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I Can’t Be The Only One

I can’t be the only one who truly believes ASSHOLE has dementia, can I?

There have been so many clues it should be obvious to all of us.

First of all, who doesn’t think it’s odd that Trumpette (Ivanka) seems to appear out of nowhere wherever ASSHOLE happens to be.  She attends meetings she has no business being at (the G20 and most recently ASSHOLE’S debt ceiling meeting with members of the House and Senate).  She even just “popped in” on a NYT interview and brought her kid along.  Nobody seems to know what her role in the White House is.  Some say she’s ASSHOLE’S “personal assistant”.  To many that means “caregiver”.

Aside from the fact that he is about as coherent as a drunken sailor when he speaks, repeats himself constantly (count how many “verys” he says in the first clip of the video below) and can’t read papers or concentrate long (some claim he doesn’t even know how to read), take a look at the many other detailed incidents that more than certainly point to dementia:


Wouldn’t it be appropriate for the “President” to be in on the briefing?  Maybe there’s a good reason why he wasn’t in on it.  Possibly because he had no clue what was going on? Is he sleeping under that damn hat?



Per the journalist ASSHOLE was allegedly sleeping.  Could be.  Or maybe he was just in a dementia daze.  If it weren’t for May, he’d probably still be sitting there!



My favorite one from this video is when he misses the fucking car!  If it were a snake it would’ve bit him!

We could take a few other things into consideration in these situations.  We all know ASSHOLE is far from being the brightest bulb in the pack.  But to miss a huge limo right in front of you? There is also the possibility he’s doing drugs.  It is well-known that he likes to “shoot the snow” once in a while.  More than likely it is dementia.  If you compare a current video of him talking to one of him talking thirty years ago, there is quite a difference.

We may never know.  For now what we do know is that there is a lot not right in ASSHOLEland.



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