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School Days

Like many other parents living with school-age kids through this lovely COVID-19 event, lately I’ve been wearing at least two different daily hats:  my work hat and my teacher hat.  I’ve come to realize I missed my calling as a teacher.

In the past week I assisted in making a Rube Goldberg machine, had a refresher in chemical and physical energy, realized I remembered more about Algebra than I cared to remember and got to listen to some of the classic hits of 1962 while we learned all about the events of the year.  This week we’re making musical instruments for STEM class.  The projects have become our ritual Saturday night family activity.  And my daughter has to write a comparison essay on “Ender’s Game”, comparing the movie to the book.  That will be a weekend project as well.

Two years ago we briefly participated in home schooling.  By choice.  Never in my life did I think we’d be doing it again two years later.  By necessity.

My daughter has never liked going to school.  Today she said that when this is all over, she’s never going to look at physically going to school in the same way ever again.  I think she may have gained a new appreciation for the institution.



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