supremacy he stands his ground.  Because he himself is a white supremacist.  It’s quite obvious.  So why should we be surprised?

Would someone who is NOT a white supremacist surround them self with people who are?  Because that’s what ASSHOLE has done with some of his staff choices.

Would someone who is a white supremacist call out other white supremacists for their acts of terrorism?  Think about it.  Why would they?  As I said, ASSHOLE is a hypocrite but when it comes to white supremacy he stands his ground.

Unfortunately white supremacy will never go away.  It’s been around for a very long time.  And as long as there are college-aged white males out there who are taught to hate, allow themselves to hate or are brainwashed to hate, whatever the case may be, these assholes will always exist.  We just don’t need an ASSHOLE “leader” fueling their fire., and that’s what is happening here.

The best way to tackle the spread of white supremacy?  Start at the top: