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Protesting America

In the wake of SHITHOLE’S recent remarks about Canada, their trade policies and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in general, Canadians have taken to boycotting all things American, from shopping at Walmart to travelling to the States for vacation.

Speaking from an American’s point of view, I don’t blame them at all.  Although more difficult for me, since I live in America, I’ve decided to protest America in my own way.  Not only for the reasons stated above, but also for what is happening to the immigrant families that reach our border and then are torn apart.  Until America is restored to the country I once knew, I’m done advertising it.

By “advertising” I’m mainly talking about the Americana T-shirts I own.  And I own a lot of them.  Every year I purchase a new “Made In USA” T-shirt.  I have about twenty of these shirts.  Some have embroidered fireworks on them, one says “America The Beautiful” on it.  I really love these shirts and I practically live in them all summer.  I’ve always been proud to wear them.  Not this summer.  And not any time after that either until things change for the better of humankind in America.

Unlike Canadians, I’m not going to be able to give up everything American.  When shopping locally, that’s all we have.  Choices are limited.  Luckily when I shop at America’s SuperStore Walmart I can purchase plenty of things made in China and  Korea!  Unfortunately, they do not sell Canadian chocolate.  Which is way better than any American chocolate I’ve ever had.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still love America.  But promoting it right now would be like FDR promoting America after signing Executive Order 9066.  Considering the lives of human beings in both instances, it’s just wrong.  No matter what country you’re from.


Want your voice heard concerning what is happening at the American border?

Write to Phebe Novakovic. She’s CEO of General Dynamics, which has a lucrative contract w/ Office of Refugee Resettlement, the dept. enforcing Trump’s policy of detaining children away from their parents. Her email address, from a public source, is


Feel helpless but want to help?  These organizations could use it.

Support Kids at the Border

Chip in to eight critical groups working to protect kids separated from their families by ICE:

We Belong Together – women for common sense immigration policies

United We Dream – the largest immigrant youth-led network in the country

Womens Refugee Commission – advocating for the rights and protection of women, children, and youth fleeing violence and persecution

ACLU – fighting attacks through the legal system

Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) – protecting unaccompanied children who enter the US immigration system alone to ensure that no child appears in court without an attorney.

Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project – providing asylum seekers with legal aid and community support across the country

Human Rights First – helping refugees obtain asylum in the U.S.

La Union del Pueblo Entero – founded by Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta, a community union that works in the Rio Grande Valley from the grassroots up

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Next Victim

Before you get all gushy over the fact that two narcissistic assholes got together for the first time at a hotel in Singapore, try to remember the reality of the situation:

  1. One asshole has been under investigation since the infancy of his “presidency”.
  2. The other is a dictator who, if investigated, would have the investigators killed.

Other than being narcissistic assholes, SHITHOLE and Kim really have so much in common.  Both have appearances that are little to be desired.  Both are inhumane.  Both could care less about the citizens of their countries.  Both were looking forward to all the attention they would get with their meeting.

Aside from their similarities, there are differences between the two assholes.  One lives in a country where he is supposed to work for the people who (allegedly) hired him.  Unfortunately, he’s doing a shitty job and will be fired.  The other one lives in a country where he dictates to the people what they can/cannot do and that is the way of the law.  One’s main interest is in buddying up to asshole dictators with a Diet Coke and Big Mac in tow and seeing where the next hotel or condo can be built.  The other one’s main interest is pretending to like the first asshole and launching nuclear missiles.  One is trying to keep himself from being executed by the Russians who are blackmailing him.  The other is trying to find the next person to blackmail and execute.

He may have just found that victim in Singapore on Tuesday.

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World Peace?

They talk of “world peace” with SHITHOLE, Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un meeting at a “summit” in Singapore.

It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than a meeting between two egomaniacs and an eccentric retired basketball player to create “world peace”.

To have real “world peace” you need for every single human being in the world to accept one another.  Until there is no more racism in the world, you will never have “world peace”.  Until there is no sexism in the world, you will never have “world peace”.  Until there is no discrimination against anyone who is LGBTQ, disabled, of a different religion than yours or for any other reason, you will never have “world peace”.

To have real “world peace” you need for there to never be another war, another starving person, another homeless person, another child ripped from their mother’s arms.  You need for leaders of the world to start listening to the people they represent.  You need them to start caring for the people they represent.  Until then there will not be “world peace”.

If there ever really was “world peace” people wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

As individuals we need to find peace within ourselves because unfortunately, there will never be “world peace”.

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The Things He Can Do

The majority of Americans have figured out SHITHOLE, “Ghouliani” and the rest of the SHITHOLE “administration”.  They are nothing but a bunch of blowhards who talk their talk but really say nothing at all.  They are a group of pathetic, desperate souls just buying any time they possibly can because they know the end of their bullshit is coming.

That’s why when “Ghouliani” goes on TV and states that SHITHOLE can “pardon himself” but probably won’t, it means nothing.  Because “Ghouliani” has no clue what he’s talking about.  Saying one can “pardon” themselves is like saying a criminal can step into a court of law and declare themselves innocent.  And why say you can “pardon” yourself unless you think you’re guilty of something?  Don’t you say “pardon me”, “excuse me” or “I’m sorry” if you’ve burped, farted or done something wrong?

SHITHOLE cannot pardon himself, no matter how many times he and/or “Ghouliani” say it.  They can mention pardons and the Constitution until the cows come home, but they are merely doing it to make themselves feel better.  It’s like the criminal who tries to convince themselves that they’re innocent when they’re guilty as hell.  Like Manafart.  And we all know where he’s heading.

Although SHITHOLE cannot pardon himself, he doesn’t need to feel left out.  Here is a list of things that SHITHOLE can do to himself:

Shoot himself – he pretty much does this every day when he speaks or tweets but we wish he’d really perform this action literally.

Play with himself – more than likely because he’s not getting any from the First Cunt, mistresses or porn stars

Dress himself – jury is out on this

Feed himself – jury is out on this too

Shit himself – will be doing that soon

Piss himself – will be doing that soon also

Kiss himself – being the huge narcissist he is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he does this several times daily

Perjure himself – he’s already proven this

So SHITHOLE should be proud of all he can do and not dwell on issuing a pardon for himself.  It wouldn’t matter even if he could pardon himself.  It would be null and void anyways.

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Someone Different

They kept saying they wanted “someone different”.

For eight years they had someone who was probably the most different President of their lifetime.  Not only was he black, he also wore tan suits, put mustard on his hot dogs, loved his wife and family, showed sincere empathy for his fellow human beings and is the only President in the past 45 years to not have an independent investigation of his administration.

He must’ve been “different” enough for most of America.  We elected him twice.

But then the “different” we had with him changed to “something else” with another person.  What he offered really wasn’t so much “different” but more “distracting” and “disgusting”.  Distracting to the point of near brainwashing for some.  Disgusting to the point where his own “wife” can’t stand him.

They kept saying they wanted “someone different”.  What they got was a Russian laughingstock.  Be careful of what you want.  It may not turn out to be what you expected.