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If It Were Today Forty Years Ago

You think stay-at-home orders are tough now?  Could you imagine what it would’ve been like going through this forty years ago?

Most people who work in offices would be as unemployed as retail and restaurant workers.  It was a paper-filled world back then and very much hands-on and face-to-face.  There were no wireless phones you could connect to your laptop so you could converse with customers.  There was no Internet.  The lack of technology alone would have everyone lost.

And that’s not even getting to the medical field and how different things would have been there.

Unless kids were getting hand-outs mailed to them, there would be no school.  Aside from pizza joints and fast food restaurants, most other eateries did not have the ability to offer take-out forty years ago.

So considering the circumstances and the inconveniences of the current times, let’s be grateful this didn’t happen forty years ago.


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