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The Essential Church?

Today SHITHOLE argued that churches are “essential” and that they must be reopened “now”! And he stamped his foot like a toddler and threatened the lives of all the governors if they tried to stop churches from opening. Like the SHITHOLE he is.

Yes, tell that to the priest of the church that died from coronavirus. Tell that to the thirty church choir members who came down with the coronavirus. Tell that to the many parishoners who have gotten sick from coronavirus. Tell that to the many priests who still refuse to open their churches because of coronavirus. And those are the ones we know of. That’s not mentioning the countless asymptomatic people. I’m sure they all feel their church is “essential”.

The word “essential” means “absolutely necessary or extremely important”. I’m sure to some “going to church” is “absolutely necessary” and “extremely important”. Just as going to work is “essential”. Because if we don’t go to work, we don’t get paid and then have no money to live. But you need to work if you want to get paid. You don’t need to go to church if you want to pray. Which is what I’m assuming all the fools who want to rush off to church are looking to do. Pray. For all I know they’re in a rush to gossip or receive that shitty tasting “communion”. But you don’t need to be in a big fancy building that costs tons of money to run, money that they siphon from you on a weekly basis (which is the real reason why they want their churches open so badly), to pray. You can pray wherever you are, whenever, however you want. For free. Your Higher Power Being will hear your prayer no matter where you are. That’s the beauty of prayer. After you pray you’ll feel as good (or as bad) as you would had you gone to church prayed. The biggest difference is that you’ll be safer.

Don’t let SHITHOLE, of all people, try to convince you otherwise. He’s the biggest hypocrite to religion and faith on the face of the planet. And one of the biggest, if not the biggest (in more ways than one) sinner.


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