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Why Am I Not Surprised?

Like countless others I’m disgusted and saddened by the shit that some “entitled” white supremacists felt necessary to pull over the weekend.  This shit included killing and injuring people.

Also like countless others I’m disgusted and saddened, but not surprised, by ASSHOLE not denouncing the acts of these white supremacists.  I’m not surprised because I wasn’t expecting him to say a goddamn word about them being white supremacists.  In fact, I would’ve been in SHOCK if he HAD referred to them as white supremacists.

It doesn’t surprise me that ASSHOLE didn’t say what most of us were hoping he’d say.  It doesn’t surprise me that ASSHOLE didn’t say what he SHOULD’VE said. No, it doesn’t make it right and no, we don’t need to accept it.  I certainly don’t.  But since ASSHOLE is a hypocrite about everything he says, I guess when it comes to white supremacy he stands his ground.  Because he himself is a white supremacist.  It’s quite obvious.  So why should we be surprised?

Would someone who is NOT a white supremacist surround them self with people who are?  Because that’s what ASSHOLE has done with some of his staff choices.

Would someone who is a white supremacist call out other white supremacists for their acts of terrorism?  Think about it.  Why would they?  As I said, ASSHOLE is a hypocrite but when it comes to white supremacy he stands his ground.

Unfortunately white supremacy will never go away.  It’s been around for a very long time.  And as long as there are college-aged white males out there who are taught to hate, allow themselves to hate or are brainwashed to hate, whatever the case may be, these assholes will always exist.  We just don’t need an ASSHOLE “leader” fueling their fire., and that’s what is happening here.

The best way to tackle the spread of white supremacy?  Start at the top:




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