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A Personal Reflection on 2017

I may not be in the best of health but I’m glad to still be breathing.  I’m also glad all my immediate family members are still breathing as well.

Professionally I’ve experienced a lot of changes but I’m glad I still have a job.

Day trips are just as good as extended vacations.

I’m amazed that in 2017 they can’t figure out a more humane way of performing mammograms.

Sugared champagne beats champagne popsicle anytime!

Money isn’t everything.  In fact, the more you have, the less you have.

I’ve become a part of The Resistance, something I thought I’d never have to be part of but am grateful for.  The other members of this group have kept me sane.

I’ve learned more about politics than I care to know.

I’ve learned legalese and words I never knew existed.  Dotard, anyone?

Speaking of words, I never thought I could laugh so hard over “covfefe”.

I never thought I would be living in a country without a president.  But I am.  We all are.

I never thought I would be living in a country so filled with hate.  But I am.  We all are.

I admit I am part of that hate.  Because I hate the thing in the Shit House.  I’ve never hated a sitting “president” before, whether they were a “real” president or a “pretend” one.  But I do now.  I know I am not alone.

At the end of this year I feel as if I’m at the bottom of a pit.  I know I can either stay here and dwell on what was, personally, professionally and politically, or I can try scaling my way out to see what better things may come.

I choose betterment.



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