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What Are We Calling It?

Tonight the alleged “Press Secretary” of the United States made a statement in rebuttal to today’s testimony by William Taylor, the former US Ambassador to Ukraine.  Her first sentence indicates that SHITHOLE has done nothing wrong.  And that’s just her first lie.  Because since he became “president”, SHITHOLE has yet to do anything right.  In fact, and it is a fact, if only he had been playing his “presidency” correctly and not wrongly, America would not be in the midst of an impeachment right now.  She goes on in her “statement” to mention all that is happening is a “smear campaign” (something her “boss” knows a lot about).  But just today SHITHOLE himself called it a “lynching”.  It’s also been called a “witch hunt” and “fake news”.  Christ, make up your minds.  Which is it?  She says that what is happening is “waging war on the Constitution” (there’s that document again…the one her “boss” knows nothing about).

She goes on to say there was “no quid pro quo”.  There’s that phrase once again.  It’s everywhere!  Because her “boss” has been doing lots of it.  Her statement continues on saying that “today was just more triple hearsay and selective leaks from the Democrats’ politically-motivated, closed door, secretive hearings”.  Hold it.  Does this bitch realize that only one person was testifying today (not three–and that’s not hearsay–he was really there, both today and then), that most of the leaks have come right from the White House and that in those closed door secretive meetings there were also Republicans?  Or is she as stupid as her “boss”?

She blabs on to say that “every day this nonsense continues more taxpayer time and money is wasted”.  Funny, most of America feels the same way when her “boss” goes golfing!  Which he has done for the majority of his “presidency”.  We’ve been keeping track.  Talk about wasting taxpayer money!

Now here’s the big laugh of her “statement”.  She claims SHITHOLE is “leading the way for the American people by delivering a safer, stronger and more secure country”.  Yes, all the members of ISIS that recently escaped from Syria, because SHITHOLE allowed them to, will certainly make America, and the rest of the world, much, much safer.  All the people he encourages at his pep rallies to entice violence on minorities are certainly doing their part in keeping America safer.  How’s that wall coming along?  You know the one that people have been recording themselves climbing over?  And how about that great gun reform you have going on.  Wow.  If anything this country has not become more safe, strong or secure.  It’s become more stupid, selfish and insecure.  Kind of just like the SHITHOLE who is “running” it.

She then finishes off her shitty statement by referring to the Democrats by her “boss'” favorite bully nickname:  the do-nothings.  No, if SHITHOLE was actually doing his “job” then they would be “do-nothings”.  Because then they wouldn’t have to do anything to protect the country from SHITHOLE.

Remember:  Mueller said that “if we had confidence the ‘president’ did not commit a crime, we would have said so”.  And they didn’t say so.  It still has not been proven that SHITHOLE has not committed a crime.  Until it is actually proven that SHITHOLE has not committed a crime, then all cards are on the table and it’s safe to say that he has committed a crime.  Or two.  Or three.  Or four.  Or more.  Just because someone says he hasn’t done anything wrong, doesn’t make it true.  Those are only words.  This “administration” and this SHITHOLE say a lot of things to make you believe things.  Because that’s what they want.  It’s called gaslighting.  And people that fall for it are victims.

All SHITHOLE has at this point in the game is his fading followers.  He will always have the fools.  They can’t help themselves.  What is unfortunate is that they are the ones who will be hurt the most when all is said and done.  Because SHITHOLE doesn’t care about them.  Because he can’t.  He can only care about himself.  It’s part of his disease.  He is a psychopathic narcissist.  He is the biggest two-face in Washington, DC (and there are a lot of two-faces in Washington, DC–many of them right in SHITHOLE’S own “administration”).

If you’re one of the fools who still support SHITHOLE and you wonder why this impeachment is happening to him, remember, you’re one of the fools who begged us to “give him a chance” and you should also remember (if you can think for yourself) that if he hadn’t done anything wrong, an impeachment wouldn’t be happening to him.  Because innocent “presidents” don’t get impeached.  It’s very simple:  you do something wrong, you get impeached.  You don’t do anything wrong, you don’t get impeached.  Get over it.


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