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I’m Choosing Kind: Review “Wonder”

Auggie Pullman is the typical 10-year-old boy.  He loves his dog Daisy.  He loves Star Wars and enjoys pretending to be an astronaut.  Probably the only thing not typical for Auggie is the fact that he was born with mandibulofacial dysostosis, also known as Treacher Collins Syndrome, a facial deformity.

Auggie is the main character in “Wonder”, the movie based on the best-selling novel by R. J. Palacio.  Auggie is about to enter the fifth grade.  The only problem is, up until now he has never been educated outside the home.  His parents (played by Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts) decide it’s time for him to enter the real world and experience school at Beecher Prep.  That’s when Auggie really learns the true meaning of kindness and friendship.

The first peers he meets are Julian, Charlotte and Jack Will, three students selected to give him a tour of the school.  Right away we are made aware of the kind of children they are through Auggie’s perspective of their shoes.

As the movie evolves we sense Julian is not impressed with Auggie and his vast knowledge of science.  However, Jack Will senses he could use Auggie’s help in the subject and the two begin hanging out together.  Another person who befriends Auggie is Summer, a girl who takes it upon herself to sit at the same lunch table as Auggie, where he is always sitting alone.

On Halloween, Auggie’s favorite holiday because it’s the one day he can be anything he wants and nobody will care, he goes to school wearing a “Ghost Face” mask and overhears Jack Will tell Julian that he’s only pretending to like Auggie.  Jack can’t figure out why Auggie won’t speak to him until Summer reveals the reason.  Jack then defends Auggie by punching Julian after Julian refers to Auggie as a “freak”.  As a result, Julian is expelled and Jack and Auggie renew their friendship.

During a school trip to a nature reserve, Auggie and Jack are threatened by kids from another school.  We learn just how much Auggie has grown on his classmates when some boys who had been friends with Julian come to their rescue.

The movie concludes with an end-of-year school ceremony where Auggie wins the Henry Ward Beecher Medal for standing out.

“Wonder” is a movie that will make you cry, laugh and laugh and cry at the same time.  It is full of emotion and truth and leaves you with a joyous feeling in your heart.

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Thanksgiving thoughts

Here’s to not being disgusted by your Thanksgiving meal…

Here’s to successfully renting a fucking car to get home for Thanksgiving….

Here’s to not having to sleep with a stranger on your way home for Thanksgiving….especially if he thinks your butt cheeks are two pillows….

Here’s to your turkey not being overcooked….

or undercooked…

Here’s to having a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday with the four F’s:  family, friends, food and football



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Memories of Halloweens Past

This is the first year since my daughter was two that she won’t be trick-or-treating.

Although I am going to miss dressing up and walking the streets begging for candy, I relish the memories of Halloween past as I polish off the remains of candy that won’t be given out.  We don’t get trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood.

Here’s a few pics from past Halloweens:


Meet The Flintstones



Sylvester and a leaf blower


Little Pats Fan


Princess Sofia and The Sock Thief From the Dryer


Wise Ass Clown, Elsa, Cat Lady



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The Value of Words

In 1922 Albert Einstein went to Japan to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics.  While staying at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, a messenger delivered something to his room.  Einstein didn’t have a monetary tip to give; instead he presented the messenger with two autographed notes, telling the messenger the notes could be worth more than a tip one day.

One note stating:  “A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness” auctioned off at $1.56 million.  The other note which read:  “where there’s a will there’s a way” went for $240,000.

Quite a tip.

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A “Soulless Coward”

It’s about time someone tells it like it is.

Popovich is absolutely right.  ASSHOLE is a “soulless coward”.  Why else would he lie all the time?  I don’t know if he’s trying to fool us or himself.  Must be himself because most of us aren’t fooled.

My only change to “soulless coward”–“soulless ASSHOLE coward”.


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The Solution

In August 2016 San Francisco 49er’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick became so fed up with racial oppression that he decided to use his status as a football player to make a statement.  He made that statement by kneeling during the National Anthem.

As Kaepernick said via

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.  To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

The season went on.  Kaepernick kept kneeling, often joined by teammates.  Athletes from other sports also took a knee in support of Kaepernick.  Some spoke out against his kneeling.  Which is their right to do, just as it was Kaepernick’s right to kneel in protest.

Fast forward to NFL season 2017.  Kaepernick is no longer a member of the 49ers.  He cannot land a gig anywhere in the NFL.  Many feel it is because of his protesting.  Although I cannot disagree that may be one of the reasons, I feel in looking at his stats it is not the only reason.  But I digress…

As a nation we’ve gone from having a level-headed President to having an asshole who likes to talk out of his ass.  And out of his fingers.  Although Kaepernick is not playing football this year, there are still football players who are kneeling during the National Anthem.  Which is their right to do.  Because of this the asshole who likes to talk out of his ass and out of his fingers decided to refer to NFL players as “sons-of-bitches” and said that the owners should fire these players for not standing during the National Anthem.  He said this during a televised speech.

Well, rightfully so, this pissed off the entire NFL.  And there are a lot of players in the NFL.  Now their protests, greater in size, not only became about racial oppression but also derogatory statements from an asshole.  For some it may have just been about the derogatory statements.  But that’s what you get when you have a moronic child asshole who likes to call names.

Several weeks have passed since that nonsense speech.  Many destructive hurricanes have come and gone.  One has completely demolished Puerto Rico, a place that needs the help of a level-headed President.  Not an asshole who’s biggest aid to them was tossing paper towels in the air.  And yet, with all the destruction and assistance that is needed, not to mention massacres happening in Las Vegas, what remains this asshole’s biggest concern?  Players in the NFL kneeling.  In fact, it’s such a big concern to him he’s decided to play a little game with all of us.  He sent his head asshole minion into a football stadium, at our expense, then had him leave because some football players kneeled.  Then asshole and his asshole minion tweeted about it.  He did this to see if anyone would notice.  We noticed alright.  And had a good laugh over the three-year-old picture.  We’re also quite pissed about our money being wasted for childish games.

As for Jerry Jones threatening to bench any Dallas Cowboy who kneels, I hope the ENTIRE FUCKING TEAM KNEELS!  I wonder how he’d like it if he had to forfeit a game because of a decision he made?  He may own the team, but they can break him.  He should be kissing the blue and silver asses of each of those players.

So here’s the problem:  we have people who want to kneel in protest, which is their right.  We have people who condemn their kneeling, which is also their right.  Then we have an asshole who is–I dunno–just an asshole, I guess.  He’s just there taking up space, waiting for an impeachment or sudden death, whichever comes first…

But I think I finally got it. The best solution to the whole kneeling NFL thing.  It’s very simple: don’t play the goddamn National Anthem. There. Everybody wins.

Then football players won’t have to kneel. ASSHOLE and company can stop whining, wasting our money and playing childish games. They can stop referring to athletes as SOBs as well. People can stop berating each other.

When it comes down to it, everyone is arguing over a fucking song, a flag and what you do while someone is singing the song. It’s ludicrous.

Those who have never, don’t want to or can’t stand for the National Anthem won’t have to worry they will be bullied for their decision or for something they can’t do or don’t believe in.

If you are one who isn’t even in the stadium when the song is played or if you’re still getting your beer, you won’t have to worry about being ridiculed because you weren’t there holding a cold one in one hand and putting your other hand over your heart.

If ALL Americans can’t honor their country any way they wish, because SOME people don’t like or agree with the way they are doing it, then NOBODY should be able to do it.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

This is America. Until it turns into Nazi Germany nobody, especially the ASSHOLE that “leads” us or his cronies, has the right to tell another American how they should or shouldn’t honor their country.

Having the choice to honor or not honor the country or whatever we wish is a part of what being an American is all about.

If you don’t get that, then how can you call yourself an American?


This is President Obama’s reaction to Kaepernick’s kneeling when it first began:


This is ASSHOLE’S tweet demanding that NFL players stand.  The reason why many DIDN’T stand was not out of disrespect for the flag or the country, but out of disrespect for HIM! You call people sons-of-bitches, what would you expect them to do?

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Sometimes being under the weather has its advantages.  Such as catching up on some reading.

About two weeks ago I began reading Markus Zusak’s “The Book Thief”.  I’m not through reading it yet but there is a scene in the story that has resonated with me since I read it, which I want to share here.

For anyone not familiar with the subject matter of “The Book Thief”, it revolves around a young girl living in Nazi Germany.  The scene I wish to share is on page 105.  It is 1940 and the Hubermann family has gathered for the yearly celebration of Hitler’s birthday.  The characters involved are Hans Hubermann (the father), Hans Junior (his adult son) and Liesel, the young girl.  Understand that Hans Junior is a Nazi and his father is not.

“You’ve never cared about this country,” said Hans Junior.  “Not enough, anyway.”

Papa’s eyes started corroding.  It did not stop Hans Junior.  He looked now for some reason at the girl.  With her three books standing upright on the table, as if in conversation, Liesel was silently mouthing the words as she read from one of them.  “And what trash is this girl reading?  She should be reading ‘Mein Kampf’“.

Liesel looked up.

“Don’t worry, Liesel,” Papa said.  “Just keep reading.  He doesn’t know what he’s saying.”

But Hans Junior wasn’t finished.  He stepped closer and said, “You’re either for the Fuhrer or against him–and I can see that you’re against him.  You always have been.”  Liesel watched Hans Junior in the face, fixated on the thinness of his lips and the rocky line of his bottom teeth.  “It’s pathetic–how a man can stand by and do nothing as a whole nation cleans out the garbage and makes itself great.”

After I read this scene it took me two days to get back to reading the book.

The parallels between Nazi Germany and America in 2017 in this scene alone struck me.  “You’re either for him or against him”.  If I had a dollar for each time someone has said that phrase to me in 2017, I’d be sitting on a beach somewhere reading this book.  “…a whole nation cleans out the garbage and makes itself great”.  Sounds familiar.

What “cleaning out the garbage…to make itself great” meant in Nazi Germany under ASSHOLE Hitler:  Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Slavs, Jehovah Witnesses, clergy, Communists, Socialists, prostitutes, drunks, disabled, gays and anyone else they felt wasn’t worthy.

What “cleaning out the garbage…to make itself great–again” means in America 2017 under ASSHOLE Trump:  Muslims, disabled, gays, transgenders, women, refugees, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, the NFL, generally people of any color, the DREAMers, climate change, NATO, anyone who causes a “problem” for him (Comey, Yates, etc.) and anyone who doesn’t agree with what he says or wants.  Especially on Twitter.

Considering this book was published twelve years ago, maybe the author is psychic.  Or are there truly that many parallels between the ASSHOLE who once ruled and ruined Germany and the ASSHOLE who is now trying to rule and ruin America?

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The House

Imagine you just purchased your dream home.  You’ve been working for this all your life.  You’ve saved, you’ve done all your homework and you found the perfect home for you and your family.

The house isn’t brand new.  In fact, it’s almost twenty years old.  The realtor called it a “starter home”.  It does need some work, mainly a little TLC.  Each room could use a paint job, probably even some wallpaper.  The carpets are worn in each room.  The driveway needs repaving.  The yard needs mowing and is in dire need of serious landscaping.  The basement is solid.  No cracks in the foundation.  No water.  The home inspector said the support beams are in “fantastic shape”.  No signs of termites or other pests.  The house is far from perfect but you love it anyway and you know in time you will turn it into the home you’ve always wanted.

The house is very habitable so your family moves in.  You can survive living with some areas that could use updates.  Updates are always good.  The important thing is you have a solid foundation.  Because without that you can’t follow through with anything else.  At least you’re not starting from scratch.

This may be a poor analogy but it’s one I’m using to demonstrate what Congress had and decided not to use.  They really could’ve made it very easy for themselves.  They had a solid base to work with but they weren’t satisfied with that.  Instead they decided to gut the whole “house”, make it difficult on themselves and start from scratch.  All they had to do was keep the base and do some updates over time.  Now they’re stuck with a mess and they don’t know what to do with it.  Nor do they care because if they’re left with a mess of a “house”, they can easily just leave it for someone else to clean up.

Those “someones” are roughly 23 million Americans.

So much for our dream home…



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You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until It’s Gone



Originally posted in July of this year.  Worth repeating with bullshit healthcare repeal part two happening.


I’ve come to the conclusion that whatever happens with the whole healthcare fiasco happens.

As crazy as it sounds, it actually would be great if this bullshit passed.   You know why?  Because everything happens for a reason.

  1.  First of all, if this shit bill passes it’s going to be a while before it actually goes into effect.  If they think otherwise, then things will be really interesting.
  2. Something nobody has mentioned (except Senator Angus King from Maine and my husband), is how this is going to effect everyone.  I don’t mean the people who need healthcare.  I’m talking about the healthcare workers.  I’m talking about the pharmaceuticals.  Does anyone know how huge the medical field is?  How many hospitals, doctors, nurses, administrative people, pharmacists this bill will affect?  Even nursing homes and rehab facilities.  Think about it.  If nobody can afford to have health insurance, how will any of these medical facilities remain in business?  Watch Senator King explain it all here to the hosts of ASSHOLE’S favorite MSNBC show “Morning Joe.



3.  Here’s the great part.  You know how ASSHOLE keeps pointing the finger at Obama blaming him for this “awful” healthcare that we have?  You know, the          Affordable Care Act?  Well, if this new shit healthcare Congress came up with gets passed and ASSHOLE signs it, guess what?  HE CAN NO LONGER BLAME OBAMA FOR SHIT HEALTHCARE!  He won’t even be able to blame Turtleface McConnell BECAUSE ASSHOLE’S name will be on the bill!  So, you know what THAT means?  WE can point the finger at ASSHOLE and he will be the only one to blame.

4.  Once Congress gets sick of the mess they created and ASSHOLE signed off on, along with all the chaos it has caused, they don’t even need ASSHOLE to repeal the shit bill and replace it back with–you guessed it–OBAMACARE!

5.  Here’s the best part:  after all this shit has been done and gone and the ACA is back in effect, people (at least the intelligent ones) will realize that although the ACA may not be perfect, it’s a hell of a lot better than what the greedy GOP assholes stuck us with.

6.  It will finally be realized that–DUH!–ACA needs to be revised, not repealed.

Remember:  you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.