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Looking Back: The Past Decade

I’ve decided over the remaining days of 2019 to share some of my posts from the past decade.

It’s kind of interesting to look back in the archives at what was written and when.

In January 2010 Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake which affected lives forever.  In February we experienced the Olympics and on February 14, 2010 I blogged the following brief ditty in referencing both the Olympics and the earthquake.


The Olympics have begun…

and does anyone really care?  Especially when lives are lost…

In March of the same year I blogged:


The House Makes History

and the Health Care Reform Bill has been passed.  The motion to kill the bill was not passed and they are currently voting on changes to the bill.

It’s too bad this bill won’t do anything about all the quacky doctors practicing out there…

And ten years later Republicans are still trying to take our healthcare away from us.  This is as far as we’ve gotten in ten years?

In the sports world….

On July 9, 2010 I wrote:

And “King” James Goes To

Miami.  Whoop-dee-doo.  And he needed an hour show to reveal that?  Let’s not think of ourselves as greater than thou now…

Surprising in a way, considering Miami won’t be “his” team.  Sad in a way considering it all comes down to money, money, money instead of being the leader of an up-and-coming team.  

Oh well.  “The King” can go bask in the Miami limelight and walk behind Wade all the way..

And after winning two championships there and then one back in Cleveland, he currently suffers in LA…

And on August 4, 2010 I wrote:

The “Best” is Coming to Boston

I never thought I’d see the day…Shaq wearing the green?  Well, he is Irish so he’ll fit in just fine…

Ah, the Shaq days were brief but fun…I actually like him better in all the commercials he does.

More to come….




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