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A Scenario

Here’s a scenario:

Imagine America is attacked by various individuals with bombs.  It doesn’t matter who the people are or where they come from.  What matters is what they are bombing.  The only things they are bombing are properties owned by ASSHOLE:  Trump Tower.  Mar-a-Lago. his hotels, his golf courses.  There are plenty to go around.  They could have a field day.  After they destroy all the properties, I wonder what ASSHOLE would do?  Would he hop on Twitter and declare them to stop?  Would he fly to each property to inspect the damages?

Now here’s another scenario:

America is attacked by various individuals with bombs.  Once again it doesn’t matter who they are or where they come from.  The places they attack are Trump Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Sears Tower, Hoover Dam, Disney World and LAX.  All are famous landmarks.  Which one do you think ASSHOLE will mention first?  Do you even think he’ll mention any of the other landmarks?  Do you think he’ll care if anyone was killed at any of the other landmarks?  Do you think he’ll care if anyone is killed at Trump Tower?

My point is:  if a nuclear bomb was dropped on us today, no matter who drops it, no matter where it comes from, how is ASSHOLE going to react?  What is he going to do to protect us?  My feeling is that he isn’t going to do shit because (1) he’ll be shitting in his pants under his desk in the Oval Office (2) he has no clue how to protect us.  Like everything else he says he’s going to do, he has no plan.

As Americans I feel it’s important for us to know how our “leader” will fight for a country he obviously doesn’t care for.  He made it quite clear he doesn’t care about America or what it stands for when he dissed the American press, people involved in U.S. intelligence and former presidents during his most recent overseas trip.  On top of that he acted like he and his Russian ASSHOLE counterpart were long-lost reuniting lovers.

I have a feeling that North Korea isn’t the first and only country ASSHOLE should be worried about.  Unfortunately, ASSHOLE doesn’t realize that.



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