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“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent” – Isaac Asimov

Fools of Stillwater, OK need not worry about having to wear their face masks in public when they go shopping, to the hair salon or to get their free refills at restaurants.  They have threatened their way out of protecting themselves and others from COVID-19.  Because they are cowards and assholes.

On May 1 an emergency declaration requiring customers to wear face masks inside businesses went into effect.  No sooner did it go into effect, all hell broke loose.  Customers visiting establishments began threatening employees with verbal and physical violence and even one threat of violence using a firearm.  To protect their employees, the declaration was lifted.

What really should have happened was that anyone threatening violence should have been tossed out on their asses, arrested and permanently banned from these places.  There is no need to act like banshees because you are being asked to protect your life and the lives of those around you.  No employee gets paid enough money to deal with violence, nor should they ever have to.

I can’t speak for the people of Stillwater, OK.  I’m sure they’re not all like these insecure idiots.  But for the people that acted like this, I have one thing to say:  COVID-19–do your thing.



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