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Next Victim

Before you get all gushy over the fact that two narcissistic assholes got together for the first time at a hotel in Singapore, try to remember the reality of the situation:

  1. One asshole has been under investigation since the infancy of his “presidency”.
  2. The other is a dictator who, if investigated, would have the investigators killed.

Other than being narcissistic assholes, SHITHOLE and Kim really have so much in common.  Both have appearances that are little to be desired.  Both are inhumane.  Both could care less about the citizens of their countries.  Both were looking forward to all the attention they would get with their meeting.

Aside from their similarities, there are differences between the two assholes.  One lives in a country where he is supposed to work for the people who (allegedly) hired him.  Unfortunately, he’s doing a shitty job and will be fired.  The other one lives in a country where he dictates to the people what they can/cannot do and that is the way of the law.  One’s main interest is in buddying up to asshole dictators with a Diet Coke and Big Mac in tow and seeing where the next hotel or condo can be built.  The other one’s main interest is pretending to like the first asshole and launching nuclear missiles.  One is trying to keep himself from being executed by the Russians who are blackmailing him.  The other is trying to find the next person to blackmail and execute.

He may have just found that victim in Singapore on Tuesday.


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