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For a Hot Night In

Great tips! Will definitely try body paints 🙂

HELLO, BEAUTIES AND BEAUS. It’s 11:59… You’ve had a long week and it’s about to be an even longer week ahead and you’re feeling a little grown and sexy time would really relieve some of the stress. So you get together with that special one, whether it’s your husband, lover or friends with benefit, […]

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What Goes Around

Considering all that has occurred this week in the land of ASSHOLE and company, I felt it appropriate to do a sort of #ThrowbackThursday bit revolving around it.

To refresh memories, let’s go back to July of 2016.  During one of his many “pep” rallies ASSHOLE urged Russia to hack Clinton’s email.


If I recall at another “pep” rally he also urged gun owners to shoot her.

Now fast forward to earlier this week when it was learned that ASSHOLE cannot keep a secret.  At least from his Russian pals.

Who is to say that in that “pep” rally from last year ASSHOLE didn’t already KNOW Russia was going to hack Clinton’s email?  It was a secret plot between them, like two bullies on the playground.  And like the loose-lipped ASSHOLE that he is, he opened his pie hole and blurted it out.  Because he loves to talk out of his ass.

I know there was money passed.  Nobody is going to do a hacking job for free.  Especially the Russians. And this statement of his has always been in the back of my mind.  I can’t be the only one who finds it coincidental that more emails were “discovered” only weeks before Election Day.  Especially after this statement.

One may ask, “yeah, but why wait so long?  He mentioned it in July.  The second release of emails was at the end of October”.   True.  But don’t you think maybe it would’ve been easier to “catch on” to what was happening if the email “spill” had occurred too soon after ASSHOLE’S “prediction”?  By October what ASSHOLE had said in July had seeped from many brains.

And now, almost a year later, here we are.  With a special counsel in place for the Russia investigation.  My how time flies when ASSHOLE is dragging a country down.


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No Greater Fraud Than A Promise Not Kept


From a human aspect I can’t help but feel sympathetic towards the individuals who voted for ASSHOLE Trump mainly on the premise that he would either save their jobs or create jobs.  So far he has done neither and the future days of his “presidency” aren’t looking too promising for jobs.  In fact, from what I gather right now ASSHOLE has a lot more concerns on his plate than helping save jobs.  The only “job” he’s probably concerned with right now is his own.

I get it.  I’ve been on the unemployment line.  I’ve been in the financial hole wondering how I was going to get out.  I also knew no president was going to help me find a better job.  That was up to me.

Unfortunately when you’re in a situation where you’re vulnerable and some charming, narcissistic, “different politician” comes riding into town and feeds you a line about being the “greatest jobs producer that God ever created”, you can’t help but gain hope.  Because hope is about all you have left.


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Comey’s FBI Computer Illegally Accessed: Data Given to Russian Diplomats


Exclusive: Sources close to the intelligence community report that Director Comey’s FBI computer was illegally accessed immediately after he was dismissed from his post. They further report that ‘removable media’ was used in the commission of this crime. ‘Removable media’ is a category describing physical devices that can be placed into a computer, either to download information or to upload it, such as a memory card, a USB stick, a removable hard drive, a thumb drive or similar items.

Sources further report that a person or persons allied to Donald Trump passed data accessed from Director Comey’s computer to Russian diplomats. It is not known when or how this took place. A piece of removable media containing all the data in question has been recovered from hostile actors, sources say, and is now in the possession of the Justice Department.

Director Comey is said to have known in advance that Mr. Trump…

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On the tail of ASSHOLE’S latest Executive Order creating a panel to investigate voter fraud, here is a #ThrowbackThursday post going all the way back to February of this year.  To refresh memories, that was when whipper-snapper asshole Stephen Miller said to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos:

“I’ve actually, having worked before on a campaign in New Hampshire, I can tell you that this issue of busing voters in to New Hampshire is widely known by anyone who’s worked in New Hampshire politics. It’s very real, it’s very serious,” Miller said. “This morning on this show is not the venue for me lay out all the evidence.”

Three months later we’re still waiting to see all that proof, you whipper-snapper wimp.  I can tell you why we haven’t seen an ounce of evidence.  Because THERE ISN’T ANY!!!!

As I said in my post from February:

All the continuous rambling bullshit about voter fraud has brought many questions to my mind:

1. After all these months why the fuck does ASSHOLE care so much? He fucking won the “election”, just drop it. Or maybe ASSHOLE has something to hide.  Which I’m certain he does.

2. If so many voted “illegally”, how do we know they didn’t really vote for ASSHOLE and not Clinton? Because he didn’t win the popular vote? That’s only because ASSHOLE isn’t POPULAR!

I want to see PROOF that nobody voted ILLEGALLY FOR ASSHOLE. Like his daughter Trumpette or President Bannon. Because we know they are registered in more than one state.

3. Ayotte lost because she’s a nasty bitch cunt.

4. If any of you have proof that people from MA were bused into NH to vote, I’m curious to know what towns were they from in MA?  I live in a MA town of barely 2,000 people.  Most of my town voted Republican.  Were people from my town bused to NH?  How about that little town out in the Berkshires with the population of barely 500?  Anyone from there get bused to NH?

5. Why are you saying people were only bused in from MA? Many other states border NH, including ME and VT.  Maybe you should question whether anyone was bused in from those states too.

6. I also want to know where in NH these alleged “bused” in people from MA voted in NH. Did they go to Dixville Notch? Nashua? Manchester? Concord? Some remote, sparsely populated area of the White Mountains? One can’t imagine that all those voters bused into NH from MA would illegally vote at the same place!

7. Please provide us with the name of the alleged bus company who drove the people from MA to NH and then back again. Was it Peter Pan? Greyhound? Fox Tours? Some no name brand company? Please don’t tell us it was a school bus! We won’t believe you!

Then again, we don’t believe your sorry asses anyway. Because if you had any actual “proof” you would’ve revealed it by now instead of playing your fucking games! ASSHOLES!!!!!!

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Who Really Is The “Total Hoax”?

Anyone else realize it’s a “total hoax” and a “taxpayer funded charade” only when it’s negative stuff being said about ASSHOLE?  What Yates testified to may be considered “old news” but it’s also something ASSHOLE doesn’t like:  THE TRUTH!

President Donald Trump is calling investigations into his campaign’s possible ties to Russia’s election meddling a “taxpayer funded charade” and a “total hoax.” Trump is weighing in on Twitter following a congressional hearing on Russian interference. The president says former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, one of the officials who testified Monday, “said nothing but…

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Who’s That Girl?

Who’s that girl?

She’s the gawky, frizzy-haired, bespectacled girl wandering the playground aimlessly.  She watches as her peers play various games.  She would play too but she is too timid to ask.

She’s the five-year-old kindergartner who, although she is the only one in her class who can read, is subject to visiting the special education teacher simply because she does not know how to hold a pair of scissors.  Her mother’s argument for this is that she doesn’t let her play with scissors.

She’s the young child who always walks looking at the ground, never holding her head up.

She’s the child who has difficulty looking some people in the eye when she speaks to them.  As an adult she still has difficulty doing this.

She’s the chubby pre-teen who was too afraid to answer a question in class.  She was afraid the others would laugh.  They often did.

She’s the chubby freshman on the first day of school.  She’s wearing a new outfit, a new ‘do and contact lenses.  She walks into home room, sits down in front of a kid she’s been in the same home room with for two years and he thinks she’s a new kid in school.  She only wishes she was.

She’s the high school senior who hates her last name.  Because it makes her last in the class to graduate.

She’s the eighteen-year-old girl who gets her first job fresh out of high school.  She feels rich when she gets her first pay check.

That girl is now a woman who looks back on her life and sees how far she has come and knows she still has so far to go.


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A Sign of Summer

In my small neck of the woods there are many signs that summer is right around the corner:  the first ninety degree day, The Clam Box/Dresser Hill/Howard’s/Ronnie’s are open for business once again, Dunks has their ice cream flavored coffees for sale and you can wear shorts without freezing.

But to me the biggest sign that summer is upon us is that the Leicester Drive-In reopens.  Didn’t it just close six months ago?

I haven’t been to a drive-in, particularly the Leicester Drive-In, in years.  They just aren’t what they used to be.

When I was a kid going to the drive-in was a treat.  Our drive-in of choice was the Oxford Twin.  Every time I visit Walmart the location brings back memories, since that is where the Oxford Twin was located.  A night at the drive-in usually consisted of us going in my mother’s brown-paneled station wagon.  Pajamas were optional.  Swings and the playground before the show were a must.  No need to wear down the car battery to hear the movie.  They had those neat speakers you attached to the window.  And forget the concession stand.  Why pay exorbitant prices (even back then) when you could make and bring your own popcorn, Kool-Aid and State Line potato chips (my favorite when I was a kid).

Today it costs $28.00 a carload to attend the drive-in.  You do get to see two movies and as long as they’re two movies you really want to see, I’m sure it’s worth it.  Although it’s not the $5.00 price I remember when I was a kid, it’s still kind of a bargain.  If you have a mini-van and don’t mind sitting in cramped, steamy quarters for two to four hours.


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Respect Is Earned. Not Guaranteed.

You know why so many people (mainly ASSHOLE supporters) are in a tizzy over Stephen Colbert referring to ASSHOLE as Putin’s “cock-holster”?  It’s not so much that they dislike what was said.  It’s that they’re upset, even shocked, that someone FINALLY had the balls to say something derogatory against ASSHOLE.  I think more people in the media, whether it be nighttime talk show hosts, daytime talk show hosts or journalists should speak out more.  ASSHOLE deserves to be talked back to.  It’s one thing he’s not expecting.  All his life he’s believed he can say and do what he wants and get away with it. Colbert basically said “no more”.  It’s been a long time coming.

Then there are the ASSHOLE supporters who cry “show some respect”.  Respect for what?  Why should anyone respect this ASSHOLE with all the bullshit he lays on us every day?  Because of his “job” as “president”?  There are many who have “jobs” as “CEO’s” but if they’re an asshole, they won’t be respected either.  Respect is earned.  Not guaranteed.

Why should anyone feel it’s okay to respect an ASSHOLE who mocks a disabled reporter?  Why should anyone feel it’s okay to respect an ASSHOLE who says he grabs women by the pussy?  Why should anyone feel it’s okay to respect an ASSHOLE who calls one of his senators “Pocahontas” because he doesn’t believe her nationality?  Why should anyone feel it’s okay to respect ASSHOLE when he calls another senator “Little Marco” because of his height? Why should anyone feel it’s okay to respect ASSHOLE for calling a political opponent “crooked”, especially when HE’S the one who is crooked?  Why should anyone feel it’s okay to respect ASSHOLE for banning people of one religion from our country, simply because he doesn’t like that religion?  Why should anyone feel it’s okay to respect ASSHOLE for banning immigrants from our country, especially since the majority of us, including ASSHOLE himself, wouldn’t even BE here if not for immigration?  Why should anyone feel it’s okay to respect ASSHOLE for allowing alleged Christian businesses to discriminate against someone who is LGBTQ?  Why should anyone feel it’s okay to respect ASSHOLE for taking away our healthcare coverage? Why should anyone feel it’s okay to respect ASSHOLE for referring to any negative news about himself (which is most of the news) as “fake”, especially when we know it’s not?  Why would anyone feel it’s okay to respect ASSHOLE for going on a national TV show for an interview, mock the title of the show, then abruptly end the interview because he didn’t like the way the interview was going? Why?  Why WOULD anyone respect ASSHOLE or ANY of these things that he’s done?  Why would anyone feel it’s okay?  If you do feel it’s okay for ASSHOLE to do all this stuff, if you respect all this shit, then you’re just as bad as ASSHOLE.

Yet everyone in a tizzy feels it’s NOT okay for what Colbert said.  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, folks.  If ASSHOLE can dish it out but can’t take it, then he shouldn’t play the game.  Besides, with all the shit that spews from ASSSHOLE’S pie hole, using it as Putin’s cock-holster would be a step up.