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The Good and The Bad

Have you ever wondered what would happen if one day shithole Trump actually did something good or nice for the country?  Like say, demand gun reform?

I can tell you what would happen.

His flock would have a fit and the rest of us wouldn’t believe him anyway because he’s such a liar.

SHITHOLE has himself so fucked he doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.  And he did it to himself.

He could’ve been on the straight and narrow, “the good” side, the “right side” from the beginning.  But he wasn’t.  He wasn’t even on the “good side” before the beginning.  He’s never been on the “good” or “right” side.  He’s always been on the bad side.  The wrong side.  And he doesn’t care.

Even if SHITHOLE was visited by three ghosts and decided to change his ways it’s too late.  He’s already destroyed what was once great.



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