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It’s quite clear that the person who refers to himself as “president of the United States” is a haunted person.

He’s haunted by his own past. He’ll be haunted by his own future.

He’s haunted by past presidents; especially the most recent one because he’s haunted by the fact he’ll never live up to or exceed that guy. In addition his own racism towards that guy haunts him daily.

Sadly this person who refers to himself as “president” is haunted by a war hero Senator who passed away merely six months ago. He’s haunted by the fact that the Senator did more for his country than he’ll ever do. And it’s very obvious from this person who refers to himself as “president” and his many remarks on and off social media, that the Senator haunts him. May the Senator haunt him until the end of time.

The person who refers to himself as “president” is haunted by women. Women he has hurt. Women who he doesn’t respect. Which is every woman.

He is extremely haunted by immigrants. In fact, he’s terrified of them so much he’s become haunted by a fictional wall.

It’s a terrible thing to have to go through life being haunted. It’s even more difficult to “run” a country while being haunted. Little by little it will drive you insane.



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