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Two Weeks

SHITHOLE’S latest plan is to have a new, beautiful healthcare plan to present in two weeks. Americans aren’t holding their breath, considering SHITHOLE has been spewing this shit for the past four years.

The latest has him touting that his “plan” will offer telehealth (many doctors have been offering this for years), lower drug costs (I’ll believe it when I see it and personally, many of my medications cost nothing) and alledged protection for pre-existing conditions. Which we already have under the ACA.

Even if this “beautiful” plan were established tomorrow, SHITHOLE could be dead and gone before it even goes into effect. Remember, the ACA did not happen overnight. It had to happen gradually. As would any replacement. If there really is a replacement. Or will it just be a repeal and to hell with everyone. Nobody in America will have health insurance of any kind.

They didn’t even start working on the money pit within two weeks!


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