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My Sweet Christmas Dreams

A request to share.  Here it is…


Sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things”

Cupcakes and cookies
Are things I can’t eat
It really sucks when I
Want something sweet
Yummy cocoa truffles
In a nice Christmas bowl
Cause me to try
Not to lose my control

Cakes made from cocoa
And warm apple pie
Doughnuts and gumdrops
All go to my thighs
Nuts dressed in chocolate, mints soaked in light cream
These are a few of my sweet Christmas dreams

Gingerbread houses and peppermint bark
Eggnog and cheesecake and raspberry tarts
Pretty spiced candy canes tied up in bows
Cause me to fear where the calories go

When the crumbs fall
When the punch spills
And I feel real bad
I simply remember my sweet Christmas dreams
And then I don’t feel so fat



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