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The Vaccine War

With so many pharmaceutical companies working around the clock to create a vaccine for COVID-19, you would think a vaccine is right around the corner.  Right?

That may be the case.  Some reports are saying we could have a vaccine as early as September.  Some say the fall.  Some say December.  Some say early 2021.  Those could all be true.  They could all be false.

Speaking from the perspective of a potential vaccine taker, let me tell you what I, as well as I’m certain many, want with a vaccine:

  1.  We don’t want it politicized.  In other words, we don’t want SHITHOLE pressuring the FDA or any pharmaceutical companies to hurry up and make this damn thing, then push through trials, just to say we have a vaccine.  And for the hopes that it will make SHITHOLE look good.  Even if they had an approved vaccine available tomorrow, it wouldn’t make SHITHOLE look good.  His chance to look “good” in America’s eyes has long passed.
  2. We want it to be safe.  Which means there are going to have to be many trials done with it.  It must be approved by the FDA.
  3. We want to know what kinds of side effects it may have, if any.  Can people who take certain medications be given this vaccine?
  4. We want transparency.  We want to know all the details of this vaccine before we decide to take it.
  5. We want to know, will need to know, if this is going to be a one time vaccine or will it be a yearly thing, like a flu shot.
  6. We want to know if you can be given the vaccine if you currently have the virus.  Can you be given the vaccine even if you never had the virus?  Can you be given the vaccine if you never completely recovered from the virus, as many people have not.
  7. Can infants be given the vaccine?  How about if you’re pregnant?  Have cancer?
  8. Who should be given the vaccine first?  Will there be enough for everyone around the world?
  9. Will there be enough to go around?  I remember only a few short years ago there was a flu vaccine shortage.
  10. Can we be guaranteed there will be no cost to us?  I’ve heard conflicting stories on this.  I pay nothing for a flu shot every year.  But this is very different.

If a vaccine is created but Americans cannot be given transparency and information about it, necessary to understand any risks, effects, etc., then why bother creating a vaccine?  We want a vaccine to try to help get our lives back to a somewhat pre-COVID-19 status.  We don’t want a vaccine that will kill us in the process.


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