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The Fat SHITHOLE Has Sung

And now it’s finally over.

America has had some pretty bad presidents over time. But none have been worse than SHITHOLE Trump.

I didn’t start out calling Trump SHITHOLE. Initially I began calling him ASSHOLE. But because he generated the phrase “shithole countries”, when he decided it was decent to refer to certain countries as “shitholes”, I decided that would be the name I would use for him. It was better than ASSHOLE. It was bigger than ASSHOLE. Anyone can be an ASSHOLE. But not anyone can be a SHITHOLE.

Over the past four years Trump proved day in and day out just how much of a SHITHOLE he really is. He’s STILL proving it, after losing his “presidency”. Which was all a sham.


And SHITHOLE can lawyer up until the cows come home and sue this state and that state and jump up and down, scream, throw a million tantrums and do whatever else it is SHITHOLES do. But it will not change the fact that he LOST the election for President of the United States.

He was never the “president” of the “United States” anyway. SHITHOLE was only “president” to people he wanted to be “president” to: people like SHITHOLE, other SHITHOLES, racists, sexists, Nazis, White supremacists, he was “president” only to people he “liked” or who “liked” him.

I heard all kinds of stories from people before the election as to “why” they were voting for SHITHOLE. One had the audacity to say “because he’s a businessman”. Of course this person couldn’t back himself up when I reminded him that SHITHOLE is a failed businessman, with tons of failed businesses and bankrupt casinos. SHITHOLE may be a “businessman”, but he’s not a very good one.

He wasn’t a very good “president” either.

He didn’t make America great again either. It was never great to begin with. We’ve always had problems in this country and he took our existing problems and made them worse. And added problems. Like 235,000 problems. Because people dying from a virus that could have and should have been controlled but instead was ignored, is a big problem.

Good riddance, SHITHOLE!


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