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Being An Illegal American

One thing I’m tired of hearing people complain about is “illegal” citizens living in the United States.

Well, guess what, people?  Unless your direct descendants were Native Americans, we are ALL “illegal”!  Our ancestors hopped on a boat almost 400 years ago, leaving their home land because things weren’t going so well between them and the King.  They landed on a rock in what is now called Plymouth, Massachusetts.  And then they met the people who already lived here:  the Indians–the Pokanokets and Wampanoags, among others.  Yup.  These foreigners from England “illegally” stepped foot on the land where these Indians had been residing for eons and BOOM!  Yes they had come here for a better way of life.  But soon these illegal immigrants decided to start taking things over.  They even took it upon themselves to bring smallpox and other fatal diseases with them to the new land and pass them around to the innocent, original residents.  How nice of these illegal immigrants called the Pilgrims.  They managed to single-handedly kill off a great deal of the native population.

Considering all the things the illegal white man did to the Native Americans and their country, many were trustworthy individuals and let the white man stay.  Sure there were incidents.  But the Indians didn’t sic their government on these new settlers.  Instead the white man created a government which eventually dictated where the Indians would live.  How is that for some turned tables?

So the next time you start complaining about “illegals” in this country, just remember where you more than likely originated from.  You illegal American, you!




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