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Dear Me: A Letter to My 17-Year-Old Self

Dear Me:

You’ve made it this far and so many never thought you would.  Congrats!

The 80’s did you well.  You finished out the decade by graduating from high school and getting your first job.  Good thing you took all those typing and business classes in high school.  They all paid off.

That Springsteen concert you attended was epic.  You know the one.  Tunnel of Love Express Tour, opening night Centrum, eighth row from the stage.  You skipped school to get the wristband and wore it for a week.  That show will remain with you and you will be a Springsteen fan for life.  By the way, he’s now 70 years old.

Speaking of musicians, don’t burn too many brain cells over answers to questions you ask them on call-in radio shows.  Fifteen years after the fact when you actually meet them, it won’t mean a damn thing.  Still, it will be cool.

On work, although you went to broadcasting school, you’ll pay the bills through insurance jobs and some freelance work.  Never give up on your dream of being a teacher, writer or radio personality.

You won’t love many, but the ones you do love will mean the world to you.  You will be devastated when you learn of your first love’s death when he was only 45.  Best of all, you will marry your best friend and you will live to see at least 25 years with him (and finish each other’s sentences on a daily basis).

You will go through eight years of infertility.  Don’t worry.  You will have a daughter who will be the light of your life.  Raising her will be the best and most difficult job you’ll ever have.

Sadly at age 27 you will become an orphan.  Even more sad, your much younger sisters will be orphans at ages 14 and 16.  And lucky you!  They will move in with you for at least the next ten years.  The good news is, they do grow up, get married and have families of their own.  And you love them.

The worst and most hectic six months of your life will occur at age 27, in 1998, when you are ten years older than you are now.  That June you will move into your first house, that August your mother will pass away, that October you will lose your job of nine years and best of all, that damn stray dog at your mother’s house just gave birth to eight puppies and guess where they will all live for the next eight weeks?  In your basement!  Fun times!

You will become a Patriots fan.  Yes, I know at age 17 you could care less about football, much less Patriots football.  But trust me.  They become extremely relevant.  You will love Tom Brady.

Lastly, your health.  No, you’ll never be skinny, although from the years 2003 to 2004 you will lose roughly 80 pounds and look pretty good.  Your early 30’s treat you well.  And although you have a lot of fun and do a lot of traveling to Canada, you do develop high blood pressure (runs in the family), gain a hernia from your C-section and develop diabetes in your mid-40’s.  But you manage it.  You have to.  You have so many to care for.  Especially yourself.

As you near your 50th year you’ll want to do something special.  It’s a big year.  You turn 50, your daughter turns 16 and you’ve been married for 25 years.  That’s something to celebrate.

So, self, get out there and enjoy the rest of your life!





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