We Shouldn’t Be Surprised

So six women developed blood clots after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

This has caused the CDC and FDA to issue a “pause” on the use of the vaccine. Which caused people all over social media to bitch. Yeah, because those six women weren’t them or related to them. And those six women are just the ones we know of right now. Knowing this vaccine caused blood clots in at least six women, why would anyone want to get it? A Virginia woman’s death has also been linked to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Yes, you can argue that the risk of a blood clot outweighs the risk of getting COVID-19. But is it really worth the risk? Especially since Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is not the only option that we have.

Considering Johnson & Johnson’s reputation, we shouldn’t be surprised by this “pause”. Remember: this is the same company that was successfully sued years ago by 13,000 plaintiffs alleging Johnson’s baby powder caused their ovarian cancer or mesothelioma.

Right now it’s just a “pause” and it’s unknown if it will continue to be used in the future. For now maybe it should be back to the drawing board for Johnson.


It was inevitable. As much as we’d love it, he can’t play forever. But we’re grateful for the years that we witnessed, enjoyed and cherished his talent.

The Pass. The Catch. Squirrel. Minitron. Energizer Bunny. Water Bug. True Edelman.

Many thought he wouldn’t accomplish much, yet he accomplished more than most ever do.

Ride off into the NFL sunset, Jules, knowing you made a difference in so many lives, on and off the field. Foxboro Forever and Forever Relentless.

Things to Keep in Mind

Regarding the asinine new elections law “bill” that asshole Kemp signed in Georgia the other day, there’s many things about this to keep in mind.

First of all, it’s okay to be angry. In fact, all voters should be angry. Voters of any party. Because this “bill” affects voters of all parties. But methinks asshole Kemp isn’t smart enough to realize that. Keep in mind, asshole Kemp is willing to alienate people in his own party. Think about that for a minute.

As for the water and food thing, I can understand people’s anger regarding this. I mean who would want to stand in line to vote for five hours, in ninety-plus degree heat and not have something to eat or drink? I know I couldn’t do it. But I wouldn’t rely on someone else to get me the food or water either.

Keep in mind, everyone is going to have to stand in line without food or water. No matter what color your skin is. Yes, you will argue that more people of color will stand in line for a longer period of time but there is a solution for anyone who needs food or water while they wait to cast their vote. No matter how long they have to wait. Although it states in the “bill” that people will be prosecuted for providing food or water to electors, it says nothing about electors bringing their own food or water to consume. Shit, make it a fucking picnic. Have a goddamn party. Regarding the food and water thing, the actual wording of the “:bill” states:

The law applies within 150 feet of a polling place or within 25 feet of any voter at a polling place.

That means you could get a water handed to you 200 feet from a polling place and all would be well. I also read that polling places would be able to, but not required to, set up self-serve water dispensers for voter. So maybe you’ll be lucky to be voting at a “nice” polling place. But don’t depend on them. Take it upon yourself to bring your own food and water.

Although there’s much more regarding the bill and everything from ballot boxes to the amount of time you will have to early vote, the other really big thing I’ve been reading about are the changes to mail-in voting. Apparently voters will be required to provide either their driver’s license or state ID number, or a photocopy of their identification to cast a mail-in ballot. So, if you don’t have one, at least get a state ID number. Anyone can get one. There’s no excuse.

I know there’s more to it and so many will argue, and have argued, that it’s not that easy. And yes, I agree that may be the case. But how often is something you really want easy? You want to vote? Okay. So your fucking state just made it more difficult for everyone to vote. More difficult for some than others. I get it.

But stop bitching about it and get up off your asses and start shitting for yourselves, Georgia. Coca-Cola isn’t going to help you. Neither is your asshole governor. So fucking help yourselves. Because until you do start shitting for yourselves, assholes like Kemp will keep walking all over you. Because he knows he can.

So go get your picture taken, pack your water and snacks in a cooler and go stand in line to vote HIS ASS OUT!

Back To School

The state of Massachusetts has declared that all K-5 students are to return to school in person five days a week starting April 5.

They also stated that middle school would return to school in person five days a week starting April 28. Which makes no sense, since that is a Wednesday. But this is Massachusetts.

The state also said that the return to school for high school students would be TBD. But not for my school district.

Our district’s superintendent took it upon himself to declare that middle school and high school students would be returning to full in person learning on April 26. Well, at least it’s a Monday.

Although they are no longer allowing the hybrid option (which we personally never opted for), they are still offering the remote option. Which is a good thing for us. For personal medical reasons that have to do with my daughter, which I will not discuss here.

So we had to fill out a survey and tell them why we wanted to remain remote. I was very thorough in my explanation. Mainly because with what is going on medically with my daughter, I highly doubt they would want her in their school right now, until the medical situation gets rectified. When that will be, who knows. Because it’s complicated. And not easily rectified. Keep in mind many members of my daughter’s high school are aware of the situation.

And I’m glad that they are still offering a completely remote option. I think they know they have to. Remote is here to stay in one form or another. Because if one kid gets sick and cannot be in school, are you going to not allow them to learn?

So tonight we had a school meeting to go over the details. And some of the details are bothersome.

One is lunch. Right now lunch is held in the student’s third class and they sit in their individual seats with a cardboard frame around them. When they return to school they are planning to have lunch in the gym or outdoors (apparently they have forgotten what spring in New England can be like) and they state that it “will be socially distanced, but fun and social”. Um, if it’s going to be socially distanced, how is it going to be social? Not that I care because my kid won’t be there. Not that she’d socialize anyway if she were. But I’m just saying.

But it was the final line of the “what will change” section of the meeting that got me:

The teachers will now focus on their in person classes rather than dividing their attention or focusing on zoom. The remote students will be able to complete their assignments and ask questions, but they will not be the focus of instruction.

Hold. It. Right. There. Are you telling me that because my child, who has to remain remote due to a health reason, is going to be penalized? Because that is wrong. Every single student, whether remote or not, should be the focus of instruction. Not just the ones in school. You may as well tell me that all remote students will simply be ignored. It is bothersome because I’m concerned there’s going to be a teacher who either “forgets” or refuses to click on the zoom link so my daughter, and any other remote student, may participate in class. Because they are not the focus of instruction. Because they are not physically there. They don’t count.

Yes it would be easy to tell the school we’ll send her for in person lessons. But I would love to ask them if they’re going to be willing to deal with her health issues all day long. Although I’ve explained the situation to them, they have no idea what it’s really like because they don’t live it. As it is I’m unsure where we will be when the next school year begins. If we are still where we are now, the school will have their work cut out for them.

Someday It Will Be Us

It’s so easy to point the finger.

It’s so easy to be racist.

But one day there will be a virus other than racism that originates from the United States. One that will make the entire world very sick.

And other countries will point their fingers.

And will call it the Americanflu or Amerivirus or whatever.

And Americans will be targeted with hatred. Some Americans more than others.

And then maybe, just maybe, we will learn.