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The Royal Questions

There’s nothing like a good ol’ royal wedding to get everyone riled up.

Although I wish Harry and Meg the best of luck in this next chapter in their lives, I don’t really care about the details.  However, they do make an adorable couple and I’m sure Diana would be proud of her youngest child.

In honor of the royal wedding tomorrow, a local radio station posted questions to answer regarding the big day.  Since these are extremely pertinent, I just had to answer them:

  1.  Will Prince Harry shave for his walk down the aisle?

Yes.  He will shave everything.  Head, beard and body.  He is going into this marriage completely hairless.

     2.  What color hat will the Queen wear?

She is going for the Cat-in-the-Hat motif—something multi-colored and stripey.

     3.  Who will walk Meghan down the aisle?

Well, as of yesterday when these questions were first posted, I gave my answer as Meghan.  But today we all know it’s going to be Chuck.

     4.  What will they serve for dinner?

Tea and crumpets.  What the fuck else would they serve?

     5.  Will Elton sing “Candle in the Wind” at the reception?

No, but I hear that “The Bitch Is Back” is on the playlist.


Here’s to many, many years of pure wedded bliss, Harry and Meg!


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