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Passing The Torch

Last evening a generational torch was passed.

It was my 14-year-old daughter’s first concert.  At the same venue I attended my first concert thirty-six years ago.

In 1983 the place was called The Centrum.  The artist was Rick Springfield.  In 2019 the place is called The DCU Center.  The artist was Pentatonix.  As in 1983 souvenirs were purchased and memories were made.  The artists may have changed but the venue has not and is showing its age of nearly forty years.

As in 1983 there is still a need for more women’s rooms and the seats still feel like concrete.  But as it did for me in 1983, and as it did for my daughter in 2019, the music rocked.  It entertained.  It brought a continuous smile to my daughter’s face.  She had the time of her life.  To me that’s all that matters.




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