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Happy Holidays: It’s Not Such A New Thing

This time of year always pushes the “politically correct” or “not politically correct” buttons with some people.  For some reason people seem to think you can’t say “Merry Christmas”.  Nobody ever said you couldn’t say “Merry Christmas” so don’t say they did.  It has been suggested that you say “Happy Holidays” because, gasp!  Not everyone celebrates Christmas.  But instead of people looking at it as a “suggestion”, they twist it around and say “we were told to say this”.  Guess they forgot this is America.  Nobody can make you say “Happy Holidays”.  Just like nobody can make anyone else say “Merry Christmas”.

For the record, saying “Happy Holidays” is not as new as everyone thinks it is.  Wishing someone a “Happy Holiday” started in 1942 when Irving Berlin wrote the song “Happy Holiday” for the Bing Crosby film “Holiday Inn”.  Another popular version of the song “Happy Holiday” was recorded by Andy Williams in 1965.  So stop saying that the phrase “Happy Holiday” is a new thing because we’ve been saying it and singing it since WWII.

Once people get off their high horses and accept and understand others for who they are and what they believe instead of what they always feel is right, then the world will become a better place.



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