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The Pants Dilemma

I don’t know how many others may be able to relate to my issue.  When it comes to purchasing pants for my husband as a Christmas gift, I keep having the same dilemma year after year.  I have a difficult time finding his size.

It doesn’t matter if it’s jeans or dress pants I’m shopping for, hunting for the right color is one thing (especially dress pants where they seem to only have three colors to choose from), but finding the right size is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

For years my husband’s pant size was 34 x 34.  I soon discovered so were most men.  Sorting through the sizes I would often think to myself “why couldn’t he be a 30 x 29” because there were plenty of those.  He has since graduated to size 38 x 34, which really excited me for a bit because I actually thought I’d have an easier time finding his size.  Yeah, right.

In searching three stores I found one pair of pants in his size.  Color black.  I had to go to two more stores before finding another pair in his size.  Again, color black.

Yes, I know I could save myself a lot of hassle by shopping on-line but that would take the fun out of the annual search for the perfect pair of pants.


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